Adoption and Placement Coordinator

Job Type

Full Time


Details: Starting salary $30k




235 Jersey City Blvd.
Jersey City
United States



The Adoption and Placement Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day operations of lifesaving duties, including but not limited to: adoption placement for shelter animals both at the shelter, coordination of animals to offsite adoption events, creating a positive experience for visitors and potential adopters, meeting adoption goals, ensuring quality customer service, ensuring accurate record keeping for animal disposition, providing training for adoption volunteers, and promoting animals and adoption programs to the public. May perform duties of an animal care worker.

Reports to the Shelter Manager. Supervises adoption volunteers.


  • Assist with public relations in order to improve community relations and increase pet adoptions;
  • Handle dogs, cats and other animals of all species and breeds;
  • Assist the kennel staff with testing, preparation and delivery of animals to adopters, foster homes and rescue organizations;
  • Photograph adoptable animals to place adoptions ads online, in local media and for email inquiries;
  • Formulate creative descriptions of animal to coincide with photographs;
  • Monitor animals available for adoption daily creating individual adoption plans for animals as necessary;
  • Maintain updated adoption file (cheat sheet) to be used by front desk and other staff and at off-site adoption events, to include key information on available pets;
  • Ensure that the public receives accurate information and excellent customer service;
  • Work with Shelter Supervisor/Manager to determine behavior modification needs. Ensure volunteers conduct and document behavior modification work when appropriate;
  • Work directly with Supervisor/Manager and Vet Tech to determine appropriate animals for foster care and prioritize placement of those in greatest need into foster care;
  • Assist in recruitment of new foster parents and maintain an organized list of foster family requirements and availability;
  • Facilitate adoptions of foster animals by matching foster animals with potential adopters;
  • Provide ongoing assistance, coaching and support to current foster families and facilitate return of foster animals to shelter for medical treatments and to meet potential adopters;
  • Oversee the input and maintenance of foster data in Shelter Buddy;
  • Thank fosters and show appreciation as appropriate;
  • Take part in and provide information to the disposition committee regarding animal behavioral needs and recommendations for final disposition of animals;
  • Perform front desk reception duties as necessary;
  • Perform the duties of an animal care worker as needed and work collaboratively with staff to achieve shelter goals;
  • Attend meetings and fulfill speaking engagements as needed;
  • Other duties as requested.


Generous benefit package includes health benefits, holidays and PTO

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Send resume and cover letter detailing interest in this position, along with salary requirements to lhs @