Church Office Administrator/Secretary

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $25,000
Maximum: $29,000



Start Date


Application Deadline



5901 Millfair Road
United States


Areas of Responsibility

I. To act as receptionist and handle general office procedures

II. A. Prepare weekly worship bulletins and slide show for service

B. Post congregational contributions weekly

C. Prepare materials for Parish Shepherds

D. Update data in Power church Plus

III. Administrate the financial affairs of the congregation under the direction of the I & S Committee and in

cooperation with the Church Treasurer and Financial Secretary including the following:

A. Issuing Purchase Orders for all purchases

B. Approving invoices and writing checks to be signed by Treasurer or authorized account signers

C. Reconciling checkbook(s) monthly and providing financial reports for the Session.

D. Preparation of the Annual Report, denominational report, and taxes (1099's) as needed

E. Supervision of mailings for Stewardship campaign and receiving of Pledges cards for I & S

F. Track and prepare interest checks for Subordinated Certificate holders

IV. Supervise the physical plant under the direction of the Property Committee including:

A. Scheduling routine service calls on equipment and contact repair services as needed

B. Seeking bids/prices as needed or as directed by the Staff or Property Committee

C. Providing direction to the custodial staff

D. Scheduling church activities and maintain church calendar

E. Invoicing patrons for use of church property

V. Supervise the insurance program of the congregation under the direction of the I & S Committee

VI. Provide administrative supervision to church office by:

A. Keeping necessary supplies on hand

B. Preparing monthly newsletter including writing, editing, layout and, coordination of volunteers

C. Preparing weekly and special bulletins

D. Ordering materials needed by congregation such as: O.G.H.S., Pentecost and Christmas offering material,

Candles for special services, regular services, and baptisms, Bethel supplies, Bibles, other material as

requested by Staff or Session Committees

VII. Responsible for the permanent records of congregation in cooperation with the Clerk of Session:

A. Prepare a monthly report of changes in the membership rolls

B. See that Minutes and Statistics books are up to date for annual review at Presbytery

VIII. Other duties as assigned by Session, pastor or other staff.

IX. Responsible to the Session through the Personnel Committee and in cooperation with the pastors

A. The day-to-day work will be consultation with pastor and in cooperation with other staff members

B. Will relate directly with the I & S Committee, the Property Committee and the Personnel Committee but

will cooperate with other Session committees as needed

WORK SCHEDULE - normally 9 to 4, Monday through Friday

Vacation and benefits as stated in Personnel Policy Manual.


Medical, Pension, Death and Disability, Paid Vacation, Medical Flexible Spending Account

Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply

Please attach letter of interest and resume to email.