Operations Manager

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Full Time


Details: R10,000 per month with additional benefits.



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Dumela Lodge
Dumela Lodge
South Africa



·        African Impact is a multi-award winning volunteer travel organisation running and managing our own meaningful and responsible volunteer experiences throughout Africa. Our organisation started as a small family-run company in 2004 and has since grown to become the African leaders in volunteer tourism, having facilitated over 12,000 volunteer experiences in 11 countries across the continent.

·        Kruger Location Projects,

o   Research & Conservation

§ Big 5

§ Large Predators

o   Photography & Conservation

o   Community Development

·        Number of volunteers per year at our location (currently 200 – 250).

·        Internships at our location (currently 3, large area of development in 2019).


We are looking for an exceptional and dynamic person who can take care of all aspects of running our team and projects at our Project Location in the Greater Kruger Area location.

You will be reporting into Stuart and Stacey, business managers who have run the business from its inception in 2015. They will be supporting you in all aspects of your role and through their extensive career and life experience there is a great deal of knowledge to learn and draw from. As an integral part of the management team you will be expected to support business management on all aspects and at all times. Ensuring the culture on site is happy and enthusiastic is essential as the whole team lives on site. You will be an important part of making sure this culture is maintained through various means, team building, staff nights, positive approaches and enthusiasm for the great work we undertake in our projects. 

The ideal candidate will be a self-motivated, dynamic people person, who is fun, enthusiastic, naturally positive and solution orientated. Organisation and planning along with exceptional team leadership are essential skills for this role. You will need to be detail orientated, but able to always see the bigger picture and make decisions in a confident and efficient way. You will need exceptional communication skills as detailed and clear reporting is a large part of the role.

Experience required:

·        Proven experience, and passionate about managing people

·        Team leadership

·        Remote living working experience advantageous

·        Project management experience advantageous

·        Hospitality experience advantageous

·        Volunteer experience advantageous

·        First Aid and PDP Driving license advantageous



·        Responsible for all aspects of running the business on the ground.

·        Ensure your assets (vehicles, accommodation etc.) are maintained and well looked after.

·        Plan ahead and be consistently ahead with tasks.

·        As issues arise, make decisions efficiently and confidently, considering all aspects involved and the bigger picture.

·        Ensure there is always a qualified person on duty who can deal with any emergencies.


·        Manage the weekly schedules for all volunteers and interns, ensuring all requirements are met and logistically possible.

·        Coordinating daily transport regimes to get volunteers efficiently to projects.

·        Work with Lodge manager to ensure volunteers arrive and depart safely and timeously. This may mean sometimes taking phone calls over weekends if volunteers miss flights.

·        Following, improving and implementing systems to increase efficiency and keep operating costs under control.

·        Planning ahead is key for this role to be as efficient as possible.

·        Oversee organisation, logistics and promotion and financial tracking of weekend trips.


·        Compile monthly petty cash, support team in being precise and accurate.

·        Manage all aspects of the finances, tracking and reporting on expenses each month. Comparing with the forecasted budgets. Forecast and raise any operational expenses timeously.

·        Manage all Cash and Bank transactions to ensure we pay suppliers on time and receive any money due to us.

Team support / HR:

·        Ensure the communication and any training or instructions required for volunteers and team members to be prepared for all activities.

·        Support, coach and lead by example to team at all times. Ensuring good working, sympathetic and encouraging relationships.

·        Ensure there is a weekly meeting with team to cover the forthcoming activities, any general updates and to discuss any concerns or opportunities to improve.

·        Manage AI team – Project Managers and Coordinators, Guides, Lodge Manager.

·        Work closely with Lodge manager.

·        Support and coach all your project staff to manage issues and overcome barriers they encounter with projects, the partners we work with and all volunteers.

·        Retain a positive and supportive role with the lodge manager and lodge staff.

·        Support team, encouraging greater knowledge and personal growth so they can support volunteers in daily duties.

