Protective Service Worker (SPANISH SPEAKING IS A MUST)

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $47,000
Maximum: $48,000




United States


POSITION SUMMARY: Protective Service Worker (must have Case Management exp. 2-3 yrs minimum)

Excellent Benefits Package

Receive and investigate reports of elder abuse and self neglect. Provide consultation and referrals. Complete comprehensive assessments of the elder's needs, risks and capacity to make decisions. Provide problem-focused, goal-oriented, short-term casework/counseling interventions to elders determined to be suffering from a reportable condition of abuse and/or self neglect. Ensure all documentation is entered into Harmony APS computer software.


1. Responsible for receiving reports of elder abuse and neglect. Provide consultation services for Protective Services (PS) programs.

A. Receive reports of elder abuse and self neglect. Consult with PS Supervisor or Program Director to determine appropriateness for PS program.

B. Input PS report into APS system.

2. Complete comprehensive assessments within 4 weeks from date of referral.

A. Conduct thorough investigations of reports of elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation within regulated time frames, including interviewing the elder and contacting collateral sources of information. Consult with supervisor throughout investigation and on case opening.

B. Meet weekly, and more frequently if needed, with designated PS Supervisor to discuss case

determinations and risk assessments.

C. An emergency report will be responded to within 5 hours. Rapid Response reports will be responded to within 24 hours. Non-emergency reports will be responded to within 5 days.

D Assess elder's capacity to consent to Protective Services. Assess and respond to factors placing elder at risk.

E With elder's consent, contact relevant collaterals.

F. Input all investigation documentation into APS.

3. Develop Service Plan with involvement of elder.

A. Assist elder in defining problems and priorities, presenting a range of options to elder.

B. Obtain consent to provision of protective services once case determination has been made.

C. Research, locate, and match services to elder's needs and preferences utilizing the least restrictive, appropriate intervention.

D. Provide casework focused on the alleviation of obstacles to the provision of services.

E. Complete written service plan into APS with timely revisions as required.

F. Maintain accurate progress notes in APS within five business days of contact.

4. Assess risk, problem-solve, and carry out appropriate decisions/actions with clients and their families during crisis situations.

5. Attend weekly team meetings and participate in 24-hour on call coverage as scheduled.

6. Initiate and present PS community education trainings to help Agency meet goal.

7. Participate in staff development programs.

A. Update knowledge by means of courses, in-services and workshops.

B. Attend and contribute to department and Agency staff meetings.

8. Achieve an acceptable level of proficiency in APS Harmony software required to perform job duties.

9. Complete other duties as assigned.


1. A Masters degree from an accredited school in social work, psychology, counseling, human development, nursing or gerontology plus at least one year of experience in counseling, casework, or case management preferably in a Protective Services, domestic violence or crisis intervention capacity; OR Bachelors degree from an accredited school in social work, psychology, counseling, human development, or gerontology plus at least two years experience in counseling, casework, domestic violence or crisis intervention services.

2. Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.

3. Sensitivity to elder issues.

4. Intermediate computer software, e-mail and internet skills required.

5. Must be able to drive or travel in an efficient manner.

6. Must be able to traverse at least two flights of stairs.

* If applicable, designates non-essential position function as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.


• Ability to lift and carry objects frequently weighing up to 10 to 15 pounds.

• Ability to climb stairs.

• Ability to travel to the community to perform visits at consumers’ home.

• Work requires regularly standing, stooping, and bending.

Level of Language Proficiency

Spanish is must

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree