Executive Assistant with growth potential in an exciting global non profit - Chicago

Job Type

Part Time


Minimum: $10,000
Maximum: $36,000
Details: We want to begin part time and as your position grows, change into fulltime.



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1452 East 53rd Street
United States


We are looking for someone based in Chicago who has a heart of gold and a mind that loves organizing, systematizing, and meeting deadlines. And if knowledge in media, social media is a big plus! We are a fast-growing global non profit with projects and partners in Chicago, the Middle East, Oregon, Florida, the UK, and more.  We have grand ambitions to transform the world, but we need your help in organizing us so we can achieve our goals faster.  You will assist 3 main directors, 2 in Chicago and 1 in Israel. 

Your skills should include:

  • Setting appointments
  • Managing calendars across multiple time zones
  • Creating systems for partner and donor follow-up and relationship management
  • Light bookkeeping - expense reports, budgets, corresponding with our accountant 
  • Proficient writer with solid grammar - edit proposals, newsletters, and social media posts before making public
  • Research - look into grant opportunities, local networking events, etc.
  • Coordinate interns/volunteers
  • Preparing and organizing contracts and waivers
  • Assist with event planning
  • Travel planning for both business and personal
  • Manage Social Media, in conjuction with our videographer/photographer and create a content strategy for the organization. 

As 3 busy directors, we are looking for someone who is organized and confident, capable of staying on top of their work and staying on top of us to make sure you have what you need in order to deliver your work.  Don't be shy and don't be afraid to ask questions or request things of us.  If you are excellent at what you do, we have opportunities for growth within the organization.


Part of a team working with people in Chicago, Florida, Portland and Middle East

Be part of a startup with the drive, hope, fun and hard work that comes with that.

See impact of the transformation in our clients of all ages and fields.

Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply


When applying>

  • Describe shortly who you are and what you are about.
  • Any relevant experience.
  • Which part of the job description you feel especially fit for? and which areas might you need more of a learning curve?
  • Would you like more part time or do you like the idea of growing into full time?
  • What about the job description and our Organization made you interested?
  • anything else you feel I should know.