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The Facilities Manager for Maintenance & Operations is responsible for overseeing facilities repair and renovation projects related to the daily building Trade functions of Barnard College as well as strategic planning for physical plant maintenance and upgrades. Reporting to the Associate Director of Facilities Services, the Manager is required to: Prepare quality assurance/quality control plans for the department and maintain preventative maintenance schedules for HVAC and other equipment. Proactively schedule all internal and external painting, masonry and electrical improvements. Provide technical expertise to the facilities maintenance team and assist the Associate Director in the preparation of the annual capital repair and replacement budget and the negotiation of annual service agreements. Perform departmental administrative and management functions including but not limited to Superintendent, Mechanicand Trades personnel supervision, work order processing and assignment, condition assessments, facilities inspections and Trades staff coordination for all internal work assignments.

1. Supervise and direct the daily activities related to the mechanical and building trade functions of Barnard College, including skilled Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Painting, Lock-Smithing, Masonry and semi-skilled maintenance workforce tasks. This position also provides work direction to contract employees such as Plumbers, Electricians, Fork Truck Mechanics, Fire Alarm vendor and others with responsibility expanding as business needs dictate.

2. Administer employee policies, practices, procedures and work rules appropriate for the department; monitor individual performance and take corrective action including discipline as needed; ensure that assigned personnel have appropriate training (including work safety), work instruction and tools to successfully do their job. Screen prospective employees and make recommendations for employment or termination of employees within his/her area of responsibility.

3. Develop and manage various service contracts (HVAC, Water Treatment, etc.) and make recommendations to the Associate Director in the development and implementation of operational policies and procedures. Maintain & update maintenance database. Maintain up-to-date records for all local, state, federal and insurance inspections, including FDNY inspections. The Maintenance & Operations Manager will work in close association with the various Departments of the College and Community to identify and facilitate Facilities service delivery to those Departments. The manager will also conduct daily campus and building inspections and provide daily supervision and interaction with Maintenance Mechanics, Building Superintendents and Trades personnel.

4. Inspect, inventory & assess physical conditions of all on and off campus buildings and mechanical systems. Identify, recommend & schedule any necessary repairs, replacement, and/or remodeling projects.

5. Develop and maintain a preventative maintenance program for all mechanical equipment. Organize manufacturer's suggested systems and parts checks on all facility equipment into an ongoing preventative maintenance schedule.

6. Prepare and anticipate cost, labor, supplies/equipment & time analysis for repairs, replacement, and/or remodeling projects. Determine the need for outside contractors and assist in preparation of bid specifications and the selection of contractors. Serve as liaison with contractors and review work of contractors for conformity to standards.

7. Monitor Work Order System (MegaMations) requests for service, determine whether problems can be resolved in-house, set priorities, assign employees to specific jobs on a daily basis and troubleshoot workmanship problems; generally supervise activities to ensure that the work meets or exceeds all established quality requirements; inspect work for completeness; give feedback and technical advice to employees; visit the various work sites daily to assure employees are productively engaged in the proper operation of

equipment and building systems. Assure that requestors are informed of the status of their work and maintenance request.

8. Inspect ongoing work for conformance to codes, standards and other requirements. Routinely check to assure employees are practicing prescribed safety procedures and regulations in the use of materials, equipment and tools. Develop an annual safety training program for all building Superintendents, Mechanics and Trades personnel.

9. Assist Facilities Project Managers, contractors, architects, engineers, and other outside consultants, monitoring project work progress and quality. Inspect materials and workmanship used in projects to ensure accuracy.

10. Control shop inventory and issue and control specialized tools. Make recommendations for purchase of specialized items, tools and equipment.

11. Attend required training sessions to improve work methods, knowledge of equipment, supplies and safety methods.

12. Coordinate with Associate Director for Universal Waste disposal on a semi-annual basis.

13. Complete weekly payroll and track overtime within the TimeSaver system.

14. Submit requests and requisitions for supplies and equipment.

15. Perform other related duties as assigned.


- Baccalaureate degree or equivalent experience relating to the mechanical/structural trades and/or building construction within an educational or similar institution; a working knowledge of at least three trades is required.- Minimum five years of progressively complex facilities management experience which must include the supervision of facilities operations and repair and maintenance in the areas of mechanical, HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems.- Must be willing and able to work occasional evenings and weekends as required.

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