Program Director (Dominican Republic)

Job Type

Full Time Contract


Details: 525.00 USD a week




Gaspar Hernandez
Espaillat Province
Dominican Republic


*This is a summer contract position. We are looking for a candidate who has 4+ years of working experience with high school students, knowledgeable international traveler, at least a bachelor degree, interested in human security issues and able to creatively present curriculum to students.

*Position is located in the Dominican Republic. All travel is paid.


7 Elements (7e) is an educational organization that harnesses volunteer efforts to improve the environmental, economic, food, health, individual, community, and political security of selected Haitian and Dominican communities. Dr. David Addison, Founder & Executive Director of 7E, has developed interventions rooted in his PhD thesis of sustainability. 7E focuses on the seven elements of human security and utilizes holistic development projects as educational tools for international students. This multidisciplinary approach is the framework used to address challenges in the region and educate youth about the living conditions in the north central region of the Dominican Republic.


The Program Director works in all of 7e’s programming areas in surrounding communities and organizes/leads service-learning groups. The Program Director manages initiatives with local partner organizations. Primary responsibilities are three-fold:

1) Serve as lead coordinator/guide for high school service-learning groups and safely lead them through our program

2) Learn and demonstrate 7e’s educational material in nightly curriculum

3) Serve as the organization’s’ on the ground liaison and representative, working to maintain the relationship between 7e and communities. Short term groups travel to the northern shore of Dominican Republic for 10 days to participate in various service-learning projects in local partnering communities in and around Las Canas, Espaillat, Dominican Republic. Service trips focus on the 7 Elements of Human Security: political, economic, food, health, personal, community, environmental.

The Program Director position requires multidisciplinary work and is ideal for individuals looking to gain field experience in international education, development, public health, and work related to health disparities in developing countries. The Program Director must be able to collaborate with the Local Program Director (from the host country) to facilitate a positive summer experience for Mentors and participants. Mentors will be part of the team and Program Directors must be able to delegate, manage, and communicate effectively with Mentors. Program Directors work to maintain the safety and health of each student, ensure program logistics are properly coordinated, and implement 7 Elements educational curriculum. Communication, teamwork, and flexibility are critical throughout this process. International Director responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Physically attend and participate fully in Director Training in Mexico! (May 15-20, 2018)
  2. 7e will pay for your flight to training
  3. Plan for and prepare for the program
  4. Participate in introductory and planning calls with your Local Program Director
  5. Participate and/or lead introductory and planning calls with Mentors
  6. Co-lead In-Country Training with Local Program Director
  7. Able to attend and pay for a WAFA certification (if candidate does not have certification)
  8. WAFA certification is discounted to $300.00
  9. Certification class is held in San Diego, Ca
  10. 7e will pay for your flight to San Diego, Ca to attend training
  11. Establish positive team dynamic with Local Program Director, Mentors, and all support staff
  12. Support Mentors in their own professional development by conducting check ins, feedback, and goal setting sessions
  13. Live alongside students; you have responsibility for the students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while programs are in session
  14. Protect the health and safety of students at all times
  15. Facilitate the implementation of 7 Elements educational curriculum
  16. Guide students through personal growth experiences
  17. Resolve student discipline issues
  18. Manage parent communication
  19. Provide constructive feedback for further program and curriculum development
  20. Must be able to learn a curriculum and present it to high school students


Dates of Program:

Jun 11 - Jun 20, 2018 

Jun 23 - Jul 2, 2018 

Jul 5 - Jul 14, 2018 

Jul 17 - Jul 26, 2018 

Jul 29 - Aug 7, 2018

Dates of Contract:

June 6, 2018-August 9, 2018

Important Notes

You must be available for the full range of dates to apply for a position within a program. Please review our website for program dates. Note: Program Directors must be available 5 days prior to the program start date and two days after the program end date.


  • One round trip plane ticket to Dominican Republic site
  • Living expenses: food and basic lodging, including days in-between program sessions
  • Secondary medical insurance for the duration of your contract.
  • Flexibility to extend travel plans before or after contract dates
  • International work experience alongside like-minded individuals.
  • Professional development and networking opportunities
  • 5 day professional training in beautiful Mexico, all expenses paid
  • WAFA certification stipend and travel to San Diego, Ca covered
  • The ability to make an impact on students and local communities

Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Application Process

We begin interviewing for positions in December of each year. The hiring process has multiple steps, including careful placement - this usually takes 3-6 weeks. Communication will mainly be done via email; please remember to check your spam folder for a response from us regarding employment status

Step 1: How to Apply

Please submit a current resume with a cover letter by email to Applicants who do not send these documents, will not be considered. Candidates will be considered on a rolling basis. ONLY finalists will be contacted for an in person or telephone interview.

Note: Your cover letter should highlight your experience in facilitating experiential education programs, youth development and leadership, and any experience you have living/traveling the country or region where you are interested in working.

Step 2: Interviews

Once we receive your documents, we will contact you to schedule an interview. If your resume is selected, we will invite you for a first interview via telephone. Successful candidates applying will complete a minimum of two interviews before they are offered a contract. 

Step 3: References and Background Check

If you make it through the interview process successfully, we will run a background check on you and contact your references. Assuming all goes well, you will be offered a position!