Street Outreach Manager

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $50,000
Maximum: $55,000



Application Deadline



District of Columbia
United States


Agency Description:

At HER Resiliency Center, we give young women ages 18 to 25 who are overcoming hardship a safe environment where they can receive the support, skills, and resources they need to make positive decisions and thrive. 

HER emphasizes participants being aware of their own needs, while also receiving guidance as they grow into adulthood. This program is especially geared toward participants sharing their own life experiences, hearing about the path of others, and learning positive life skills through demonstrated healthy living. A crucial component of the HER model is for staff to share their own past struggles and victories in order to demonstrate empathy and understanding toward the participant. Both staff and participants are on a peer level with each other.

Job Summary:

The Street Outreach Manager is responsible for overseeing program implementation, managing the Street Outreach Team and providing street outreach through engaging runaway and homeless youth to assess their immediate needs, connect them with emergency housing, provide them with knowledge of youth services and survival supplies.

This position spends the majority of their time in the community supporting vulnerable young women/youth through a difficult time in their life and encouraging them to make positive decisions for their future. In addition, the Street Outreach Manager provides oversight of street outreach services to runaway and homeless young women/youth, develops community linkages and resource referrals for underserved and hard to serve youth, and community presentations where necessary. The Street Outreach Manager will provide community outreach to schools, businesses, other organizations interested in addressing the issue of youth and young adult homelessness and direct outreach to young women/youth. This position will supervise the Outreach Skills & Strengths Facilitators and Street Outreach Associates..

Employment is full-time with some nights and weekend work required. This position requires a vehicle, insurance and a good driving record.

Reports To: President


Job Responsibilities:

A.   Administrative Duties

  1. Supervision of all Street Outreach team members.
  2. Training of Street Outreach staff, and tracking of required trainings by funders.
  3. Supervise and report on Street Outreach data collection for grants. 
  4. Provide program development.
  5. Facilitate regular staff meetings with the Outreach Team.
  6. Attend bi-weekly staff meetings.

B.  Community Relations/Outreach

  1. Maintain a liaison relationship with schools, police, health providers, churches, and other groups who might provide services or referrals to the program.
  2. Attend community meetings.
  3. Provide for and develop outreach presentations for outreaching young women/youth and community members.
  4. Meet with other providers to share program information and coordinate services.

C.  Direct Service

  1. Locate and provide on foot based street outreach to runaway and homeless young women/youth who are on the street, living in hotels/motels and living between friends, family members, and willing adults.
  2. Make contact and develop rapport with community members within the neighborhoods and runaway and homeless young women/youth.
  3. Provide runaway and homeless young women/youth with necessary referrals and information for temporary housing and community resources.
  4. Transport young women/youth to authorized safe, temporary shelter.
  5. Provide overnight supervision at authorized temporary shelter on a rotating on-call basis.
  6. Maintain and interact in a culturally sensitive, respectful, and professional demeanor.
  7. Connect young women/youth with one-to-one support (case management) with HER's Skills & Strengths Facilitators or other partnering agencies as appropriate.
  8. Work with Street Outreach Team to develop procedures and structure. 

Job Requirements:

A. Education and Experience

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in a social service related field.
  2. Three years experience in working with vulnerable and or homeless youth.
  3. One year experience supervising staff.
  4. Education or experience in cultural competency.

B.  Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Familiarity with DC resources.
  2. Ability to establish and maintain trusting relationships.
  3. Comfortable interacting with young women/youth in informal settings.
  4. Must demonstrate sensitivity to needs of participants in crisis.
  5. Detail oriented with the ability to maintain paperwork.
  6. Must demonstrate sensitivity and responsiveness to cultural differences and a commitment to the value of cultural competency.


HER Resiliency Center provides a set monthly amount to be reimbursed for health insurance, as well as a flexible leave schedule after the first 90 days.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please forward cover letter with why you are interested in working for HER Resiliency Center and resume. Both should be sent as attachments.