Middle School Case Manager

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Position Title: Middle School Program Case Manager       

Reports To: Lead Middle School Program Case Manager

Status: Exempt, Full Time


About Fresh Lifelines for Youth 

Founded in 2000, Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) is an award-winning nonprofit working to break the cycle of juvenile violence, crime, and incarceration. FLY believes that all our children deserve a chance to become more than their past mistakes. FLY’s legal education, leadership training, and mentoring programs motivate and equip youth to change the course of their lives. We are also committed to helping our juvenile justice systems become more just, humane, and equitable. As a result, FLY increases safety in our communities and decreases the costs and consequences of crime. 


For more information about Fresh Lifelines for Youth please go to: www.flyprogram.org.


Middle School Program Overview


Brief Description: The Middle School Program helps at-risk youth focus on their academics and change their behavior, such that they can successfully engage in school and stay out of the Juvenile Justice System.


Program Components:

Middle School Legal Education

  • 8-12 weeks of legal education course
  • Developmental Asset Assessments
  • Pre/Post testing

Individualized Strengths Based Case Management (4 hours/month—includes bi-monthly in-person contacts)

·      Youth Centered Services

o  Baseline and Closure Assessments

o  Individualized Service Planning

o  6-9 months of targeted Case Management (including pro-social activities)

·      Family/Community Focused Services

o  Family and School Assessments

o  Check in meetings with parents and schools

o  Participation in school meetings


Middle School Program Case Manager Position Summary

The Middle School Program Case Manager offers structured support and guidance to youth who attend local middle schools. In addition to helping youth understand the law by facilitating Law Related Education courses for middle school students, they work with youth to set goals around education and constructive uses of time, in order to prevent juvenile justice system involvement and attain educational outcomes. This person also is a program leader for the Middle School Program. This individual will be a flexible, energetic and outcomes-oriented self-starter who brings a creative approach to solving problems and a passion for working with at-risk youth.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Facilitate the Law Related Education Program (LRE)
  • Maintain stakeholder relationships necessary for LRE program implementation (i.e. principals, teachers, probation officers)
  • Facilitate 8-12 weeks of weekly classes at 2 Middle Schools per semester
  • Maintain classroom control and actively engage youth in each lesson
  • Administer evaluations and surveys for each class


  • Provide Ongoing Case/Crisis Management for 15 youth

o  Meet with each youth on caseload for a minimum of 4 hours per month (this includes both group and individual contacts)

o  Provide crisis management and support to clients, as needed. Client issues often include the following: low school engagement, family, gangs, depression, incarceration, substance abuse, self-esteem, suicide, homelessness and violence

o  Assist clients and families with locating and receiving outside services to address identified needs

o  Maintain contact with attorneys, guardians/ parents, probation officers and school officials/counselors

o  Document all client contact and case management progress in ETO Database System

o  Maintain thorough case management paperwork in client file. “Paperwork” includes but is not limited to the following: assessments, case management notes, client contracts, and service plans.

o  Draft character/reference letters for clients as needed for court, employment, probation and school

o  Attend court hearings, outside service meetings, probation meetings, school meetings and Individual Educational Plan (IEP) meetings as needed and/or requested by the client

o  Help the client set and achieve goals around education, vocation, family and health through asset development models that encourage leadership and life-skill-building

o  Recognize and acknowledge youth strengths/talents/life-events/accomplishments (i.e. birthday/graduation cards, etc.)

o  Conduct client evaluations, as required by program/grants

o  Provide clients with transportation to and from activities, events and individual meetings as needed.

o  Provide supervisor with regular updates about each client and ensure that file is ready for a supervisory review at any time

o  Lead in crisis intervention and response for events, law, and CM


  • Plan Activities for Clients

o  Identify and collaborate with representatives from community based organizations and/or other companies to plan youth activities

o  Build and maintain stakeholder relationships, (i.e. representatives from community based organizations, corporations and donors)

o  Prepare agenda for activities and projects

o  Provide clients with transportation to and from activities, probation ordered programs and events as needed.

o  Clear clients through School Officials and Probation Department to attend activities and follow-up to inform School Officials and Probation of clients’ progress in each activity.

o  Ensure that clients are excused from school and other programs if they participate in activities during those times

o  Inform parents of upcoming activities and coordinate pick-up and drop-offs with parents

o  Participate in (and conduct as needed) team meetings to brief and debrief youth activities


  • Engage in Community Relationships

o  Attend and actively participate in regular community meetings

o  Scheduling and logistics for school partnerships

o  Provide statistics and data to community resources, donors, and/or grant stakeholders as needed

o  Participate in Program brainstorming/reflection presentations to stakeholders

o  Provide youth and stakeholders with photographic documentation of the Program


  • Manage Staff

o  Lead thoughtful brief/debrief sessions before and after each activity

o  Provide positive and constructive feedback in a safe environment

o  Develop training modules and plans to support professional growth


Qualification and Competency Requirements


Positional Competencies – required for our Case Managers

·      Past or current experience working with youth preferred

·      Relationship-building and Professionalism with youth, FLY staff and stakeholders

·      Instruction/teaching/facilitation experience desired

·      Excellent Communicator – written and verbal. Fluency in Spanish is helpful but not required.

·      Organized and skilled at maintaining a flexible, diverse schedule

·      Bachelor’s Degree preferred


Full Benefits

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply


Interested applicants please submit your Cover Letter and Resume to our Careers link on our website, https://flyprogram.org/about/careers/.