Managing Director

Job Type

Part Time Contract


Details: Compensation will reflect candidate’s skills and experience.



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District of Columbia
United States


The Managing Director will manage administrative and support functions related to WMC operations, including performance and fundraising activities. The MD also advises and supports the WMC board in short and long-term planning.

The MD reports to the WMC President, or his designee, and works closely with the Music Director, Board of Directors, and other leadership within the organization. The MD is an independent contractor of the WMC serving as the organization’s chief administrative officer and as its public face to the organization’s key constituencies (audience, funders, press, the DC government, business partners and the music community.)

  1. Personnel Management and Project Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate all Camerata Board members and others who volunteer to perform administrative and other services for the group. The MD keeps track of volunteer activities to ensure that volunteers stay “on task”.
  • Cultivate and recruit volunteers to assist the MD and the Camerata in its activities.

2 .General Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain a “virtual office” of Camerata files and records in a Google repository that can be remotely accessed by authorized parties.
  • Advise and assist the Board in developing marketing strategies, and oversee the implementation of such plans including timely dissemination of marketing materials through bulk emails, listserv, targeted subscription and concert mailings, and press releases.
  • Oversee development activities, including fundraising appeals, grant applications and donor acknowledgement letters.
  • Manage all concert operations, including contracting for venues, arranging for programs and tickets, supporting ticket sales and supervising “front of house” operations.
  • Maintain and file, in coordination with the Camerata officers, all records of the corporation.
  • Maintain the Camerata web page content and make periodic updates.
  • Schedule and participate in Camerata Board meetings.
  • Initiate and/or maintain business contacts, select and hire outside contractors/vendors, and negotiate contracts on behalf of the WMC.
  • Maintain a master calendar of deadlines and tasks.
  • Process mail, email and phone messages to the Camerata, including required responses and fulfillment of ticket and CD orders.

Identify areas or initiatives to improve WMC functions.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Arts Administration experience (particularly publicity, outreach, and performance management)
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  •  Database management experience (preferred)
  •  Attention to detail
  •  Flexible schedule – limited evening and weekend work required
  •  Self-starter
  •  Commitment to working collaboratively with a range of partners

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

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