·        Support team in a personal and professional manner.

·        Recruit staff where required – Plan ahead what is required in terms of recruitment.

·        Create a good family vibe / culture amongst team including everyone.

·        Ensure all staff are well equipped to do their jobs and know all required procedures.

·        Cover for Lodge Manager when on leave.

Volunteers / Interns:

·        Prepare new volunteers for their stay by going through their Orientation.

·        Ensure team is aware of any relevant medical details.

·        Run a group feedback session for all volunteers at the appropriate times and send a summary of the discussion to your Manager.

·        Get involved in the daily activities and evening prep, especially to coach and encourage volunteers and to see how well activities are going.

·        Manage day to day issues with project activities, volunteers. Help with volunteer questions and resolve issues they have. Predict issues before they arise.

·        Enforce code of conduct and understanding. Manage any disciplinary issue using our Code of Conduct in a timely and sensitive manner.

·        Lead your team ensuring projects are organised, activities are appealing for volunteers and the volunteer experience is managed from the point they arrive until they depart.

·        Ensure all volunteers feel part of the Aims of all projects and understand their roles in the project goals.

·        Get to know your volunteers, identify how they can add more value during their stay and engage them on supporting your projects and our foundation (charitable arm) once they have left (Ambassadorship Program).

·        Set up exciting after project and weekend activities to enhance volunteers’ experience and to generate further income for the business.

·        Take responsibility for managing emergency situations and major volunteer issues.

Partners and Projects:

·        Ensure all volunteer activities have a strong purpose.

·        Ensure all projects work to their own objectives while creating a partnership and strong links between them which ensures volunteers all feel integrated.

·        Activities that have a clear objective and know all the tasks involved, relate to Yearly and monthly Aims and Achievements.

·        Set out the Aims and Achievements for your projects, communicate these effectively and review them on a Quarterly basis so you, your team and Volunteers understand and feel part of a bigger picture. Maintain a visual record and account keeping for logged hours and participation.

·        Ensure all data is collected regularly and accurately.

·        Be responsible for the Child Protection Policy, that all guidelines are upheld and understood. Should any issue arise communication is correctly made and reported.

·        Get continuous feedback from Partners on what is and isn’t working.

·        Integrate feedback into continuous improvement of the projects.

·        Ensure the projects make a long term, positive change and you are working with responsible partners in all you do.

·        Relationship management - Be accountable for building and maintaining positive relations with important project partners. This at all times has the highest relevance in all decision making. Uphold African Impact’s name.

Our Foundation:

·        Manage and track donations given by volunteers, both money and donated items.

·        Be accountable for Foundation income and expenditure.

·        Coach Foundation interns in their placements. Give guidance on focal projects and expenditure.

Marketing and Sales:

·        Support Cape Town office with all aspects they require.

·        Work with the Marketing Manager and your Destination Manager to improve the marketing of your projects including Social Media and providing content for Awards, grant submissions, etc.


·        Encourage new / developmental ideas from yourself and your teams to be presented to Business Managers prior to implementation.

·        Agree key changes and how they will be implemented with your Managers.

·        Identify areas of growth and discuss these with the Business Managers.

·        Encourage new ideas from the team, but bring a realistic edge.


·        Report and discuss key project successes, issues and donations.

·        Complete reporting of weekly diary, monthly and quarterly reports.

·        Manage Facebook page – posts are done by team.

·        Report any lodge issues to lodge manager and assist where needed.

·        Produce Monthly reports covering Progress and Issues, Finances and Operations.



·        This exciting and rewarding job comes with many benefits;

·        Competitive salary

·        Private accommodation

·        Live in – 3 meals a day

·        Monday to Friday – Weekends off (sometimes you will be required to help out as is subject to our industry, this can be avoided most of the time with clear and proper planning).

Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level


Minimum Education Required


How To Apply


Please send through updated CV, along with cover letter and motivation.