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Regional Support Coordinator

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Position Title: Regional Support Coordinator 

Work Location: Remote; must reside in Wisconsin and have reliable internet access; please let us know if internet access is currently a barrier  

Reports to: Quality Improvement Program Manager  

FTE: 0.8 to 1.0 (32 to 40 hours) 

Salary Range: $50,000 - $60,000 at 1.0 FTE 

Benefits: Health insurance, retirement, short and long term disability, paid family leave, time off 

Travel: As needed throughout the state; mileage reimbursement available 

Remote Work: WAPC provides a laptop and second monitor for staff home offices, as well as other materials as necessary to complete the duties of each position. We do not provide office furniture or pay for employee internet at this time. 

COVID-19 Policy: WAPC recognizes that COVID-19 has irrevocably changed the way work is done. WAPC is committed to accommodating reasonable requests and not requiring in-person attendance at meetings and events that pose a risk to an employee’s health, or that of their family. We will make every effort to be as flexible as possible to accommodate caregiving responsibilities, including K-12 online schooling, childcare, and illness related to COVID-19.   

Organizational Culture 

WAPC no longer has a brick-and-mortar office; all staff work from home in locations all across Wisconsin. We meet in-person as a staff periodically throughout the year and around the state.  

WAPC strives to attract and develop individuals who reflect a broad spectrum of diversity, including racial, ethnic, gender identity, and socioeconomic dimensions. We believe inclusion of diverse perspectives is essential to achieving long-term, systemic change. We explicitly welcome applications from those who self-identify as coming from historically marginalized populations to enrich and elevate our equity-centered approach to problem-solving.  


You will join a collegial and thoughtful team that values collaboration, open communication, and efficient and timely completion of tasks and projects. We prize timely and direct conflict resolution amongst co-workers and strive to be a workplace where everyone feels respected and supported when trying new things or exploring new ideas. We practice continuous improvement, which necessarily relies upon the ability to make mistakes. We are a thoughtful bunch who enjoy working together. 

Position Summary 

The Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care (WAPC) is hiring a Regional Support Coordinator to support the mission of WAPC. This position is charged with supporting and developing our levels of care designation process and creating and implementing a program of collaboration and support for hospitals and perinatal care providers following level of care designation. 

In this role, you will have the opportunity to affect healthcare delivery and outcomes for birthing people and infants across Wisconsin. This role is perfect for someone who enjoys being extremely organized, managing projects and volunteers, balancing deadlines, and facilitating collaborative meetings. This person should have familiarity with the idea of access to regionalized risk-appropriate care (regionalization), awareness of the certification of levels maternal and neonatal care, and an interest in continuing to learn. Experience in clinical practice would benefit the person in this role but is not required. 

The person in this position should be excited to contribute to an anti-racist and LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace, programming, and QI work. A deep understanding of (or interest in understanding) how social determinants of health relate to clinical health outcomes is essential.  

This Role in the Context of WAPC’s History and Current Work 

WAPC was founded in 1970 on the idea of regionalization—that perinatal care should be organized to ensure the availability of appropriate and accessible care. Over the years, this concept has evolved and at times been referred to as tertiary care, or risk-based or risk-appropriate care. Central to this is the need for hospitals to have a designated level of care. Most states have such a program under various names, and with wide variance in how the program is implemented. Since 2005, WAPC has certified the maternal and neonatal levels of care for hospitals in Wisconsin using the tool we created based on the ACOG and AAP guidelines of maternal and neonatal care, respectively. So far, about 66% of hospitals have voluntarily submitted their levels for designation. This position will be responsible for: 

  • Coordinating all aspects of WAPC’s risk-based care and levels of care work, including but not limited to: LOCATe implementation; levels of care designation process improvement; and support for hospitals based on their level of care 
  • Supporting hospitals to complete their submission form, and reaching the goal of 100% participation 
  • Communicating with hospitals about their designation and how they can reach their desired level, as well as to hear from them about their educational and collaborative needs 
  • Working with supervisor to establish and coordinate hospital review cycle for maintenance of level certification 
  • Working closely with partners, including the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and relevant staff, including the Council State and Territorial Epidemiology Fellow 
  • Participating in statewide and national conversations about risk-based care and levels of care 
  • Coordinating implementation of any tools related to levels of care, such as the CDC’s LOCATe 
  • Evaluating all aspects of risk-appropriate care and levels of care work 
  • Proactively seeking out necessary information and learning opportunities 


