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The Program Services Manager will be a part of Burning Man Project’s (BMP) Real Estate Department. Based out of Gerlach, Nevada, this year-round position will oversee and coordinate with multiple departments and high level managers. They will provide services and manage resources used in support of local programming which includes any visits to or events taking place in Gerlach or surrounding locations (Black Rock City (BRC), Fly Ranch, Gerlach (Saloon, Office) and Green Tree programs (360, Desert Club, Showers, Trailer Park, Downtown Parking Lot). 

This position will report to the Sr. Director of Real Estate and, because of the large seasonal presence of BRC operations in the area, they will also sit on the DPW Council and coordinate closely with BRC Operational Managers. They will work with the Event Housing Manager to plan for and coordinate the use of Mobile Housing facilities, and with the General Manager of Gerlach Real Estate in regards to permanent housing and Gerlach property use in general. Oversight of personnel will peak at 80-100 staff during the seven month seasonal timeframe which begins March 1st and culminates mid-November. The Specialty Construction Manager, Local Program Services Coordinator, and Auto Shop Manager will report directly to this role year-round.

Locations and areas of management include: 

At Black Rock Station: 

  • Program related ranch operations and common shop (storage and facility use)
  • Autoshop, automotive repairs, and the BRC vehicle fleet
  • Asset management of mobile units which includes the allocation, inventory, tracking, and as necessary permitting of Mobile Housing, Office, and Storage Units
  • Management of BRC Storage Program
  • Oversight of the Specialty Construction Department which handles the repair and maintenance of mobile assets and construction elements needed for the production of events

In Gerlach & the 360: 

  • Seasonal (July-Oct.) Gerlach Office support for BRC (to facilitate expanded hours of operation, packages, radio distribution, credentialing etc.)
  • Non-Seasonal (Nov.-June) event support of the 360, Hotel, Trailer Park, Showers

Event Housing: 

  • Manage the Event Housing Manager to provide mobile housing for all local programs, events, and site visits (including mobile housing for BRC staff)

On Playa: 

  • Depot and Common Shop 
  • Radio distribution


  • Non-Seasonal (Nov.- June) Support of Fly Ranch programs

The Local Program Services Manager will also be responsible for overseeing distribution of allocated work vehicles, golf carts, and safety equipment (eg fire extinguishers, PPE) and maintaining inventories.

** Note: this role will need additional support to handle events concurrent with Black Rock City.

The deadline to apply for this role is 5:00pm Pacific on Friday, May 21, 2021. 


Department & Team Management


  • Oversee the day to day management of BRC infrastructure operating departments based out of Northern NV
  • Manage the hiring and onboarding process for new personnel
  • Manage outside contractors

Budgets & Accounting:

  • Create and manage budgets
  • Approve expenses and manage accounts payable
  • Handle accounts receivable for revenue generating projects
  • Cost assessment and control

Documentation and Administration

  • Maintain continuity of management for all teams through careful succession planning

Asset Management of Mobile Assets (Mobile Housing, Office & Storage Units, Autoshop & Fleet)

  • Year-round maintenance and capital replacement
  • Permitting and registration
  • Inventory and deployment
  • Responsible overseeing some distribution of allocated work vehicles, golf carts and safety equipment (eg fire extinguishers, PPE) and maintaining inventories

Event Management & Support: Year-Round

  • Ensure there are sufficient person-power levels, material quantities, equipment, power sources etc. needed to support service requests

Event Management & Support: Seasonal (Black Rock City)

  • Deliver clear accountability and robust, replicable and redundant operations that ensure the health and safety of the Burning Man event participants and personnel
  • Drive sustainable growth of these departments including designing and directing operational streamlining of processes and systems.
  • Provide for information sharing and promote open discussions between all parties
  • In conjunction with seasonal managers, develop and monitor budgets and timelines

Safety Management & Leave No Trace (LNT): Maintain and implement established safety protocols. Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures; review quality, safety and other standards with crew and subcontractors as needed. Ensure that all team members are provided with and utilize the necessary OSHA approved safety equipment. Manage and support teams in executing LNT and proper waste disposal plans. 

