Independent Research Consultant / Contractor (Request for Research Advisory and Support)

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Part Time


Details: This is a paid position. Project compensation is negotiable.




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The Intersector Project welcomes research support to examine the economic significance of collaborative governance, particularly government, business and non-profit sector collaboration in multiple issue/policy domains. By exploring this increasingly important area of public service design and implementation, the project will support a better understanding of the benefits and limitations of this problem-solving approach.

The proposed project deliverable is an appropriately formatted literature review to inform specific research questions relevant to this field. For example:

  • What types of economic benefits and costs are material to a study of multi-sector collaborative governance?
  • How do the economic effects of multi-sector collaborative governance differ among government, business, non-profit sector organizations, and the general public?
  • What are the relevant units of analysis for distinguishing “collaborative” from “non-collaborative” activities? Why?
  • What are potential methods and data sources for assessing the cost of failing to effectively collaborate to society?
  • What forms of cost-benefit analysis are most relevant to understanding the economic dimensions of multi-sector collaborative governance?
  • What is an existing framework, theory, or method for understanding the influence of multi-sector collaborative governance on transaction costs?
  • What do existing evaluations of multi-sector programs initiated by government reveal the economic benefits and costs of multi-sector collaborative governance?
  • What can be learned from formal evaluations of multi-sector initiatives by esteemed policy evaluation firms (e.g. RAND, Mathematica Policy Research, MRDC)?

The research consultant should possess formal training and education in economics and may be a current graduate student. The contractor will be responsible for determining the direction of the project and setting their own schedule, and may choose to hire help.

Timeline: To be negotiated with contractor

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None specified

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