Director of Social Services

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Full Time




New York
United States



Manage a comprehensive program of social services designed to stabilize homeless families by strengthening their independent living skills and achieving their rapid and successful placement into permanent housing. Serve as a member of the management team that works cooperatively to achieve program goals.




1.              Manage the human resources functions for the Social Services unit to develop a team of skilled, informed, professional staff, including recruitment, training, supervision, evaluation and scheduling in order to achieve objectives and assure the provision of services.

2.              Ensure the timely collection, preparation and analysis of client and program information, to generate routine and as needed reports, to evaluate program performance and to facilitate short and long-term planning.

3.              Oversee and supervise department heads (Administration, Operations, and Social Services) in the utilization of the DHS Client Assistance and Re-housing System (CARES) System regarding Intake, Shelter Assessment, Service Plans/Independent Living Plans, Provider Housing, Transfers/Next Step Transfers, Shelter Discontinuance, Incident Reports, Finance, Facility Bed Management, etc.

4.              Utilizing the DHS CARES System Supervisory functions, oversee 3 - 4 Casework Supervisors responsible for in satellite offices in the Bronx.

5.              Supervise the delivery of all social services through casework supervision involving individual and group meetings, consultations, and the ongoing assessment of performance and development needs to ensure consistent quality services are provided while complying with all laws, rules, regulations and codes.

6.              Supervise Vocational Specialist to ensure effective provision of vocational related service activities for resident families, including preparation of specialized vocational assessments and Individual Employment Plans, facilitate job readiness workshops, establishment and utilization of job training and employment referral network.


7.              Intervene or direct staff intervention in appropriate situations to resolve problems effectively.

8.              Coordinate the operation of the facility’s “Life Skills Program” including group supervision of all Life Skills Facilitators, team supervisions for co-facilitators, maintenance of required programmatic reports and effective collaborative efforts to ensure child care provision and logistical support.

9.              Coordinate an interagency network of both on- and off-site providers to ensure families’ receipt of appropriate medical, nutritional, educational and specialized mental health assistance.

10.           Develop and implement social service policies and procedures to guide and direct the delivery of services, including relocation goals and strategies.

11.           Perform other duties and special projects as required including serving on-call for a one-week period each quarter.





1.              Facilitate effective communication with other staff within an interdisciplinary context, participate in and contribute to staff meetings and the development of policies and procedures.

2.              Participate in training and staff-development activities to acquire and maintain both interpersonal and operational skills necessary for successful job performance.

3.              Participate as an active member of the Homeless Services Senior Team in the development of departmental policies and procedures and long-term strategic planning, and function as an effective team member to enhance overall service provision and inter-unit staff collaboration.

4.       Serve as a Super User in the DHS CARES System to assist the program staff with trouble-shooting problems in the system.




Frequent significant contact with paid and volunteer staff designed to ensure effective performance and professional growth.

Regular contact with other department personnel and providers to ensure program services are effectively delivered to clients.

Regular contact with clients on complex issues that require expertise or processing by a senior professional.

Regular significant contact with other agencies in order to ensure clients receive needed services.



Education: Master’s degree in Social Work or related field.

Experience: Five years social services experience and two years experience in a supervisory and administrative capacity, including experience in clinical interventions with families and disadvantaged populations, group work practice, substance abuse issues and housing programs.


Related Skills: Skill in supervising the work of professionals including their development. Skill in securing client entitlements through knowledge of housing regulations and homeless programs. Excellent interpersonal relations skills to establish cooperative working relationships. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Knowledge of office systems; MS-Office preferred.



Other Requirements (including Physical Demands):


May be required to work long hours and a varied schedule.


Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

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