Master Literacy Coach (K-3)

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Part Time Contract


Details: This is a part-time, contracted position and pays $60/hour.



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District of Columbia
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The Literacy Lab is a fast-paced, Washington, DC-based non-profit organization whose mission is to provide low-income children with individualized reading instruction to improve their literacy skills, leading to greater success in school and increased opportunities in life. We partner with school districts to add capacity in high-need schools to close the literacy achievement gap for children before third grade. The Literacy Lab provides evidence-based reading interventions for students in Washington, DC using formative assessment to guide decision-making.


The Literacy Lab’s K-3 Master Coaches are literacy experts who will be trained in the Reading Corps model and are responsible for ensuring that the program is implemented with fidelity to maximize student growth in reading. Master Coaches provide direct coaching and support to a team of school-based Internal Coaches and full-time Literacy Lab tutors at high-need elementary schools. This support takes the form of real-time coaching and modeling, delivering trainings, providing regular observation of interventions, reviewing and analyzing student data, and problem solving around program implementation challenges. This is an independent contractor position that supports tutors in Washington, DC.



The Master Coach will be responsible for a caseload of approximately 10 tutors serving at 5 school locations in the Metro DC area. This is a part-time Independent Contractor position requiring around 10-15 hours per week (on average) plus initial training time, with hours to be scheduled during the school day and in response to schools’ individual needs. The Master Coach is responsible for ensuring, in collaboration with the Program Team, that The Literacy Lab’s tutors deliver the program with fidelity and that children are making as much progress as possible in their literacy. This is accomplished through the following activities and responsibilities:

A.   Training

1.         Participate in approximately 25 hours of initial training in the Reading Corps model and follow up training and mentoring from a Lead Master Coach.

2.         Participate in all ongoing tutor trainings and support tutors’ development in training sessions. (approximately 20 hours of training during the year, with make-up or additional sessions scheduled as necessary)

3.         Have the option to receive training to become a Literacy Lab Reading Corps trainer in order to lead trainings in future years.

B.    Coaching Tutors to Achieve Fidelity and Impact

1.         Benchmark preparations: Communicate with Internal Coaches (partner school staff members) and Literacy Lab tutors about preparations for fall, winter, and spring benchmark assessments.

2.         Assessment fidelity checks: Perform assessment fidelity checks with Internal Coaches as Literacy Lab tutors administer benchmark assessments to ensure reliability and to verify that data is being recorded completely and entered in a timely manner for each student.

3.         Alignment of tutoring: Facilitate ongoing communication with Internal Coaches about the alignment of Literacy Lab tutoring with the core literacy curriculum and individual student reading needs.

4.         Selection of Literacy Lab students: Provide consultation support as needed to schools regarding identification and prioritization of students for participation.

5.         Assessment data: Support Internal Coaches in supervising and monitoring the collection of benchmark data and progress monitoring assessment data. Ensure that progress monitoring data is recorded weekly into an online database.

6.         Tutor Observations: Observe tutors in line with Reading Corps’ requirements and complete fidelity checklists to ensure that tutors are implementing interventions with integrity.

7.         Targeted coaching: Coach and re-train tutors on an as-needed basis to ensure tutors’ success and fidelity with interventions and assessments.

C.    School and Program Support

1.         Clarification of program model: Meet with the administration and/or teaching staff at school sites to ensure understanding of and support for The Literacy Lab’s work at their school.

2.         General literacy support: Provide support to school-based Internal Coaches, tutors, and teaching teams regarding literacy-related issues or questions (i.e. intervention implementation, student assessment, data entry, etc.)

3.         Monthly data meetings: Convene and lead monthly data review meetings with each school site. The assessment data and/or individual progress of students will be reviewed and tutors equipped to adjust intervention for each student based on individual progress and challenges.

4.         Ongoing communication: Provide program updates to Internal Coaches and Program Manager on a regular basis. Work closely with the Program Manager to provide high-quality customer service experience to all partner sites.

5.         Leadership meetings: Meet with the Program Manager monthly to review tutors’ progress and to plan for the upcoming month. Participate in other Literacy Lab meetings and events as needed (Master Coach retreat, site visits, etc).

6.         Site visits: Participate in occasional site visits to highlight and demonstrate the effectiveness of Literacy Lab tutors. These site visits may include representatives from the media, legislature, corporations, and other parties involved in funding.


·      Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in Elementary Education, Early Literacy and Reading Development, Special Education, or Response to Intervention/Data-Driven Decision Making

·      A deep commitment to closing the achievement gap

·      Positive personality with a flexible, can-do attitude and the skills to be an effective ambassador for The Literacy Lab

·      Ability to work well and problem solve independently

·      Knowledge and experience using curriculum-based measurement

·      Knowledge and experience using scripted reading interventions (Standard Treatment Protocol)

·      Knowledge and experience working within a Response to Intervention (RtI) framework

·      Experience consulting with teachers about reading instruction, interventions, and assessment

·      Experience as a trainer

·      Excellent interpersonal, problem-solving, and communication skills with individuals, teams, and administrators

·      Preferred degrees: Reading/Literacy, Educational Psychology, Special Education

This is a part-time, contracted position with The Literacy Lab, a non-profit organization. The hourly rate is $60 per hour. We anticipate that the Master Coach will work an average of 10-15 hours per week when school is in session. There will be weeks with more hours required for training and during busy times of the school year, so flexibility is required


This is a part-time, contracted position with The Literacy Lab, a non-profit organization. The hourly rate is $60 per hour. We anticipate that the Master Coach will work an average of 10-15 hours per week when school is in session. There will be weeks with more hours required for training and during busy times of the school year, so flexibility is required.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please submit your resume via email (ATTN: DC K-3 Master Coach) to

The Literacy Lab is an equal opportunity employer. The Literacy Lab’s policy is to provide equal opportunity at all times without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, family responsibility, physical or mental disability, medication, or status as a veteran.