Adoptive Family Recruiter at Wendy's Wonderful Kids Initative

Job Type

Full Time


Details: Competitive




New York
United States



  •  Maintains active caseloads of 12-15 children and an average total caseload of 18 children.
  • Conducts initial referral services by establishing contact with the child’s caseworker to introduce the role of WWK, gathering initial referral information, establishing a date to begin case file review and scheduling an initial meeting with each child;
  • Builds relationships by having, at minimum, monthly meetings with each child in person to develop openness and trust;
  • Conducts in-depth case record reviews of existing files to include:
  • Date and reason the child entered the system;
  • Child’s most recent profile and assessment;
  • Chronological placement history;
  • Significant services provided to the child, currently or in the past;
  • Identification of needed services;
  • All significant people in the child’s life, past and present, including caseworkers, foster parents, attorneys, court-appointed special advocate (CASA) volunteers, teachers, therapists, relatives, mentors, faith-based representatives, extracurricular activity leaders, etc.; and
  • Next upcoming court date;
  • Provides family search efforts by implementing the process of identifying, locating, and contacting persons with whom the child already has, or had, a bond or positive relationship with, with the knowledge and approval of the child’s caseworker;
  • Develops an initial written assessment of each child, and provides updated assessments quarterly to enhance the child-focused plan. Assesses the child’s strengths, challenges, desires, preparedness for adoption and whether the child has needs that should be addressed before moving forward with the adoption process. If the child has needs that must be addressed prior to moving forward with the adoption process, Grantee will ensure that the recruiter will work with the child’s caseworker to have the child’s needs met;
  • Provides adoption readiness efforts to address any barriers to child’s willingness to be adopted. During the matching process, Grantee will ensure that the recruiter assesses whether the family is adequately prepared to meet the needs of the WWK child;
  • Builds a network with persons close to and knowledgeable about the child, such as caseworkers, foster parents, CASA volunteers, teachers, relatives, mentors, faith-based representatives, etc., and maintains regular and on-going contact with them; and
  • Develops a comprehensive recruitment plan or enhances the existing recruitment plan, based on file review, interviews with significant adults, and the input of the child. The plan will be customized and defined by each child’s needs. The plan will be reviewed at minimum monthly and updated quarterly.
  • Attends DTFA-provided initial classroom-based training at DTFA’s expense
  • Attends any Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Summits (“WWK Summits”).
  • Attends required initial and in-service training, including training on the ChildSuccessNYC and Solution Based Casework models.
  • Submits monthly Statistical Online Database Reports
  • Fulfills duty of Mandated Reporter, which entails reporting any suspected instances of child abuse or maltreatment.
  • Meets with Supervisor one-on-one on a consistent basis to discuss safety and permanency issues of caseload.
  • Communicates and work effectively with SCO foster care support staff such as Youth Skills Coaches, Educational/Vocational Specialists, Parent Advocates, and medical and mental health staff and with NYC Children’s Services, outside medical and mental health centers, schools, consultants, other SCO programs, and all other relevant parties.
  • Adheres to SCO’s personnel policies.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.



  •  Bachelor’s degree required for Family Foster Care, BSW or MSW preferred.
  • Commitment to the mission and programs of SCO Family of Services.
  • Continued employment contingent upon certification in Solution Based Casework and CANS-NY
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel, and CONNECTIONS.
  • Strong time management skills, diligence, resilience, and ability to work in a unit or team.




Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree