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The Fund for Global Human Rights is seeking a consultant to help design a learning & assessment framework based on its Theory of change. The ideal candidate will have experience carrying out monitoring and evaluation analysis, planning, and design within the context of human rights work. Specifically, she/he will have experience translating theory of change into proxy indicators as well as working with narrative evaluation. The deadline is July 30th, proposals should be sent to iraveneau@globalhumanrights.org  



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Please submit your proposal according to the below Terms of Reference.

The Fund for Global Human Rights supports courageous activists who dare to speak truth to power, challenge wrongdoing, and strive to build a more just and equitable world. By investing in those on the frontlines of human rights struggles, we help build stronger, more resilient movements that can take on abusive actors—and win. We envision a world where all people live with dignity and are able to secure their rights. Since 2003, the Fund has made over $85 million in grants and facilitated thousands of hours of capacity building for over 620 human rights organizations in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Thematically, our key areas of focus include access to justice, equality for vulnerable populations, and land and resource rights.

The Fund recently reformulated its Theory of Change as the strategic framework to guide its programs. As a next step, we will develop a new system of learning and assessment to test our assumptions and evaluate our grant-making strategies.

Objective: To test our assumptions and evaluate our strategies by collecting data around outcomes and developing mechanisms to 1) document, learn from, and reflect on the findings; 2) inform decision-making aimed at improvement as well as 3) share findings and lessons across the organization and with external audiences.

The Fund’s approach to Learning and Assessment is one that is:

Rooted in our theory of change; using a few meaningful indicators tied to organization-wide outcomes as well as tracking grantee-based metrics by country, region, and issue

Holistic; accounting for non-linear progress, reversals, and unintended impacts through nuanced qualitative analysis

Organic and internally-driven; in line with our needs and priorities; as well as our existing processes

Evidence-based and actionable; resulting in data that is useful and relevant to key stakeholders

Strategic; facilitating identification of shifts in the context, as well as emerging opportunities for “tipping point” or catalytic interventions that can lead to systemic change

The Scope will include a short-term project to design a Learning and Assessment framework based on the outcomes described in the Fund’s theory of change. Further background material available and which will be provided include: an organization-wide needs assessment on learning & assessment, annual strategy documents, and grantee data.

The Focus will be on identifying the appropriate tools, systems, and methodology necessary to address the proposed objective.

The participants in this process will be Fund staff involved in program, development, communications, and grants management; project led by VP Programs with support from the Director of Regional Programs and Learning and Assessment project coordinator.

The roles and responsibilities of the various participants will be:

  • The consultant shall be responsible for carrying out the design of the project in accordance with the terms of reference
  • The VP for Programs shall be responsible for overall project oversight, along with the Director of Regional Programs
  • The project coordinator shall be responsible for liaising between the consultant and the Learning and Assessment advisory group
  • The members of the Learning and Assessment advisory group will provide feedback and input as needed

The consultant will submit a proposed work plan to design a Learning and Assessment system following a process in line with these terms of reference.

Delivery of framework consistent with these terms of reference, to include: proposed new or re-designed data collection and analysis tools and processes as well as templates for tracking, management, and reporting purposes. 

Likely steps involved in the process and tentative dates below. Note: These may be revised as needed.

  • Start date: September 3, 2018
  • Initial meeting with the advisory group: mid-September
  • Interim report-back to advisory group due by: end of September
  • Draft report due by: October 31, 2018 to include a draft presentation to be shared with Fund board members*
  • Final report due by: November 30, 2018

Required: Experience in internationally-operating NGOs; experience carrying out monitoring and evaluation analysis, planning, and design essential; translating theory of change into proxy indicators and working with narrative evaluation. Experience and knowledge of the human rights field highly desirable. Three (3) references required.

Budget: The anticipated budget for the project is in the $10K-$20K range depending on the level of experience, time, and engagement proposed.

Proposal must include a detailed quote breaking down number of work days and associated costs.