Program Manager – General Manager

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $55,000
Details: Competitive salary, base $55,000, based on a nonprofit scale and commensurate with experience.



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San Francisco
United States


Job Scope

Refettorio San Francisco is a project brought to life through partnership between Farming Hope and Food for Soul. Refettorio San Francisco will be an oasis for true community – all are welcome to break bread at our table, become a food system leader through our job training program, and meet neighbors from different backgrounds in an artistic and welcoming restaurant space.

The Refettorio will offer daily programming including free dinner for families struggling with housing and food security in San Francisco, breakfast and lunch for sale to the general public, art installations, and community events.

The Refettorio seeks a program manager who will transition to a general manager, and will be part of the project from its early development. The PM/GM will become an integral part of the Farming Hope team, and become the point of contact for Food for Soul. S/he will not work alone, but will be the first hire for the Refettorio team.

The following sections describe the tasks required in each position:

Program Manager: (Until approximately April, 2019)

The PM will serve as the main point of contact between the partners, Food for Soul and Farming Hope, to ensure project operational goals are met, opportunities are leveraged, and there is complete alignment of both teams during the design phase.

The tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Refettorio Project Development
  • Using project management system or software TBD, work with FH and FFS teams to ensure goals are met.
  • Work with FH Executive and Culinary directors and FFS to build comprehensive Refettorio project plan which includes: business and operations plan and fundraising strategy.
  • Work with Food for Soul and Farming Hope to develop and execute a robust community engagement plan.

  • Location Selection
  • Work with FH Culinary Director and FFS to secure Refettorio location per location requirements such as LOI proposals and all city-county SF new business authority requirements.
  • Lead licensing and application processes with restaurant consultant.

  • Renovation
  • Work with Culinary Director, FFS team, and project coordinator/restaurant consultant to monitor the renovation plan, design, build, and meeting of architectural/design goals.
  • Manage restaurant consultant to follow the permitting/build/technical processes. Ensure that all in accordance with city planning and compliance.

  • Partnerships
  • Work with Farming Hope Executive Director and FFS to secure partnerships with pre-determined parties and to actively search out new prospective partners including financial, community, and nonprofit partners.
  • Manage relationships with the Launch Committee and Advisory Board.

General Manager: (Post-April)

The GM will manage the Refettorio space, oversee its Refettorio meal program and work with other program directors to ensure the cohesion of all programs. The GM will be responsible for ensuring project goals are met and will serve as the point of contact for Food for Soul’s international learning network of partners.

The tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Implementation of Project Goals
  • Ensure that long term goals of the Refettorio are met and values of refettorio, upheld.
  • Foster responsiveness and adaptiveness of Refettorio through feedback, participatory workshops, meetings with team, and community engagement.

  • Continued Community Engagement
  • Host moments for community engagement using material provided by FFS and FH.
  • Pilot new ideas that come from these sessions and real community needs and monitor their impact.

  • Event Management
  • Manage monthly pop up dinners and other programmatic activities housed in space.

  • Works with Culinary Director to manage Refettorio Team
  • Ensure healthy culture fostered between Refettorio team which includes chef and sous chef, program director, volunteer coordinator, guest chefs, and volunteers.
  • Ensure positive communication, supervise and support growth of team members, mitigate conflict, and ensure proper distribution of work for team members.

  • Support FH COO in administrative tasks associated with Refettorio
  • Including but not limited to the management of Refettorio budget and the management of ordering, kitchen expenses, and staff expenses.

  • Partner Engagement
  • Support Development Director with engagement of partners through special events, social media, newsletters, and partner events.
  • Manage relationships with the Launch Committee and Refettorio Governance Board.

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting
  • Work with development director to ensure monitoring of Refettorio impact and reporting to partners, funders, and FFS.

  • Active participation in FFS Learning Network of Partners
  • Participation in online platform and attendance of annual in-person meeting with other international partners.

Candidates with the following experience and skills are preferred:

  • Experience in all aspects of program/project management including planning and evaluation.
  • Experience in team/personnel management.
  • Experience in administration and operations management.
  • Experience working with vulnerable communities and conducting community outreach.
  • Experience building relationships and partnerships.
  • Flexible working style. Candidates who have experience working with young start-ups preferred.
  • Excellent team management and interpersonal skills with ability to motivate and organize team and show respect for others’ working styles.
  • Strong interpersonal and stakeholder relations skills with an ability to identify potential strategic partners among key community stakeholders.
  • Passionate about social justice with a respect for at risk populations.
  • Self-motivated and results oriented.
  • Ability to work independently and highly disciplined.
  • Culturally sensitive.
  • Good written and oral communication skills.
  • Strong time management practices.
  • Technology experience including email, Skype, Google Drive.

Refettorio San Francisco is committed to workplace diversity and inclusion. We are equal opportunity employers and do not discriminate in hiring or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity and expression, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.


High likelihood of transition to full time employee position with benefits. 

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Interested? Please send your cover letter and resume to with ‘Refettorio San Francisco’ in the subject line.

In your cover letter, please briefly answer the following two questions:

  1. Describe a time you overcame a major challenge in managing a complex project.
  2. Explain why you are interested in helping open and lead Reffetorio San Francisco.

For further information about Farming Hope and Food for Soul, please visit and