Head of Academics and Quality Assurance

Work must be performed in or near Dakar, Région de Dakar, Senegal
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IQRA Bilingual Academy is a bilingual American/International School in Dakar, Senegal. Our mission is to produce a generation of Muslims who...

• have a strong Islamic moral character • have a solid understanding of Tawheed (oneness of the Creator) • have leadership skills superseded by Taqwa (piety) • have a strong sense of social responsibility • interact with the community and assess global issues with an Islamic frame of mind, and are academically equipped to succeed and excel in an increasingly competitive and challenging world.

Summary: The Head of Academics is responsible for overseeing, coaching and supporting classroom teachers to ensure that all IQRA Bilingual Academy students reach their highest academic potential. The Head of Academics will work with the Director, vice-principals, teachers, parents, and students to promote student learning. Reporting directly to the Director, the Head of Academics will work closely with the principals to establish a strong achievement centered culture; coach all teachers to excellence using data to inform decisions; ensure the functionality of systems that support student achievement and design targeted individual and group professional development for teachers.

Evaluated by: Director

Responsibilities: The Head of Academics is responsible for working with the Director and the vice-principals to evaluate, enhance, and expand academic offerings with the following primary responsibilities:

1. To create and monitor a comprehensive professional development plan for all teachers that includes orientation and mentoring of new teachers. This also includes planning all in-service opportunities for faculty. 2. To provide individual and school wide instructional coaching that is data driven while ensuring that curriculum is aligned with the relevant standards and assessments. This includes implementation of periodic standardized assessments that will provide data to inform instruction. 3. To lead the school’s standards based instructional and assessment strategies to build and support a data driven culture where assessments are used to increase achievement and student learning. 4. To coordinate in-house, national, and international assessments; including the development of in-house assessments and selection of standardized tests. To evaluate, track and share standardized test results with all appropriate parties. 5. To promote individual student success 6. To communicate with parents regarding student academic progress 7. To observe, supervise, and help the faculty in the development and implementation of curriculum. 8. To assist with the textbook review and purchasing process. 9. To coordinate departmental and other academic meetings 10. To make recommendations to the principals regarding the hiring, retention and assignment of faculty. 11. To build a culture of sharing of effective practices among instructional staff by facilitating cross-class observations, co-planning sessions, and ad-hoc meetings as necessary. 12. To serve as a consultant to teachers in matters of classroom management, teaching methods, and general school procedures; to work with teachers on areas of weakness as well as best practices. 13.To help coordinate the administration of mid-terms and final examinations 14. To contribute to the guidance function of the school, including scheduling of students, academic advising and college counseling. 15. To provide data to parents and other internal and external stakeholders related to academic evaluation and assessment, testing, academic procedures, and academic offerings. 16. To implement and oversee a program to challenge gifted students to achieve to their highest potential. 17. To foster a culture of academic excellence 18. To expand affiliations with institutions of higher education, business and non-profits to further academic goals 19. To coordinate and submit a budget for the academic program 20. To ensure compliance with legal requirements of government regulations and agencies. 21. To coordinate the Middle States accreditation and monitors the Implementation Plan 22. To report to the Academic Committee of the Board of Directors as needed.

Head of Quality Assurance Summary: To play a central role in the strategically vital area of academic qualitymanagement. To act as a pro-active focus for the maintenance and promotion of institutional effectiveness in quality assurance and enhancement. The identify and manage the quality assurance issues and processes in order to assist the Institution to qualify for and sustain accreditation.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Facilitates effective internal communication among departments and campuses. 2. Develops and implements standards addressing quality assurance and learner service. 3. Conducts periodic and regular internal and external assessments of quality across the academy. 4. Develops and provides training on quality issues as needed. 5. Develops manuals and materials for the implementation of quality initiatives. 6. Assists academy employees in transferring quality concepts to their procedures and practices as appropriate.

IQRA Bilingual Academy is a bilingual American/International School in Dakar, Senegal. Our mission is to produce a generation of Muslims who...

• have a strong Islamic moral character • have a solid understanding of Tawheed (oneness of the…

Level of Language Proficiency

Must be native speaker or have close to native fluency.

Must be native speaker or have close to native fluency.


Allees Seydou Nourou Tall, Dakar, Senegal

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