Beyond level designation, the goal of a system of risk-appropriate care is to improve health outcomes for patients through regional collaboration between perinatal care providers (specifically hospitals). This includes convening to discuss issues that they collectively face, working on transport protocols and debriefs, pooling resources available in their region, and coming together for educational and/or quality improvement opportunities. This position will be responsible for: 

  • Developing relationships with clinical leaders/champions across the state 
  • Facilitating regional meetings of healthcare providers/facilities (in-person where/when possible) 
  • Supporting conversations and action to improve transfer protocols, including development and dissemination of best practices 
  • Working with level 3 and 4 hospitals to help them meet their responsibilities for education and support to level 1 and 2 hospitals 
  • Developing and coordinating regional educational opportunities, both virtual and in-person, including a reimagining of WAPC’s annual Regional Forums and follow up webinar series 
  • Coordinating all relevant data related to levels of care, including contacts database 
  • Mapping the reach of hospitals systems and how they shape the system of risk-appropriate care in Wisconsin 
  • Maintaining WAPC’s birthing hospital and centers monitoring spreadsheet 
  • Think creatively and strategically about how to grow this program and support each region, and develop this position to best meet organizational needs 


Freestanding birth centers, community-based midwives, doulas, public health, and supportive community resources are integral to the system of perinatal care in Wisconsin. To this point, they have not been included in work around levels of care/risk-based care. This position will be responsible for: 

  • Including these types of perinatal care providers in programming where appropriate 
  • Integrating the role of these providers within the existing system of risk-appropriate care 


As part of the WAPC staff, this position will participate in and contribute to:  

  • Planning and execution of WAPC’s major events, including the Annual Statewide Perinatal Conference  
  • Regular staff meetings and staff events 
  • Continuous improvement of organization policies and procedures 
  • Perform other duties as assigned 

Competencies/Knowledge, Skills, Abilities 

  • Utilizes strong interpersonal, collaborative, and working relationship skills and has ability to build networks and partnerships 
  • Demonstrates effective facilitation skills with the ability to lead group discussions 
  • Takes ownership for and follows through on commitments  
  • Conveys ideas in a manner that engages others and helps them understand and retain the message  
  • Approaches problems and decisions methodically, objectively, and timely, involving others as needed 
  • Focuses on outcomes and accomplishments; motivated by achievement and a need for closure; has an attention to detail; is both efficient and effective in achieving a high level of measurable outcomes; persists in achieving goals despite obstacles.  
  • Supports the mission and values of WAPC; aligns actions around organizational goals; gives priority to organizational mission and value when making decisions 
  • Creates and supports an environment where improvement ideas, team-building, and creative thinking are encouraged to meet the organizational needs for process improvement 
  • Demonstrates strong project/program management skills 
  • Utilizes current best practices in adult education and pedagogy, as well as innovative adult education deliv7ery models  
  • Works remotely effectively 

Required Qualifications 

  • Microsoft Office suite (Outlook/Word/Excel/PowerPoint) mastery 
  • Experience with virtual meeting platforms, e.g., Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, etc. 
  • Experience designing and implementing program evaluation 
  • Experience facilitating meetings with diverse audiences 
  • Experience establishing cooperative working relationships with a variety of persons and organizations/agencies  

Other Requirements 

  • Ability to work remotely 
  • Willingness to travel throughout Wisconsin as needed for meetings and events. Must provide own transportation.  
  • Interest in continuing to learn and grow in this position through professional development opportunities and by taking on new challenges within the organization  
  • Commitment to the missions of WAPC and the Perinatal Foundation 

Position Title: Regional Support Coordinator 

Work Location: Remote; must reside in Wisconsin and have reliable internet access; please let us know if internet access is currently a barrier  

Reports to: Quality Improvement Program Manager…

Details at a Glance

Time Commitment
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Full Time Schedule
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USD $50,000 - USD $60,000 / year


Health insurance, retirement, short and long term disability, paid family leave, time off

Health insurance, retirement, short and long term disability, paid family leave, time off


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Work may be performed anywhere in United States
Associated Location
211 S Paterson St, Madison, WI 53703, USA
Ste 250

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