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The job of a DMSF Education Coordinator is to work with the Chief Education Officer and the other members of the Education Department team to accomplish the educational directives of DMSF. The Education Department is responsible for:

  • Recruiting, interviewing and selecting DMSF Scholars
  • The relationship between DMSF and its partnership high schools
  • Tracking the academic progress of Scholars and providing the Scholars with the support they need,
  • such as tutoring, college counseling and other programming, to ensure their success 

Specifics of the Job

1.     Support of current Scholars and their families

The Education Department is responsible for maintaining close contact with DMSF’s Scholars and their families. The Education Coordinator will be the main contact for approximately one third to a half of the Scholars.

·      Track Scholars’ academic progress, making sure that all partnership schools provide grade information to DMSF on a timely basis

·      Generate grade reports each semester

·      Develop a working knowledge of the Scholars’ interests, extra-curricular involvement and family circumstances

·      Meet with Scholars who need academic or behavioral support, are in need of guidance or are being considered for scholarship revocation

·      Ensure that Scholars who are in need of additional help receive tutoring assistance and/or other resources that could positively impact the Scholars’ academic performances

·      Provide accurate updates to the Chief Education Officer, Executive Director and the Education Committee on Scholars’ statuses

·      Maintain ongoing communication conversations with Scholars and their parents/guardians and documents conversations and communication


2.     Maintain relationships with DMSF’s partnership schools

·      Sustain DMSF’s relationships with its partnership schools through communications with their school counselors, faculty, registrars, and admissions directors

·      Participate in visits to potential and existing partnership schools

·      Meet with partnerships school in collaboration with the Chief Education Officer to ensure DMSF Scholars are receiving the ongoing support necessary to succeed

3.     Applicant engagement and the placement of Scholars

Along with the other members of the Education Department staff and volunteers, the Education Coordinator will participate in:

·      Assisting the Education Team with reading applications, interviewing candidates and providing advice to them on which high schools might be appropriate for them, and supporting applicants through the placement process by maintaining communication with DMSF partner schools’ admissions teams.


4.     Other Responsibilities

In addition to his/her/their other obligations, the Education Coordinator also shares responsibility for:

·      Managing DMSF’s in-house tutoring center

·      Planning and facilitating scholar events throughout the year

·      Helping prepare reports to be presented at Education Committee meetings

·      Managing Parent Committee 

·      Collaborating with School Liaisons

Ideal Candidate Qualifications

DMSF seeks candidates who bring strong leadership and passion, balanced by detail orientation and the willingness to work as part a team. Candidates must be self-motivated, innovative and flexible, and able to effortlessly switch from driving planning and execution efforts to face-to-face meetings with Scholars and parents. Candidates must possess a working knowledge of high school options in the Chicago area. Excellent writing, presentation, interpersonal and organizational skills are essential.

Professional experiences and the skill set of top candidates will include:

·      Bachelor’s degree required

·      Work experience in the field of education and/or an advanced degree in education or a field which is relevant to DMSF’s work (such as an MEd or MSW) is a plus.

·      A passion for the mission of DMSF and for the population of students that DMSF serves

·      A high degree of initiative, confidence and energy to achieve and exceed goals

·      Excellent writing, organizational and communication skills, as well as strong technology skills

·      Spanish proficiency is preferred

The job of a DMSF Education Coordinator is to work with the Chief Education Officer and the other members of the Education Department team to accomplish the educational directives of DMSF. The Education Department is responsible for…

Details at a Glance

  • Time Commitment
    Full Time Schedule
  • Start Date
    December 1, 2021
  • Education
    4-Year Degree Required
  • Professional Level
See below

Level of Language Proficiency

Spanish proficiency is preferred

Spanish proficiency is preferred


Temporarily Remote
Work must be performed in or near Chicago, IL
Associated Location
309 West Washington, Chicago, IL 60606, United States
Suite 700

How to Apply

Please apply using the online application:

Please apply using the online application:

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