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Program Manager, International Exchange Programs

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Legacy International / Global Youth Village | Washington, DC

Legacy International / Global Youth Village

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March 2, 2020
February 14, 2020
Salary starts at $39,500 full time annual equivalent (FTE). Negotiable.

Legacy International seeks an experienced person to join our team for approximately six (6) months (mid-February through mid-August 2020). As a manager of 1-2 international exchanges you help deliver a life changing experience for young adults from around the globe. The Program Manager will work primarily on the Saudi Young Leaders Exchange Program (SYLEP). Additional support for the other Legacy exchange initiatives may also be included: Professional Fellows Program, Skills for Success Professional Development Immersion (conducted in partnership with AMIDEAST), and others to be determined.

Our Company. Our Mission.

Legacy International equips emerging leaders to transform their values and vision into sustainable success. Our programs and services help people of all ages form collaborative teams around shared values, develop entrepreneurial mindsets and business models, promote social responsibility and lead to peaceful sustainable communities. Since 1979, projects and initiatives have involved professionals, community leaders, and youths from 110 countries. Legacy is funded by multiple federal and private grants, fee-for-service income, gifts and donations. Significant support comes from the U.S. Department of State. We are headquartered in Bedford, Virginia with additional employees working remotely in Washington, DC. 

Saudi Young Leaders Exchange Program (SYLEP)

SYLEP 2020 is a multi-phased leadership experience for 42 Saudi university students or recently graduated students between the ages of 21-26 and 3 U.S. Cultural Ambassadors (rising undergraduate seniors, graduate students and recent graduates). SYLEP seeks to build leadership skills, civic responsibility, appreciation for cultural diversity, community engagement, and volunteerism within a theme of S.T.E.A.M. education. U.S. program dates: July -1-22.

Through a series of site visits, trainings, expert sessions, volunteer opportunities, and participation events with agencies, organizations, and professionals working in this field, Legacy International will introduce participants to innovative local, state, federal, public, and private programs that promote S.T.E.A.M. education and strong communities. We aim to expose participants to individual, volunteer led initiatives as well as larger scale government and corporate solutions. In addition, Saudi participants will join in S.T.E.A.M. education activities side-by-side with U.S. community members. In this way, participants will not only learn about solutions but will get the opportunity for some hands-on experience during this U.S. exchange. Upon their return home, Saudi participants conduct follow-on projects in their home communities or university campuses, supported by Legacy International.

General Responsibility.

As Program Manager you work closely with SYLEP’s Project Director in the planning and set-up: arrange meetings, site visits, and service projects; develop training materials; organize & format participant data for program customization. Coordinate the overall logistics and design. You also coordinate the activities of 2-3 other short-term staff during delivery. Dependent on your skills as a trainer, you may also: a) adapt and deliver training on topics of leadership development, project planning, community service and volunteering, and dialogue skills., b) co-plan and lead session debriefs, learning games, team challenges, and individual mentoring sessions to assist participants in maximizing their learning.

During program delivery, the Program Manager travels with the group, serving as a facilitator, trainer, mentor, trip leader, and process monitor throughout the U.S. program. (This includes residing in same hotel as participants.)   

Dates & Workload

This is a full time, temporary position (February or March through August 14, 2020):

  • February/March – Saudi participant selection, pre-program communication, program setup.
  • March & April – Develop materials, work with program partners, logistics, support U.S. Cultural Ambassador selection.
  • May & June – Continue logistics, update Legacy’s Learning Management System (LMS; short online “courses”), set-up/confirm logistics, book flights.
  • July – SYLEP Program Delivery.
  • August – Program wrap-up, documentation and evaluation.  

 Work Location

Work will primarily take place in Legacy’s Washington, DC office, supervised by Legacy’s Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Periodic travel to our Bedford, Virginia headquarters and travel with participants during program delivery is required. (During program delivery the Program Manager will stay on-site in hotels with the participants.)

