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The Brookline Center’s BRYT Team is developing a rapidly growing network of innovative, school-based Bridge programs that address the needs of students re-entering school after absences due to serious mental health or medical illness. BRYT recognizes that comprehensive case management integrating clinical/coping supports, academic coordination, family support, and overall care coordination are necessary for successful reentry, and this model has proven to be highly effective – helping vulnerable students develop resilience, regain health, maintain social connection, and continue (and, ultimately, complete) their high school education. Bridge programs operate from dedicated rooms in secondary schools, staffed with both clinical and academic support professionals, and provide clinical, academic support, family support, and care coordination services. BRYT is at the forefront of a rapidly growing movement of programs positioned to become the norm in Massachusetts and develop a national presence within the next few years. 

The BRYT Team recognizes that schools serving significant proportions of students from communities challenged by poverty, racism, and other forms of discrimination need Bridge programs at least as much as those serving more affluent communities. At the same time, development of Bridge programs in these schools — sometimes referred to as “urban” schools, and sometimes as “Gateway Cities” schools in Massachusetts — involves challenges, including a lack of awareness of the BRYT model, minimal leader time for program planning and development, and resource limitations. In light of these challenges, BRYT’s Urban/Gateway Cities Schools Specialist will focus intensively on supporting schools in Boston, Massachusetts’ gateway cities, and (with time) cities in other states in establishing, sustaining, and continuously improving BRYT-model programs customized to their specific contexts and needs.

The Urban/Gateway Cities Schools Specialist will work with leaders and program champions in schools and districts to conceptualize, plan, implement, and continuously improve Bridge programs in secondary schools. S/he will be the primary provider of support and technical assistance for initial and ongoing program development in these schools. In carrying out this role s/he will work closely with colleagues in implementing BRYT’s strategic plan, including raising BRYT’s profile locally and nationally. The right candidate will have extensive experience working in and with schools serving high proportions of low-income students and students of color, including collaborating closely with school and district administrators and student support personnel; her/his education and credentials will reflect this experience. S/he will be committed to promoting high-quality, well-integrated mental health supports as part of schools’ overall efforts at working with the whole child and improving achievement. S/he will be a great team member who is innovative in approaching the work and flexible in terms of both thinking and availability (including being able to drive to locations across Massachusetts and nearby areas of New England on a regular, sometimes daily, basis).

Core Responsibilities

  • Build Awareness of BRYT among School and District Leaders
  • Develop and disseminate promotional materials customized for urban and gateway city schools
  • Attend, and make presentations about BRYT, at meetings and conferences of organizations and groups in school-based support and related fields
  • Respond to inquiries about the BRYT model
  • Follow up individually with contacts from urban and gateway districts/schools who may become champions for BRYT program development
  • Meet with representatives from interested schools/districts to present the BRYT model, answer their questions, and consult around program vision, mission, and establishment


Work with Leaders of Urban & Gateway Cities Schools and Districts to Develop New Bridge Programs

  • Maintain relationships with district leaders, principals, guidance counselors, and other school-based staff to support them through the program development process
  • Use and adapt/customize BRYT program planning tools to guide school teams through a comprehensive, customized planning process leading to transition program start-up
  • Provide intensive consultation for program planning as appropriate, visiting schools as needed (up to once/week) to facilitate planning, and developing written documents between meetings in order to keep planning process moving forward
  • Identify potential external funding sources for program start-up, and support schools in accessing external funding
  • Consult with BRYT teammates for support on planning specific program elements, engaging teammates directly in the planning process as appropriate

Assure Maximum Program Quality via Customized Technical Assistance

  • Collaborate with BRYT teammates to provide formal technical assistance to Bridge programs in urban and gateway cities schools to ensure optimal results
  • Facilitate provision of clinical supervision (when agreed upon), including regular contact and site visits with new programs
  • Cultivate new technical assistance relationships and agreements
  • Assist in developing MOUs with school systems

Support Program Networking and Professional Development Activities

  • Work to engage staff of Bridge programs in urban and gateway cities schools in BRYT networking and professional development activities
  • Create additional opportunities for staff of urban and gateway cities Bridge programs to collaborate (e.g., special networking meetings and targeted professional development)

Participate in the Program Evaluation Process

  • Assist with development of program evaluation model and data collection efforts, including supporting Bridge programs in urban and gateway cities schools in using the BRYT Portal

Job Requirements

  • Extensive experience working in urban/gateway cities schools and/or collaborating closely with urban/gateway city school and district leaders
  • Formal education commensurate with leadership experience
  • Demonstrated experience in developing well-structured and sustainable programs in the school setting
  • Experience providing/facilitating both customized technical assistance and group-level networking and learning activities for programs at multiple stages of development
  • Strong teamwork orientation and skills
  • Experience collaborating with stakeholders from multiple organizations and systems (clinical and community mental health, schools, funders, and others)
  • Availability for daytime travel

For more information and/or to express interest in this position, contact Paul Hyry-Dermith, BRYT Director, at 413-219-8587 or


This is a full-time position with a competitive compensation package reflecting the selected candidate’s experience and credentials; specific work hours and locations flexible in reflection of the varying needs of the programs in the network.

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None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

For more information and/or to express interest in this position, contact Paul Hyry-Dermith, BRYT Director, at 413-219-8587 or