Volunteer Group Leader - Ecuador

Job Type

Part Time


Details: $100 per week plus travel, accommodation, meals and activities.



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The Yanapuma Foundation is a grassroots, self-sustaining NGO in Ecuador that works with a number of rural, indigenous and marginalized communities on sustainable development projects in the areas of health, education and agriculture. As part of our long-term goals to assist local communities adapt to an increasingly globalised world while promoting and preserving their culture, we provide economic, material and human resources so that they may partake in social development projects within their communities.

An important aspect of this work is the provision of international volunteers for both short and long-term periods (from one week to six months) to assist these communities with their goals. We receive groups of volunteers between 18-22 years old from gap year programs several times per year, particularly for 6 to 10 week programs during January to March, April to June, July to August, and September to November.

We are currently looking for Group Leaders for the program taking place from the beginning of September 2018 for 7 weeks. There will be other groups at the start of 2019 to lead. Leaders must be willing and able to motivate, manage and lead these groups in different locations around Ecuador. Locations include Quito, Otavalo, indigenous communities, Baños, Quilotoa, and Riobamba. The programs include a mix of community volunteering and tourism.


Maintain in contact with the volunteer coordinator at the office to organize logistics and plan the project prior to their arrival. Receive the group upon arrival and be their leader through most of their time with Yanapuma in Ecuador. This includes traveling with the group and living with them on site to participate in their project work and coordinate accommodation, food, and extra activities. Serve as the principal English/Spanish translator between the group and local project coordinators. Manage money for group expenses such as bus tickets and make expense reports at the end of each phase. Be the point-of-contact between the group and the Yanapuma office in case of problems or concerns. Oversee the health and wellbeing of the group, during their time with Yanapuma and react in case of emergency. Provide weekly updates describing group activities and/or any health issues.

During the Galapagos phase of the trip, the group travels to Galapagos without the leader. During this period you will not be paid by Yanapuma and you are free to use that time to travel independently.


High level of Spanish and English (fluency is preferred). Strong communication skills. Strong people skills and ability to work in a group with other leaders and volunteers. Strong leadership skills to provide a safe and fun environment and positive experience for the volunteers and local community. Ability to mediate cultural differences and educate the volunteers about culture shock. Ability to take responsibility for large amounts of cash, payments and receipts.

Previous work experience of minimum 3 years is required. Experience leading groups of young people, and experience working or travelling in Latin America is preferred. Interest in indigenous communities and sustainable development required.

The groups travel to fairly remote locations at times, so the leader must be able to work independently and make responsible decisions, but the staff in the office in Quito is available by phone 24/7 to support the leader and address any situations that may come up.


The group leader lives with the group. In the indigenous communities, everyone lives in volunteer cabins, and while in Quito and traveling to other destinations they stay in hostals. When not accompanying a group, (for example when the group is in the Galapagos) the leader must find their own accommodation.


In addition to the amazing opportunity to explore a beautiful country with a group of enthusiastic volunteers, Yanapuma provides food, accommodation, program related travel, and certain activities (such as white water rafting and mountain biking) while the group leader is with their group. We also provide a $100 per week stipend when the leader is accompanying the group, paid at the end of the group´s program.



Level of Language Proficiency

English - intermediate minimum

Spanish - intermediate minimum

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply


Contact us by emailling: staff@yanapuma.org with your CV.