Greenpeace Assistant Canvass Director

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $50,440
Details: Bonus available based upon office performance



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3320 Kemper St
San Diego
United States



Greenpeace is a global, independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future. For over fifty years, Greenpeace has fought to save the planet from the threat of global warming, destruction of ancient forests, deterioration of our oceans, and nuclear disaster. Greenpeace does not accept funds from any corporations or government entities.

Greenpeace USA’s Frontline team is the public face of Greenpeace. The Frontline program’s objective is to increase the financial strength of Greenpeace by recruiting dues paying members and mobilizing them to support Greenpeace, while providing hard hitting grassroots results across the country for priority Greenpeace campaigns. In San Diego, we operate both a street and door-to-door canvass.


The Hybrid City Coordinator is an exempt, full time, benefits eligible position based in the Greenpeace San Diego, CA office and will report directly to the Hybrid Senior City Coordinator. The annual salary is $50,440.00 plus benefits and monthly bonus.


Performance: Ensure that new member and financial goals are achieved by meeting the following objectives:

  • Personal Fundraising – Each member of the coordinating team should be canvassing a minimum of 3 shifts per week
  • Ensure that all team members have adequate support, training and resources to achieve the team goal
  • Credit for a sign up will not be given to staff who recruit friends or family to count toward quotas or bonus


  • Complete and submit weekly reports on office performance

Supporter Management:

  • Ensure “thank you” post-cards are sent to new members each night by Frontliners
  • Ensure that new members are invited to volunteer events

Turf Management: Ensure that the office meets performance objectives and that Greenpeace learns from your experience by:

  • Creating long-term, monthly, weekly and daily site schedules and staffing plan (rosters)
  • Communicate with DC about how many maps your team needs each month
  • Print maps and distribute to team on a daily basis
  • Coordinate and communicate meet-up locations, times, and transportation with the team, keeping travel time to and from turf to as minimal as possible
  • Strategically assign turf to maximize success
  • Building our list of sites by scouting and asking permission for sites on private property
  • If necessary, ensure turfs are in accordance with permits to maximize the performance of the team
  • Assist in ideas for new Recaptured cities and zip-codes
  • Attending meetings with other groups to negotiate who will use what sites
  • Keeping records on how each site has performed over time and maps of sites in the city
  • Complete data entry in the results document every night

Staff Recruitment:

  • Postering and flyering. Working with staff to ensure that enough posters and flyers are placed legally around your city to generate job phone calls
  • Perform phone interviews to challenge and recruit good candidates and filter out weak candidates
  • Perform group presentations and one-on-one interviews to select quality staff
  • Meet objectives for success rates for each step of the recruitment process
  • Track places to poster and flyer on a map to be sent in to your supervisor quarterly
  • Recognize talent on the existing Street Frontline teams to work for Recapture
  • Present Recapture opportunities to the Street Frontline team with support from the City Coordinator (e.g. in meetings, one-on-one interactions, etc.)

Office Management:

  • Make weekly plan for staff and office
  • Monitor and control materials to ensure supply
  • Collate and submit timesheet and salary data for all staff every Tuesday
  • Oversee spending and stay within budget for office supplies, transportation to sites, recruitment, and other budgeted items. Written approval from supervisor must be obtained before overspending budget.
  • Send human resource and tax documents daily
  • Observe questions that can be legally asked in interviews
  • Collect all turf maps from the team on daily basis
  • Complete the Results Report daily

Staff Development: Provide staff with the skills and motivation to work well by:

  • Hiring suitable staff (see manual for qualifications and skills sought)
  • Establishing and maintaining team discipline and performance levels standards. Address all related issues in a timely and fair manner, including the termination of staff when necessary.
  • Relay campaign information, and other details to team members to utilize in the field.
  • Hold people accountable to Greenpeace standards and job expectations.
  • Reinforcing standards and expectations regularly and setting objectives for performance with each staff person and giving feedback on performance
  • Providing Day One training for staff and ensure that team leaders provide trainings in approaching, handling objections, and the basics of presentations throughout the first and second week
  • Providing regular and ongoing training sessions with team members
  • Meet one-on-one with team members regularly and as necessary to ensure they are feeling comfortable and supported in their respective roles
  • Reviewing staff performance on a daily and weekly basis and making a plan to help key staff for the upcoming week each week
  • Observe Recapture team members on the doors and provide constructive feedback.
  • Holding team meetings each week to provide campaign updates, highlight the performance of the best staff, set an urgent tone, and build morale
  • Meet with team leaders once per week to discuss staff management and standards, and to train team leaders in motivation and coaching
  • Train and evaluate trainers
  • Set daily objectives for each staff person on team


Office and National Leadership

  • Advance train staff to assist other team members
  • Lend support to other Recapture teams Nationally, which may include travel to other cities

Other: Other assignments provided by manager


Excellent interpersonal skills; excellent verbal communication skills; ability to manage and motivate a large team of staff; ability to identify, recruit, train and retain staff; short-term and long-term strategic planning skills; and proficiency in Excel, Word, e-mail and database programs.

Experience: A minimum of 6 months of staff management experience, 6 months to 1 year of experience in face-to-face fundraising or direct marketing, and a strong interest in environmental and social justice issues.

Only applicants eligible to work and live in the United States without any legal restrictions need apply for this opportunity.


Commitment to Diversity:

Greenpeace welcomes and values diversity of people, cultural experiences and perspectives. Through our campaigning, we create solutions that promote environmental sustainability rooted in social justice. Our mission is to create a diverse and inclusive work environment that is a reflection of the global campaigns and missions that we champion.

Greenpeace is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, class, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, family/marital status, religion or other protected classes. We strongly encourage applications from marginalized communities.


Greenpeace USA values a healthy work-life balance and has flexible, family-friendly employment policies. Our competitive benefits package for full-time employees includes medical, dental, and vision coverage with low contributions from staff. We have options for pre-tax flexible spending accounts for medical and dependent care costs. Greenpeace employees enjoy generous 401K matching and time off for vacation, sick, personal, and parental leave. After five years, staff is eligible for a paid sabbatical. To encourage public transportation use and biking, we offer subsidies for staff who choose to bike or ride mass transit to work. Greenpeace is committed to the growth and development of staff and fostering a creative workplace culture. For more information, check out our benefits plan

Level of Language Proficiency

Fluency in English is required. Proficiency in Spanish and other languages is a plus!

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Please apply via our website OR send your cover letter and resume to our Frontline Recruitment Specialist, Shannon Weaton at