Community & Neighbor Relations: Represent Burning Man as a subject matter expert and culture-bearer; be a regular communicator about the purpose of Real Estate activities and BMP’s increased commitment to community activities in Northern Nevada. Maintain behavior that supports a positive public presence in Gerlach. At all times understand the importance of growth and maintenance of the Burning Man culture and ensure all operations work best to promote and nurture that culture.


  • Spend a minimum of half of every week in Gerlach year-round.
  • Strategize with the Real Estate and BMP teams on how to support BMP’s Sustainability Roadmap.
  • Work with the Specialty Construction Manager, Real Estate team, Associate Director of DPW, BRC Operations, and BMP Finance and People Operations teams to maintain continuity in what and how work is documented and shared. Assume responsibility for and ensure that all documentation meets outlined standards. 
  • Distribute any relevant information to team and crew members in a timely fashion.
  • Serve as a mentor, positive role model, and team leader.
  • Be aware of the atmosphere within the team and crew and communicate concerns.
  • Monitor the well-being of staff, set manageable work expectations.
  • Keep regular business hours and an online presence.
  • Ensure communications are prompt and professional and that any needed discretion is maintained.
  • Be familiar and act in accordance with Burning Man’s staff policies. 


  • Documentation – Drives the creation, publishing, and maintenance of process documentation related to assigned duties.
  • Teaching – Takes a leadership role in the acculturation and training of staff. Teaches live or e-learning classes, as requested. Promotes a culture of teaching and learning throughout the community.
  • Mentoring – Mentors subordinates in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and experience that will allow them to advance in the organization. Aids, encourages, and inspires their team.
  • Training development – Collaborates with the education team to develop training materials in their area of expertise, as requested.
  • Learning – Pursues ongoing learning in their area of expertise, working to stay current on emergent knowledge, skills, and processes. Participates in conferences, forums, and networking events, where appropriate.
  • Speaking – Represents Burning Man as a subject matter expert and culture-bearer, as requested.




  • Able to relocate and spend a minimum of four days of every week in Gerlach, Nevada. 
  • Experience (3+ yrs) providing strategy, direction, and oversight for management, operational, event logistics, and construction teams. 
  • Detailed understanding of current on-site safety standards as they relate to construction and operational teams and projects.
  • Advanced knowledge of Google products; ability to write formulas, develop and improve Google and Excel sheets. 
  • A strategic thinker who is self-assured, willing to learn, comfortable with situations of ambiguity and confident in asking questions.
  • Experienced team manager (4+ yrs) who exudes confidence, care for others, and builds enduring relationships.
  • Able to maintain high-quality work while meeting tight deadlines.
  • Strong analytical, organizational, and quantitative skills; able to handle multiple projects in team settings.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills; able to successfully work with a range of people (senior management, crew, local community members)
  • Able to keep confidential information
  • Capable of working in an extreme environment including drastic temperature changes, high winds and low to no visibility at times.
  • Experience managing volunteers with a willingness to promote their strengths and respect their limitations.
  • Honest and ethical with a dedication to the Burning Man principles and behavioral standards.


  • Previous experience with Real Estate, DPW, operations, hospitality, ranch management, and/or related disciplines.
  • Development and construction experience.
  • First-Aid knowledge.
  • Knowledge of rural America and Northern NV.
  • Experience working in remote wilderness and/or desert environments.
  • It is helpful if the candidate has previously been to Burning Man and/or is familiar with its culture. 

Note: If you have gained the necessary experience to succeed in this role and have acquired this experience in other ways, we encourage you to apply and share all relevant experience in your application.


  • Must have a valid state issued Driver’s License and a good driving record.
  • OSHA 30 Certification (May be earned through in house training).


  • This is a regular, full-time position, eligible for benefits, primarily located in Gerlach, NV.
  • Burning Man Project celebrates the importance of creating a diverse environment and enthusiastically encourages Black, Indigenous, Peoples of Color, LGBTQIA+, Immigrant, formerly incarcerated applicants, women, and people with disabilities, of all ages, to apply.


The Program Services Manager will be a part of Burning Man Project’s (BMP) Real Estate Department. Based out of Gerlach, Nevada, this year-round position will oversee and coordinate with multiple departments and high level…

Details at a Glance

  • Time Commitment
    Full Time Schedule
  • Start Date
    July 1, 2021
  • Application Deadline
    May 21, 2021


Gerlach, NV 89412, USA

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