Director of Artist Engagement

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Full Time


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Sing for Hope transforms lives by using the power of the arts to create a better world. We mobilize a vast network of artists to power high-level arts programming at under-resourced schools, hospitals, and community centers year-round. Founded in 2006, Sing for Hope is grounded in the belief that the arts have the unique power to uplift, unite, and transform individuals and communities.


This fall, Sing for Hope is poised to expand its operations considerably, and as such, some of our existing staff are transitioning into new roles. During this exciting time, Sing for Hope is seeking a new Director of Artist Engagement to oversee our roster of Artist Partners (APs) who donate their time and talent to underserved communities. Sing for Hope is looking for a strategic and organized people person who will innovate on current volunteer processes and serve as an ambassador to current and future Sing for Hope Artist Partners.




Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the Director of Artist Engagement develops, manages, and improves the core “product” and “resource” of Sing for Hope – our roster of Artist Partners (APs) who donate their time and talent to underserved communities. This role includes, but is not limited to, identifying and recruiting new Artist Partners, cultivating and expanding our AP roster, developing recruitment and training programs, directly managing our Artist Partners, and providing other crucial guidance, support, resources, and tools to the Program Directors and Program Managers as we seek to achieve the scaling goals dictated by the SFH Strategic Plan. Civic Corps Members are direct reports to this position.


  • Take the lead in all roster-related initiatives, including existing and new programs. The Director of Artist Engagement will “own” the entire portion of the organization that pertains to artists and artist power. This includes, but is not limited to Artist Partners, Project Leaders, Cultural Partners, SFH Fellows, and SFH Pianos Artists, Buddies and Ambassadors (all referred to “Artist Partners” throughout the rest of this position description).
  • Build upon the success of existing programs to continue to develop and improve the perks and rewards program for volunteer service, including but not limited to honoring volunteer service through social media and other SFH communications tools.

Planning our Artist Partners Program:

  • Develop and implement goals and objectives for the Artist Partner program which reflect the mission of the organization.
  • Assess the need for Artist Partners to enhance program/service delivery.
  • Develop a budget for the Artist Partner program activities.
  • Conduct ongoing evaluation of the programs and services delivered by Artist Partners and implement improvements as necessary.
  • Organize the Artist Partner programs/services.
  • Develop, administer, and review policies and procedures which guide the Artist Partner programs and services, and reflect the overall values of the organization.
  • Develop and administer forms and records to document the Artist Partner activities.

Engaging our Artist Partner Program:

  • Promote the Artist Partner program to increase enrollment and gain broad community support of the Artist Partner program and Sing for Hope overall.
  • Develop and implement effective strategies to recruit the right Artist Partners with the right skills.
  • Develop and implement an intake and interview protocol for potential Artist Partners to ensure the best match between the skills, qualification, and interests of the Artist Partners and the needs of the organization.
  • Implement a screening process for potential Artist Partners according to accepted screening standards and practices.


Leading our Artist Partner Program:

  • Train staff to work effectively and cooperatively with Artist Partners.
  • Orient and train Artist Partners to increase their understanding of the organization, its clients, its services and the role and responsibilities of Artist Partners.
  • Ensure that Artist Partner check-in procedures are followed and records of Artist Partner hours are maintained according to established procedures.
  • Ensure that Artist Partners receive the appropriate level of supervision.
  • Assist with conflict resolution among clients, staff and Artist Partners according to established procedures.
  • Establish and implement a process for evaluating the contribution of individual Artist Partners.
  • Plan and implement formal and informal Artist Partner recognition activities to recognize the contribution of Artist Partners to the organization.
  • Ensures that all program staff and Artist Partners receive an appropriate orientation to the organization and Sing for Hope programs.

Controlling our Artist Partner Program:

  • Evaluate the risks associated with each Artist Partner position and take appropriate action to control the risks associated with the program or service.
  • Ensure that Artist Partners work in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations.
  • Evaluate the contribution of each Artist Partner on an annual basis.
  • Prepare an annual report on the contribution of the Artist Partner program to the organization.
  • Administer and monitor expenditures for the Artist Partner program against the approved budget.
  • Maintain appropriate SFH Google Calendars with updated program dates.
  • Updates and maintains the SFH Artist Partner Manual & Archive document to keep pace with program development, ensuring institutional memory as well continued “best in class / best practices” status of SFH Artist Partners among nonprofit service organizations.


The preferred candidate will have:

  • A bachelors’ degree.
  • 5+ years of managing and recruiting volunteers.
  • Knowledge of current best practices in volunteer management (Certification in Volunteer Administration a plus)
  • An entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Strong marketing and communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal, networking, and writing skills, including experience with public presentations.
  • Capacity to oversee data collection and analysis efforts.

Start date mid-October 2018.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To apply, please send resumé and cover letter to including “Director of Artist Engagement” in the subject line. Please, no phone calls.


Sing for Hope is committed to building a culturally diverse staff and encourages applications from minority candidates.