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Full Time


Details: Competitive pay scale based on education, experience, qualifications, and excellence in teaching.



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Olympia Community School (OCS) is excited to announce a special opportunity to join a team of incredible teachers at a small independent school with a 40+ year commitment to progressive elementary education.

Teachers seeking an opportunity to work within a school community valuing holistic, student-centered, collaborative education will thrive in this environment. If you have a passion for developing creative curricula that is emergent, theme-based, experiential, and student-centered, you will love teaching at OCS!

This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with two experienced teachers in an established progressive alternative school. The ideal candidate will be an excellent teacher and will be a great match for the school’s approach to teaching and learning.


The Olympia Community School (OCS), established in 1973, is a small, nonprofit, secular, progressive teacher and parent operated primary school. At OCS, three full-time certified teachers will work together as a team to teach Kindergarten through 5th grade students in our three multi-age classrooms. The school plans to grow to 4 teachers in the future at its new location.

In addition to daily academic instruction, the school focuses on nurturing creative and artistic expression, peaceful conflict resolution skills utilizing Non-Violent Communication (NVC), mindfulness, environmental awareness, and community involvement. Teachers embrace a student-centered approach and offer instruction with respect for children’s individual interests, talents and abilities. Field trips, workshops and thematic curricula inspire a love of learning at OCS.

Small class size (maximum 14:1) and support for a wide range of studies both allow and require that teachers develop creative curricula. OCS values fostering self-esteem, environmental stewardship, embracing diversity, and preparation for compassionate and socially responsible citizenship in the school and community. Visit OCS’s website at http://www.olympiacommunityschool.org/ for more information.


The teacher will have primary responsibility for teaching a class of approximately 10-14 students aged 8 to 11 in a combined 3rd through 5th grade classroom.

The normal work day is 8:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday – Friday with a 30 minute lunch break. On Wednesday afternoons the three teachers meet for two hours (1 to 3 pm) to work on joint lesson planning. In order to carry out OCS’s progressive approach to elementary education described above, the teacher will work collaboratively with two other veteran OCS teachers (teaching grades K-2), and will actively communicate with parents.


  • Master’s Degree in Teaching or Education
  • 2 years teaching experience
  • Experience teaching 3rd, 4th or 5th grades
  • Team-teaching and multi-grade classroom experience


  • Teacher’s Certification (if out-of-state, Washington Certification must be obtained during 1st year at OCS)
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • CPR/First Aid Certification


  • Strong ability and willingness to differentiate lessons and teaching approaches to meet students’ varying learning needs within a multi-age, multi-grade classroom
  • Experience and/or training in creating, implementing and assessing grade- appropriate curricula
  • Confidence in developing emergent thematic curricula including hands-on, discovery, and workshop models of instruction
  • Eagerness to work collaboratively with parents and fellow teachers to create a healthy, vibrant learning community
  • Kindness, patience and respect in communications and relations with children and adults
  • Positive,student-centered, effective classroom managementskills
  • Experience with and/or a commitment to learning and implementing a mindfulness curriculum and Non-Violent Communication curriculum
  • Commitment to sensitively embracing diversity, environmental awareness, social responsibility
  • Personal experience with and ability to teach some of the following: arts, science, drama, music, foreign language
  • Experience assessing and evaluating student growth utilizing a non-grading model
  • Ability to foster a learning environment that values both social/emotional growth and academic progress as measured by traditional and nontraditional means
  • Ability to support the enrollment goals of the school, including ability to inspire confidence in others about candidate's teaching skills/approaches
  • Ability to communicate effectively about teaching and learning with parents and children


OCS is committed to compensating its teachers on a competitive pay scale based on education, experience, qualifications, and excellence in teaching. Medical benefits, dental benefits, and retirement contributions are included.


Medical benefits, dental benefits, and retirement contributions are included.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply




Applications will be reviewed beginning April 4, 2018 and will continue on a rolling basis until the position is filled. Send a letter of interest, your resume, a list of three references, and answers to the three application questions (below) in .pdf format to hiring@olyedu.org. (We will check with you before contacting your references).


  1. What educational researchers, philosophers or teachers have most influenced your teaching style and choices in the classroom? How do these philosophies affect your teaching and why do you feel these ideas are important?
  2. Describe and provide examples of how you teach and assess math skills to children with a wide range of abilities. What teaching strategies and pedagogy do you implement? How do you individualize instruction? Show evidence (photographs and/or activity descriptions) of your experience with differentiating (individualizing instruction and assessment) for students of varying ages/abilities/grades.
  3. OCS strongly values academic growth as well as social and emotional growth. What ideals and ethics are important to foster in 8-11 year olds? Please describe how you teach social-emotional skills.