Data and Partner Support Manager

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Full Time




Maximum: $85,000.00
Details: Compensation is commensurate with experience and up to USD$85,000, plus pension/401K matching up to 10% and good health insurance and leave policies.



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District of Columbia
United States


About the Open Contracting Partnership

The Open Contracting Partnership is a silo-busting collaboration between government, business, civil society and technologists to transform government contracting and deal-making and drive systemic change using open data and radical transparency. We work across sectors and along the whole process of government contracting to use open data and improved oversight to save governments money and time, deliver better goods and services to citizens, deter corruption and create a better business environment for all.

OCP is a fiscally sponsored organization by the Fund for the City of New York (FCNY) through its Partner Project Program. FCNY provides fiscal, administrative and human resource functions to OCP. We have a team in Washington, DC and staff in other locations worldwide.

About the role

We are looking for a motivated, talented professional to join us as Data and Partner Support Manager. You will join a savvy, hard-working global team fostering innovation on, and implementation of, open contracting around the world.

Our Partner Support work aims to equip partners and stakeholders with the knowledge and skills that they need to publish or use open contracting data in order to achieve goals like improving competition or deterring corruption. Working with them to improve their publication and use of data is a key component of our in-country engagements led by our program managers. You will love travelling, supporting and working with partners, and you will ensure we make high-quality interventions that build on good practice in adult learning. On a regular basis, this will involve in-country training on open contracting data for public servants, government vendors and civil society groups; improving our online guidance and exercises for self-study; and working with our remote OCDS Helpdesk to provide a consistent support experience. This role will involve significant amounts of overseas travel so don’t apply if you are not able to travel frequently and flexibly.

This is a full-time position, working with our small but superb team around the world. Ideally, you will be based in either the US (at our DC office in the Wonder Bread Factory office building) or the UK, but we are committed to diversity and are potentially able to support other locations in discussion with the right candidate.  This role will work with our Head of Data Products and Services daily and will ultimately report to our Director of Data and Engagement who oversees all our support interventions.

We offer opportunities for professional development and travel, an excellent benefits package, and compensation that is commensurate with reputation, experience and location. We also offer a generous matched pension contribution of up to 10% subject to the rules of our pension scheme as set by policies of our fiscal sponsor (the Fund for the City of New York).

About OCDS

The successful candidate will have access to and will be able to draw on the technical and contextual expertise of the rest of the team.

Our most powerful tool is the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS). Its goals are to support disclosure requirements in policy and law, to link all stages of a contracting process, and to promote the effective use of contracting data by improving its interoperability and comparability and enabling the reuse of tools.

OCDS enables the disclosure of data and documents at all stages of the contracting process. It was created in late 2014 to support organizations in increasing the transparency of their contracts and to allow deeper analysis of contracting data by a wide range of stakeholders. OCDS provides:

  • A set of data elements to disclose
  • A data structure for encoding those data elements (in JSON)
  • Processes for publishing this data at appropriate points in contracting processes

At the heart of OCDS is the idea that it should be possible to follow a contracting process from planning and tender, through to award and implementation. The data made available at each stage should be usable by, and useful to, key stakeholders, including businesses, citizens and government itself. At the same time, open contracting is informed by global principles that go beyond supporting better public information and open data to encompass systemic engagement and reform around government contracting.


1. With respect to partner support, this role will:

  • Travel frequently to provide localized, tailored support interventions to build partners’ capacity and confidence to decisively change the status quo through open contracting
  • Develop, deliver and evaluate in-person and online support interventions:
  • Work with partners and the team to understand training and learning needs
  • Research, design and develop content, curricula and learning outcomes to meet those needs
  • Deliver learning projects and programs, including workshops, training, co-creation events, one-on-one co-working, and webinars
  • Think systematically about how to scale lessons and insights from partners including:
  • Systematize and expand our approach to partner support, including opportunities for possible mentorship, incubation, train-the-trainer or certification programs for partners
  • Explore integration of our training or support programs into wider curricula or support interventions in public contracting through public service colleges, international development institutions, the OECD, the UN, etc.
  • Work with the whole team to improve the effectiveness of our guidance for: implementing open contracting, using contracting data, developing use cases, and measuring indicators and data quality
  • Assist the OCDS Helpdesk in answering enquiries from publishers and users of OCDS data, via email or teleconference

2. Regularly reflect and review the quality of our support, and publicly communicate on this.

3. As part of a small multi-disciplinary team, this role will also support and enrich the broader team’s work, including:

  • Work with policy and technical teams to integrate partner support  concepts and practices into our products and services
  • Build the team’s capacity to tailor and deliver effective curricula
  • Advise program managers on the training and support aspects of a program’s design

Professional qualifications

We want to be surprised, intrigued and excited by applicants. We expect that the Data and Partner Support Manager will be an experienced data and development professional.


  • Ability to travel overseas regularly (for up to two weeks every month)
  • Understanding of open data, data standards and/or public contracting
  • Excellent trainer and facilitator
  • Qualification in a relevant field, or equivalent experience in adult learning, teaching, education or training
  • Good soft skills to promote strong collaborative relationships with clients
  • Ability to write engaging content on complex subjects for different audiences
  • Ability to learn new and complex areas quickly
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Legal ability to work in the location where based


  • Experience designing mentorship, incubation and train-the-trainer programs
  • Experience in leading action learning in the open government space
  • Fluency in other languages, especially Spanish and French

Personal attributes

We are a diverse group of high-performing individuals that together make up an unstoppable team. We are looking for some key characteristics for this essential role:

  • Is committed to our mission and strategy
  • Is proactive and focused on delivery and getting things done
  • Works well independently and as part of a team
  • Prioritizes well in the face of a complex workload, effectively handling regular deadlines and last-minute requests
  • Solves problems creatively, finding simple solutions and being open to adapt
  • Is open to new ideas, to new alliances, to diversity, to sharing, to taking chances
  • Has impeccable integrity
  • Has high attention to detail, while being able to see the big picture
  • Has humility and grace, giving credit to others and fessing up when things didn’t work
  • Has a sense of fun and joy for the work, and can encourage that from others


We are dedicated to equal employment opportunity and aim to cultivate and sustain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team. We really value and prioritize diversity because a range of experiences and perspectives enriches our work and strengthens our ability to address complex challenges.

Please send us a CV and cover letter and examples of your prior partner support and/or data work to

Many thanks and good luck!


We offer opportunities for professional development and travel, an excellent benefits package, and compensation that is commensurate with reputation, experience and location. We also offer a generous matched pension contribution of up to 10% subject to the rules of our pension scheme as set by policies of our fiscal sponsor (the Fund for the City of New York).

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How To Apply

Please send us a CV and cover letter and examples of your prior partner support and/or data work to