Athletic Director

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $75,000
Maximum: $90,000



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Application Deadline



1400 Main Drive NW
United States


Position Overview:  The Athletic Director will lead and manage DCI’s middle and high school Athletic Program.  We have a strong start with over 20 teams including a league winning Varsity Volleyball team, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soccer and Middle School Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Track & Field. Join DCI to help build this program into a top program in the city.  

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree required, Master's Degree in Sports Management is preferred. Able to meet HQT requirements under NCLB. Previous experience teaching as a Physical Education teacher and/or Athletics Director is strongly preferred, as is technology fluency. Experience with 1:1 technology a plus.

Essential Attributes

  • Manages and administers DCI's athletic program
  • Plans, implements, and promotes athletic program including scheduling games for various sports, ensuring a robust athletic program, and overseeing a range of sports and athletic events
  • Hires, assigns and evaluate coaches
  • Schedules all athletic contests, fields, facilities and game officials
  • Attends athletic events whenever possible
  • Ensures student athletic eligibility with coaches and Ed Team
  • Coordinates athletic budgets, working with the business office, Principal, Director of Student Life and coaches to ensure equity across all sports
  • Maintains records and ensures appropriate training, including first aid training, for all coaching staff
  • Arranges transportation for all athletic teams when necessary
  • Maintains an active athletic program that promotes sportsmanship and welcomes competing teams and guests
  • Ability to handle the intensity required to work in a high-performing charter school, and remain organized, responsible, and accountable
  • Ability to proactively manage the team learning environment in accordance with the school’s discipline approach to maximize student engagement and learning
  • Ability to accept and implement feedback received for real-time improvement.
  • Ability to do the professional development work needed to deliver instruction at a high level
  • Collaborate with teachers, coordinators, and leadership
  • High degree of communication through a variety of mediums with coaches, parents and students
  • Embrace French, Spanish, and Chinese cultures by leading and participating in cultural activities for faculty and students
  • Other duties as assigned


DCI is committed to the principles of servant leadership and to providing faculty and staff with the resources and training they need to provide an excellent education experience for every student and family.

  • We have a benefits package that includes health and disability insurance and paid leave.  
  • We offer teachers daily planning time, professional development, and reasonable class sizes.
  • Teachers and staff have the appropriate technology and support to do their work.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree