Receipts and Assistant Accounts Payable Bookkeeper

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $44,304
Details: $21.30/hour



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1501 N. 45th St
United States


The Receipts and Assistant Accounts Payable Bookkeeper is responsible for processing all receipts for the agency and its fiscal auspices, including FamilyWorks. This position is also responsible for printing and distributing monthly financials, assistance with audit preparation, filing, sorting, tracking, and other organizational tasks. This position is the assistant to and primary backup for the Accounts Payable Accountant, and is versed in all required tasks of the Accounts Payable Accountant. This position is also secondary backup for the Payroll Accountant.

Essential Responsibilities, Duties & Tasks

30%    Coordinate timely and accurate processing of all receipts for the Agency and its auspices. This includes receiving materials from reception or other finance staff, clearing existing Accounts Receivable accounts, creating invoices for non-Accounts Receivable receipts, processing credit cards through separate bank mandated system, reconciling and creating deposit for review and approval by other finance staff, copying and filing resultant deposits. Work with finance and other agency staff and external contacts.

30%    Work in collaboration with the Accounts Payable Accountant to create payments from source documents, including compliance with laws and regulations and ensuring accuracy. Verify in conjunction with Program and Finance, all applicable information such as tax status, vendors, and W-9s. This includes but is not limited to processing any of the many methods of payment, such as EFT, check, cashier’s check, wire transfers, etc. to assure that the payment method best meets the need of the payee/client/vendor. Work closely with vendors and program staff, funders and/or government agencies to problem solve payment, reporting, or audit issues. Work with auditors to explain policies and procedures and work with Finance Director. Assist in creating and maintaining tracking and reporting systems, policies, and procedures. Produce reconcilements of payables as needed. Operate all systems and procedures in the Accounts Payable Accountant’s absence serving as the Accounts Payable Accountant’s primary backup.

10%    Assist the Finance Director and Deputy Finance Director in preparing account reconciliations, analyses for management, audit preparation, and other financial information, using a variety of hard copy and electronic sources and tools. Assist with organizational tasks for the Finance department such as scheduling, tracking, and written presentation.

10%    Enter and post journal entries to the accounting system as created by others. Discuss and rectify any problems with those journal entries which cause them to be rejected. Create journal entries as needed to move expenses or other errors identified by self or others. File, collate, copy or otherwise administratively handle Accounts Payable, Payroll, or other documents, including checks and other confidential information, as requested by other Finance staff. Track other information, such as transportation payments or event receipts, and provide information as needed.

10%    Serve as primarily backup to the Accounts Payable Accountant, being able to complete the entire position in the incumbent’s absence. Serve as secondary backup to the Payroll Accountant, and be able to perform emergency payroll check functions and the completion of a payroll cycle in the absence of the incumbent. This includes verifying timesheets and vacation and pay advances, check cutting, positive pay procedures, and distribution, and working with HR and other Finance staff as necessary.

5%      Track private grant information by funder to meet IRS requirements, including amounts, names, addresses, and grantee program. Reconcile the information created against that which is maintained in the accounting system, research and rectify any discrepancies. Provide grant information to Resource Development or others requesting information, produce receipts as necessary.

5%      Create monthly financials from the accounting system for the Agency and its auspices. Distribute these financials in a number of mediums, including email, posting on joint drives, and hard copy. Provide preliminary copy for finance; bind final monthly copy. Correct the macros and other computer tools as needed to keep the financials accurately portraying. Assist the Finance Director in preparing monthly abbreviated statements for the Board, using Excel, Crystal or other tools.


Benefits include medical, dental, short-term and long-term disability insurance, basic life insurance, 401(k) savings plan including agency contribution and match, holiday pay, generous paid personal leave package and tax-sheltered health care and dependent care accounts.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement