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Job Summary

The Director, Community Management has primary responsibility for ensuring we achieve exemplary student and volunteer outcomes by providing coaching, support and training to members of our Thread community, with a particular focus on the staff members who are their direct reports, called Community Managers. Community Managers are responsible for developing, operating and managing a Thread Site; a portfolio of high school students, transfer students and/or post-secondary students that are currently, or were previously, enrolled at a partner Baltimore City Public High School, in addition to coaching the volunteer leaders who directly report to them, called Grandparents. Volunteer Grandparents are responsible for coaching volunteer Heads of Family, and and Heads of Family are responsible for coaching volunteers called Thread Family Members. This coaching model best supports our Thread students and volunteers alike when all individuals are well coordinated, engaged and working together through the Thread Community Model. The Director, Community Mobilization oversees the effective and consistent implementation of this model.

The Director will develop customized solutions that encourage continual SC growth and development and will build relationships with Community Managers that are empathetic, enduring and equitable. These highly personalized relationships model for Community Managers the type of relationships they should strive to build with their direct reports, volunteer Grandparents. Additionally, the Directors serve as project managers for both site-specific projects, as well as projects that relate to specific areas of expertise. They will intentionally use data, trends and feedback to make decisions, in real-time, about high-quality, resource, training and coaching deployment for Community Managers, volunteers and staff that align with Thread’s logic model and values.

Key Responsibilities

Coach Community Managers

  • Develop and retain high-performing Community Managers, accountable for Thread Family volunteer and student outputs that contribute to our larger Organizational outcomes, including high school graduation, post secondary degree and/or certification completion, student employment and student and volunteer retention. Examples of programming outputs include:
  • Attendance at Thread events such as tutoring sessions, professional development workshops and summer camp
  • Consistent logged interactions between students and volunteers that occur both inside and outside of Thread programming events, called TouchPoints
  • Build positive, long-term relationships with Community Managers and develop, lead and evaluate relevant, individualized and meaningful one on one coaching sessions
  • Empower, motivate and mentor Community Managers, serving as a thought partner, providing in the moment feedback while being responsive and empathetic to needs and concerns
  • Instill a sense of accountability among Community Managers by modeling transparency and oversight of individual and organization performance standards
  • Provide leadership to optimize communication and cohesiveness of the staff team, particularly during times of organizational growth
  • Monitor progress over time, with a focus on the deltas for both volunteer programming, including coaching and SC personal and professional growth and development
  • Sustain SC engagement and effort by demonstrating momentum, providing clear direction, guiding them through the process and leading them to next steps 

Quality Assurance

  • Work with staff to develop and implement the requisite systems, processes and support mechanisms to ensure consistent, high-quality project and people management
  • Use data points (including TouchPoints, attendance, and activity completion) and proactive planning to predict Thread community needs and develop, lead and evaluate the effective and efficient delivery of volunteer and staff trainings to address those needs
  • Tie daily team and individual activities to student and volunteer outputs and outcomes
  • Demonstrate flexibility and pivot when projects and programs are not meeting SC or volunteer needs and/or hitting target metrics
  • Promote the use of data tracking within Salesforce to drive streamlined program operations and specific performance measurement metrics
  • Work collaboratively with Community Managers, Volunteers Leaders, school administrators, and the Vice President, People & Practice to ensure key outputs are achieved through consistent TouchPoints and strong relationships throughout the Organization
  • Ensure consistent and enduring relationship building and coaching practices between both Directors and Community Managers and Community Managers and Grandparents
  • Ensure Community Managers are leading high-quality volunteer leadership meetings
  • Ensure Community Managers are building mutually-beneficial, non-transactional relationships with partner school sites, administrators, teachers and other school staff

Serve as a Portfolio Specialist & Lead Areas of Expertise

  • Act as a lead for a portfolio of sites / schools, including the staff, volunteers and students associated with those sites. This includes: current high school students, students who originated at a particular school and have transferred to another school, out of school youth, and post-secondary students
  • Model and deploy excellent project management tactics and tools
  • Areas of expertise may include strategy development and deployment as well as project and/or process management related to the following programming priorities, among others:
  • Onboarding of new Community Managers
  • Annual volunteer leadership recruitment
  • Ongoing volunteer leadership retention
  • Student transition from high school to post high school
  • Developing new school site partnerships
  • Student high school graduation / on track to graduate
  • Creating, facilitating and evaluating quality trainings for Community Managers, school administrators, the Thread staff team or other key members of our Thread community


  • Bachelor’s Degree strongly preferred, Master’s Degree preferred
  • 3-5 years of management and/or coaching experience required
  • Must be able to play multiple roles within the People Lane and pinch-hit when necessary
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders
  • Familiarity with Baltimore City Public School System, Baltimore neighborhoods, and Baltimore nonprofits and resources strongly preferred
  • Strong candidates would possess the following attributes: excellent communication and facilitation skills, highly organized, positive attitude, self-motivated
  • Ability to make minimum two-year commitment to the position
  • Ability to manage projects, organize and complete complex tasks and prioritize multiple assignments and deliver on a timely basis
  • Alignment and personal buy-in to the Thread model, mission, vision and theory of change required

More About Thread

Our Mission

Thread engages underperforming high school students confronting significant barriers outside of the classroom by providing each one with a family of committed volunteers and increased access to community resources. We foster students’ academic advancement and personal growth into self-motivated, resilient, and responsible citizens.

Our Why

Studies have shown that the defining difference between Rust Belt cities that struggled and those that were hotspots of rejuvenation was the structure of social networks. The Thread Community Model brings together a broad cross-section of our city by forming authentic, mutual, and enduring relationships and in turn provides a vehicle for sustained change. Thread believes that the power of relationships—the dynamic web of interconnectedness created when futures are woven together—can end the poverty of isolation and allow both youth and Baltimore to realize their full potential.

Thread is weaving a new social fabric where everyone thrives and which is expanding to connect with even more students, volunteers, and collaborators. Thread currently serves 303 students and alumni with the support of over 800 volunteers and over 175 collaborators. We plan to continue to increase our annual and total enrollments until we meet our long-term goal of engaging 300 new students each year (5% of every high school freshman class across Baltimore City). This expansion and evolution requires that Thread be nimble and innovative, and leverage identified opportunities in a way that is congruent with our values and core competencies.

Our How

Team members at Thread are hard- and smart-working, collaborative, curious, passionate, gritty, strategic and resilient. We meet people where they are. We go all in with care, compassion, and empathy. We believe small acts make a big difference. We trust each other to be sincere, reliable and competent. The outcomes Thread has achieved are exemplary. However, the road to excellence is peppered with iterative learning. We make mistakes often and fail frequently, but we learn from our mistakes and continue to tenaciously try and try again. We are about building communities of responsibility and have high expectations of students, volunteers, collaborators, and staff. We believe that each human being has a purpose in life and have found that individuals living on purpose have discovered the intersection of their skills, passion, and what the world needs. The journey to find this intersection, one’s dot, is often simultaneously exhilarating and difficult. Thread creates a safe and challenging space for all individuals in our community—students, volunteers, collaborators, and staff— to find their dot through deep reflection, honest feedback, and in-depth coaching.

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