Key Responsibilities    

  • Act as primary logistics coordinator. This includes booking international and domestic air travel, hotels, buses, meals, meeting spaces, and crafting a day-by-day master schedule.
  • Set-up speakers panels, meetings and sightseeing in Washington, DC. Work with the Project Director to identify and set-up customized meetings as needed (funders, Embassies, media).
  • Update orientation materials, welcome packets, surveys and questionnaires for participants. Monitor exchange participants’ use of Legacy’s on-line learning platform and engaging them with ongoing communications prior to the program.
  • Coordinate with breakout City Immersion Coordinators (Austin, Pittsburgh, Chicago, plus one additional city / TBD), on any logistics (orientation materials and schedules) so participants are prepared for that program component.
  • Create orientation materials and welcome packets for organizational hosts/speakers.
  • Travel with group. Monitor and facilitate their learning experience. Keep notes of highlights as well as problems. 
  • Guide participants as they develop a vision of themselves as leaders and build skills in leadership, decision making, creative thinking, and project planning and implementation.
  • Work with U.S. Cultural Ambassadors as they develop skills as culturally sensitive peer mentors while enhancing their understanding of community, S.T.E.A.M. education and Arab culture. 
  • Inspire participants to continue taking an active role in their home communities and university campuses.
  • Work with financial team and Project Director to request cash advances and per diems. Track expenses and in-kind donations during program delivery.
  • Staff Orientation and Management – work with Project Director to design and implement training for the summer SYLEP team (3 additional people). During program delivery, coordinate staff team and daily work.
  • Evaluation design in collaboration with Project Director.
  • Compile evaluation data and comments. Summarize, with recommendations for follow-on on segment, reunion and future programs. Document program highlights and challenges to contribute to a final report.


  • Proven, professional communications skills, written and verbal
  • Previous experience managing logistics with hotels, bus companies, restaurants and managing budgets
  • Previous experience as a trainer or teacher in such areas as: leadership, community service, and dialogue & diversity. Proven expertise in developing lesson plans / training sessions
  • Previous experience working with university students or young adults during travel programs preferred.
  • Previous international travel experience. 
  • Experience in S.T.E.A.M. education fields preferred.
  • Interest in history and culture of the Middle East.
  • Knowledge of Washington, DC metro area.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, keep group on schedule, and make appropriate adjustments as needed. Ability to establish priorities, respond to unanticipated needs, and work under pressure.
  • Ability to lead and moderate discussions and reflective activities
  • Ability to mentor others and facilitate creative, self-motivated learning
  • Ability to adapt teaching style to a variety of cultural contexts and individual needs.
  • Ability to create and manage a harmonious group dynamic.
  • Ability to communicate with community-at-large and media if needed.
  • Receptive to and knowledgeable of delegates’ cultural, spiritual, and personal needs.
  • Equivalent to graduation from a four-year college or university. (May possess equivalent post-secondary coursework, training, and experience.) 
  • Stamina and ability to work long, active hours.
  • First aid & CPR certified or willing to get certification at Legacy’s expense
  • Minimum age: 24
  • Valid U.S. driver’s license with a good driving record.
  • U.S. Citizen or authorized to work in the U.S.


Legacy International has a successful 40-year track record delivering high quality training programs with ongoing coaching and mentoring. Legacy’s Founder, J.E. Rash, embodies social innovation and promotes creative thinking company wide. We have a relaxed dress code and flexible scheduling. 

Essential Functions

  1. Ability to effectively communicate with staff and participants, and to provide necessary instruction and training.
  2. Cognitive and communication abilities to manage large, complex event management.
  3. Auditory, visual and ambulatory ability to identify and appropriately respond to environmental and other hazards that may affect the group.
  4. Cognitive ability and experience to help delegates maximize personal, professional and experiential learning.  
  5. Ability and stamina to maintain a 12-14 hour day with a group ranging in size from 12-45 participants.
  6. Cognitive ability to plan and conduct activity to achieve participant development objectives.
  7. Ability to observe and assess participant behavior, enforce appropriate safety guidelines and emergency procedures, and provide guidance and discipline as needed
  8. Ability to operate essential office equipment needed to carry out responsibilities (i.e. phone, computer, copy machine)


Legacy International is an Equal Opportunity Employer and seeks qualified applicants to represent diverse geographical, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds. Our goal is to select the most qualified person. The competitive standards are set by each group of applicants.

Legacy International seeks an experienced person to join our team for approximately six (6) months (mid-February through mid-August 2020). As a manager of 1-2 international exchanges you help deliver a life changing experience for young…

Details at a glance

  • On-site Location
  • Full Time Schedule
  • Temporary
  • 4-Year Degree Required


As a temporary employee, benefits are limited to a partial paid leave package based on workload and length of employment. No health care benefits provided. (NOTE: housing and meals is provided throughout program delivery, while on duty with the program participants, in addition to admission fees and other associated program costs while with participants. Monthly cell phone allowance also included.)

As a temporary employee, benefits are limited to a partial paid leave package based on workload and length of employment. No health care benefits provided. (NOTE: housing and meals is…

How to Apply

TO APPLY send cover letter and resume to: Leila Baz, HR Coordinator; (Please note “SYLEP” in subject line.) (Interviews begin early Feb.)

TO APPLY send cover letter and resume to: Leila Baz, HR Coordinator; (Please note “SYLEP” in subject line.) (Interviews begin early Feb.)


Josephine Butler Parks Center / Legacy International, 2437 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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