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New Jersey
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Teachers function under the supervision of the supervisor and the sending district child study team in the development of an appropriate school program. Teachers are knowledgeable about the educational process of handicapped students. They organize an appropriate educational program following the school curriculum and student IEPs. The Teacher provides appropriate and consistent services to the student, to implementing educational activities while fostering the development of social/emotional behaviors.

Specific duties and responsibilities:

·        Works under the direct supervision of the supervisor and Executive Director

·        Works effectively with the Archway team, sending district child study teams, administration, parents and support staff (teacher assistants, counselor, related services)

·        Gives direction to teacher assistant

·        Utilizes teacher assistant appropriately to provide student activities

·        Develops effective classroom management system

·        Organizes classroom environment/lessons effectively to meet students’ needs

·        Has a copy of student’s current IEP and maintains records of goal/objective mastery

·        Utilizes appropriate methods/materials to help student succeed

·        Organizes/utilizes classroom learning center and displays student work/behavioral contracts

·        Maintains ongoing and regular contact with parents concerning: student growth, behavior, needs

·        Keep up-to-date anecdotal records and work folders indicating pupil’s current level of functioning in each basic skill area

·        Assists in curriculum development selection of educational materials and equipment

·        Utilizes a sequential curricula with planned experiences to enable students to:

           -          develop self-expression

           -          improve self-concept

           -          develop social skills

           -          develop self-help skills

           -          improve work/study habits

           -          apply knowledge in basic skill areas

           -          improve pupil’s health/physical development

           -          develop career awareness

           -          improve pre-vocational/vocational skills

·        Maintains/turns in lesson plans and on-going communication forms weekly to the supervisor

·        Participates in orientation/in-service programs, staff meetings and students’ educational problems/needs

·        Controls classroom environment through approved private use of discipline

·        Addresses students behaviors while encouraging positive self-growth rather than punishment

·        Participates in PIP for professional development

Other knowledge, skills, and certifications required:

NJ Teacher of the Handicapped or Teacher of Students with Disabilities Certificate plus NJ Certification in an appropriate content area (exp. Elementary Teacher K-5)


Full-time employees are eligible for medical, dental, life insurance, short- and long-term disability, AFLAC, 401k and paid time off.

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Minimum Education Required

4-year degree