Program Supervisor (Family Dynamics)

Job Type

Full Time




New York
United States


  • Promotes the principles of the family-to-family initiative through partnerships with parents, children, youth and neighborhood residents.
  • Assists Family Counselors’ efforts at assessing the health and safety of the children in the household, appraising the existence of family and environmental factors that impact children’s well being and determining the needs of all household members.
  • Assures that casework practices adhere to established standards by monitoring staff performance and by providing guidance, direction, support and assistance, as needed and indicated
  • Helps children, youth and parents in establishing communities of care by building effective relationships with significant individuals and service providers in the neighborhoods where families live.
  • Participates in collaborative and neighborhood-based activities that expand resources that benefit family and community life.
  • Represents the program and the agency in neighborhood service network meetings and participate in other community educational activities.
  • Provides weekly supervision to assigned Family Counselors and Parents Aides and documents this activity.
  • Conducts bi-weekly case record reviews and documents this activity.
  • Participates in Service Plan Reviews as required.
  • In the absence of a Family Counselor, provides necessary casework service to avoid a disruption of services provided.
  • Implements strategies to assure all written case documentation and statistical reports are completed in an accurate and timely basis.
  • SCO Family of Services is an equal employment opportunity employer






  • MSW or equivalent human service graduate degree as approved by ACS, and at least two years of documented satisfactory experience working with a similar population. Supervisory experience is required, although not necessarily on a formal supervisory position.
  • Promising professional competence through a good academic record, three (3) professional references and a stable work history.
  • Demonstrated competency in and knowledge if the family-to-family service model and ways to maximize the role of the entire family in the service plan.
  • Demonstrated ability required in the assessment of health and safety issues related to children, domestic violence, substance abuse and emotional and behavioral disturbances as well as appropriate methods of service interventions.
  • Familiarity with issues of compliance with regulating bodies.
  • Ability to form appropriate, professional relationships with those supervised, being supportive of their efforts being cognizant of required professional standards of excellence.
  • Adherence to scheduling and attendance requirements; ability to “multi-task” and work under pressure.
  • The ability to conduct detailed, factual interviews and provide complete, accurate and timely written reports.
  • Demonstrate clear effective communication skills, proficiency in handwriting and computer use and excellent written and organizational skills.
  • The capacity to assume a leadership position within the program, engendering a strong sense of loyalty and trust with those being supervised.
  • Familiarity with the characteristics of the community served, its resources and needs, and readiness to identify and provide services for children, youth and families in the neighborhood served.
  • The ability to function as part of a team, yet also work independently when appropriate.
  • Residence in the community in which the position is located is desirable.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

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