CBO and Employer Outreach Specialist

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Full Time


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New York
New York
United States


The Doe Fund is a leading New York City non-profit organization that operates the enormously visible Ready, Willing & Able program, whose participants clean over 160 miles of streets and sidewalk every day. With a $50 million budget, 400 staff members and 46,000 individual donors, The Doe Fund is nationally acclaimed as a work-based model for solving homelessness and criminal recidivism. We empower people to break the cycles of homelessness, welfare dependency, substance abuse, and incarceration through innovative work and housing programs.


The Doe Fund is currently seeking a high-energy, self-motivated experienced individual to join our team. The successful candidate will develop, initiate, and maintain relationships with Employer Partners and Community Based Organizations primarily in NYC.


●    Develop and maintain a focused Employer network of relationships in all of our target employment sectors with employers that deliver overall job quality in line with trainee needs.

○    Identify and recruit Employee Partners (EPs) which provide on-the-job training and clear paths of career advancement across all TDF target sectors

○    Maintain regular communication with EPs to maintain, expand and troubleshoot the relationships

○    Maintain regular communication with EPs to gain feedback on quality of TDF placements and training they received

○    Re-engage prior EPs and develop a deeper involvement.

○    Work with Development team to identify CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives which may connect us with additional EPs or training opportunities.

○    Facilitate Job Fairs at TDF facilities

○    Attend Job Fairs, Career Fairs, Community outreach events, and forums to identify potential EPs and CBO partnerships.

○    Obtain employer input to ensure that occupational trainings remain relevant to EPs

○    Act as a spokesperson on behalf of the Doe Fund at Job Fairs, Career Fairs, Community outreach events

○    Support the Director of Workforce Development in establishing and facilitating an Employer Advisory Board.

●    Develop CBO Relationships with appropriate CBOs to drive referrals of their clients to The Doe Fund training and job placement services.

○    Engage CBOs whose target sectors are different from or supplement TDF target sectors

○    Develop joint training initiatives

○    Promote The Doe Fund training and employment services to the CBO community in general and specifically to similar populations

○    Act as primary liaison between The Doe Fund and such CBO partners to ensure timely communication regarding all elements of their clients’ participation and performance in our program.

○    Be a vigilant source of employment and training trends throughout the relevant CBO community

○    Identify opportunities for outbound referrals of TDF clients to CBOs that offer unique and relevant training opportunities

●    Work with the Director of Workforce Development and the Director of Career Development and Graduate Services to assure that team goals and expectations are being met

○    Use feedback from EPs to develop supplemental workshops for Trainees and Graduates.

○    Engage CBOs in graduate events as a resource provider.

○    Aid in adjusting and expanding CSS curriculum based on feedback from EPs.

○    Attend Sector Team meetings as needed to ensure that each sector has appropriate EPs and available leads, to ensure candidates are screened effectively, and have necessary skill sets.

●    Collaborate with the Workforce Development Associate to conduct Labor Market Intelligence research to stay up to date on WFD trends including employment and training trends

●    Increase EP participation in Mock Interviews


Graduate Follow-up

●    Develop Graduate Exit Interview

●    Provide service coordination and referrals to meet Doe Fund Graduate needs, both internal to The Doe Fund and external to CBO partners

●    Increase EP participation in Graduate Service functions and events specifically the quarterly graduate dinner

●    Outreach to graduates to encourage skilling up, and career advancement.

●    Assist in the planning and coordination of recreational events



● A passionate desire to motivate participants to secure and retain employment

● Bachelor’s degree preferred

● Two to four years of experience working with workforce re-entry for those with significant re-entry barriers; especially the homeless and individuals with conviction histories

● Two to four years of classroom facilitation

● Excellent interpersonal skills necessary to work effectively with a in a culturally diverse environment

● Strong oral and written communication, presentation and networking skills

● Excellent organizational skills

● Manage multiple agendas effectively

● Ability to follow-up and multi-task

● Ability to work independently

● Be a team player

● Flexible, creative and solution-oriented approach to issues

● Proficiency in all Microsoft Office programs, including Excel and Word

● Strong work ethic

● Able to work on average two-three evenings per week

● Fulfill other job duties as necessary

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree