Principal Investigator - Tanzania

Job Type

Full Time Contract




50-52 Rivington Street
United Kingdom


Contract Duration: 12 months, possibility of an extension

Accommodation: Basic accommodation provided at field project

Travel: Capped contribution to international airfare plus internal travel as necessary to the fulfilment of duties.

Insurance & Admin: Employer’s liability insurance provided.

Subsistence: Food provided

Training: BTEC assessor training & pre-departure training provided.


To co-ordinate the research programme, involving overall supervision of the biological surveys and implementation of community-based conservation projects.


  • To take overall responsibility for the leadership of the project;
  • Development and implementation of the research programme;
  • To liaise, develop and maintain relationships with collaborators;
  • Supervision and training of junior staff;
  • Management, support, training and motivation of volunteers / research assistants;
  • Preparation of project reports and publication of results in scientific journals;
  • Preparation of project and funding proposals with the Project Coordinator or Country Coordinator and Research and Development and Operations Managers (London HQ);
  • Representing the technical side of the project when liaising with relevant authorities, research institutes and international agencies;
  • Assist with project logistics and administration.


  • To manage all members of the project field staff, supervise all aspects of their survey work and provide accredited and non-accredited training where necessary to achieve the project objectives;
  • To develop and implement a standard work programme to cover each survey component namely socio-economic survey work and biological work including vegetation surveys; bats; reptiles; and amphibians, and selected invertebrate groups;
  • To manage, support and develop volunteers / research assistants in all aspects of their participation on the project;
  • To supervise the collection and processing of accurate field data and specimen collections for all survey components;
  • To ensure that the specimens collected are appropriately preserved and delivered to the relevant taxonomist for identification;
  • To liaise with taxonomists to ensure the timely identification of specimens and the incorporation of an accurate species list in each technical report;
  • To produce technical reports, scientific papers and project planning documents to a schedule agreed with the Research and Development and Operations Managers;
  • To assist the Operations and Research and Development Managers with technical information required for the production of project planning documents and specific funding proposals;
  • To manage and supervise the maintenance of project resources;
  • To liaise with other relevant organisations, including the project funding organisation, the local University, and individuals to develop the project and its scientific resources, particularly relevant scientific references;
  • To provide the Operations and Research and Development Managers with regular progress updates;
  • Assist with the logistical operations relating to the project including administration and management of finances; production of accounts and reports; allocation, use and maintenance of project resources; management of local staff; and supervision of the activities of and ensuring the
  • health and safety of project staff, volunteers and host country participants.


Salary: £600- £800 (per annum) on successful completion of contract depending on a candidate’s experience, qualifications, & availability plus £500-£1000 end of contract bonus and £50 per peer reviewed publication at the manager’s discretion.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Please send your c.v and cover letter to and specify which position are you applying for.