Cambodia - Marketing Manager

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Full Time


Details: Salary is reflective of a young organization in a third world country. It provides a living beyond basic living expenses.



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Phnom Penh
Kandal Province, Cambodia


BB2C/Agri-Smart Marketing Manager Job Description

Company Overview

BB2C (Brooklyn Bridge to Cambodia) was recently awarded the “2018 Patents for Humanity” award for the Eli Rice Seeder . The US Government spokesperson was impressed with our victory. He kept using words like “special”, “exceptional”, how proud we should feel. He reported that dozens of judges voted in favor of our selection and that our small organization won over organizations such as major universities, large pharmaceutical companies, major government agencies, etc. (Microsoft was a prior winner).The award presentation will be in Washington, D.C. Senators Schumer and Gillibrand are being notified. Click on the website:

In addition, on the international human rights stage, our pro bono law firm received the "2018 International Lawyer of the Year Award" for our work in Cambodia, and beyond.

The Eli Rice Seeder is a leapfrog technology that a marketing manager will help to develop a market beyond Cambodia. We have begun a pilot program in Nigeria.

Link to video of the Eli Rice Seeder in action: This video brings to life the effects of this remarkable innovative tool that is changing rice planting in Cambodia and beyond. The video shows the Eli Rice Seeder operating under the most extreme conditions in rain and mud.

Under the umbrella non-profit organization BB2C (Brooklyn Bridge to Cambodia), the social enterprise Agri-Smart has benefited local entrepreneurs since 2015 by manufacturing and distributing agricultural products in Cambodia. Everything is made by Cambodians for Cambodians. The Agri-Smart manual water pump and rice seeder machine provide labor-saving and profit-making opportunities that help farmers break the cycle of poverty. Agri-Smart also trains participating farmers how to use and maintain all new products to guarantee continuance.

Job Purpose

The Marketing Manager handles day to day marketing activities and long term marketing, sales and business strategies. We are looking for a full-time Marketing Manager in-country to report to the country director and work very closely with the New York based founder/CEO through email and phone communications.


●     At least one year of marketing studies or experience preferred with fluent English skills

●     Interest in agriculture, the international development industry, social enterprises

●     Budget management, project management, and communication skills

●     Self-motivated and able to work with limited supervision but also in small group settings

●     Ability to work and travel within Cambodia

●     Ability to communicate to a range of audiences – business owners, business managers, government officials, households, farmers

●     Understanding and experience in using Word and Excel – beyond introductory level

●     Understanding and experience in using various online platforms

Key Roles and Responsibilities

●     Develop the marketing strategy for the organization in line with the organization objectives

●     Oversee the organization’s marketing budget and expenses

●     Responsible for brand management and overall organization identity in Cambodia and the USA

●     Create, edit and distribute all marketing materials in line with specific marketing plans

●     Update Facebook and website content based on communications with New York office

●     Build partnerships with NGOs, MFIs and Farmer Associations to expand business initiatives

●     Support country director in sales and distribution efforts by developing new marketing approaches

●     Prepare monthly reports on sales activities, marketing initiatives and overall business performance

●     Assist with presentations to customers, agribusinesses, retailers, farmer associations

●     Assist the country director to build partnerships with NGOs, MFIs and Farmer Associations to expand business initiatives

Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply

To apply please send a cover letter and CV to Also, a writing sample.