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The IFR Executive Director manages and grows this non-profit organization strategically including its personnel, finances, and engagement with all stakeholders. 

What is the Institute for Field Research?

The Institute for Field Research’s mission is to transform individuals and communities through experiential education and field research.

The IFR was created in March 2011 by a group of leading academics. Operating as an independent, nonprofit University-level, academic organization has allowed IFR to break down traditional institutional barriers and deliver field schools predominantly in archaeology, but also in paleontology, urban planning, landscape studies, ethnography, conservation, and environmental studies, to students in schools across the globe. By working with leading scholars from academic institutions around the world, the IFR delivers experiential learning in a broad range of disciplines with excellent teachers. Students are no longer limited to the expertise of faculty members at their home institution or challenged if they are not enrolled in school; instead Program Directors can recruit the best students from around the world; and students have access to exceptional programs. 

The IFR offers a unique model to ensure research and educational excellence in our college-credit field schools. Each program is peer-reviewed annually by our Academic Board, which is a group of highly respected, university-level academics and researchers from around the world. The application process for new programs and partners is rigorous. Sites visits by IFR academic staff or board members are required before an application for a new program is invited. Field school projects are evaluated both on the merit of active research and on the commitment of the Program Director and staff to great teaching and learning. This investment in quality control yields exceptional and dependable programs that produce outstanding research and remarkable experiences for students. 

Students attending any IFR field school are awarded college credit units through our academic partner, Connecticut College, a private, highly ranked liberal arts institution with a deep commitment to undergraduate education.

IFR has been administered by part-time staff and its Board of Governors during the pandemic that started in Spring, 2020. In Spring, 2020 the IFR Board of Directors made the difficult decision to cancel more than 60 programs with an anticipated 500 enrolled students planned for the 2020 Summer field school season and to reduce operations and spending so that we could preserve capital to support student refunds and regroup to support programs again in 2021. The IFR is planning a reduced number of programs for Summer 2021.

 The new Executive Director will play a key role in creating a stronger and better IFR. We are eager to expand our global network of researchers and communities connected with our Field Programs.



The Executive Director manages and guides the entire organization, including its two to four staff members, is supervised by the Board of Governors, and is guided by the Academic Director and the Academic Board, all of whom work from remote locations.


  •   Lead, inspire and mentor staff in the vision and goals of IFR; hire, supervise, motivate, and evaluate staff; provide for staff changes when necessary; ensure that approved policies are consistently implemented. Safety, equity, inclusion, and diversity are priorities. Most important is to create a work environment and culture that encourages retention of diverse and qualified staff
  •  Develop collaborations and partnerships with groups whose missions overlap with IFR; keep informed of challenges, progress, activities and emerging issues in the field, along with offering recommendations and solutions as appropriate; Develop meaningful and productive ongoing relationships with professional societies, university administrations, government officials, corporate and community leaders to advance the IFR’s goals and strategies
  • Interpret IFR’s mission into a Strategic Plan approved and updated by the Governing Board
  • Supply the Board with complete, accurate and timely reports and data required for informed decisions; proactively bring recommendations to the Board about objectives, policies and long-term strategy
  •  Organize the meetings of board members; identify and recruit new Board members whose talents, interests and commitment will advance the IFR’s mission and programs 



  •  Ensure that the organization’s finances are responsibly managed, that strong controls are in place, and that financial reports and other documents are prepared in a timely and accurate manner
  •  Serve as the chief fundraiser for IFR; work with the Boards to drive annual fundraising and scholarship campaign solicitations; set high expectations for increased financial support from foundations, corporations, individuals, governments and other philanthropic sources; strengthen fundraising systems, workflows and donor recognition



  •  Manage the IFR’s reputation as an exceptional institution among national and international audiences, most particularly members of the academic community and professional archaeological and other relevant scholarly societies
  • Coordinate with Academic Director, staff and boards in energetically recruiting Program Directors and their Programs to the IFR and provide leadership in and relevant support for onboarding programs
  • Lead/direct market research as required to identify opportunities and identify areas for improvement in IFR’s core service and other areas such as communications
  •  Ensure timely production, quality writing, editing, and approving of media and other communications, including videos, newsletters, announcements, and other public post content in order to best present IFR publicly. May write or edit newsletter or other media drafts
  •  Organize a system for emergency communications with field programs and act as the primary contact for the IFR hotline during field operations, routing them appropriately, and being diligent in timely responses. Initiate investigations and report any allegations of misconduct



  • Uphold the institution’s commitment to equitable and inclusive practice
  • Brings forward diversity and inclusion in all internal and external communications. Ensure communications are accessible and inclusive of a diverse population
  • Seek opportunities for the IFR to collaborate with other organizations that share goals of equity and diversity, and community involvement



  • United States and international travel may be involved in order to become familiar with programs and locations, respond to field emergencies, and to document program conditions.
  • Follow federal, state, county, and city requirements that are applicable to the organization



  • Work without supervision, prioritize tasks appropriately, is self-motivated, proactive and solution-oriented with a friendly and confident demeanor
  • Exceptional communication skills and leadership
  • A good listener and strategist; comfortable receiving input from many sources, and able to analyze and formulate disparate information into a sound, well-organized plan; someone who is willing to both give and accept guidance
  • Care greatly about international affairs, can communicate with authentic enthusiasm about education, and is passionate about the ability of experiential learning to change lives.
  •  Proficient using MS Office software, Google Docs, Dropbox
  •  At least 5 years of success in a leadership position in an organization, including creating budgets, organizing board meetings, supervising staff and fundraising



  • Experience working with highly educated people around the world, which may include researchers and/or scholars who are conducting field work/research, field schools, and academic programs held in locations outside of traditional education circumstances
  • Experience in the study abroad industry, or in the organization of international academic endeavors, including research and experiential education
  • Field training or extended travel experience in a remote region and/or in a foreign country
  • Prior work using a CRM such as or ACT or similar



  • Full-time, at-will position, working remotely (not in an IFR office). The Executive Director is reviewed quarterly
  • The IFR Executive Director reports to the IFR Board of Governors
  •  Able to work a flexible schedule that occasionally involves work on weekends and holidays
  • Willingness to maintain cool, level-headed, communications with people who may be rushed, anxious, or needing clarity and calm to navigate enrollment or admission systems
  • May involve ability to lift at least 30 pounds, climb up a small ladder to get something from a higher shelf, be able to transport office materials and/or small equipment from one location to another such as from a car trunk to a conference room (e.g., boxes of marketing materials, paper, signs used in conference halls)
  • May involve travel to international and remote locations to enable you to learn about IFR’s programs firsthand. Thus, you will need the ability to maintain a passport and get a visa to allow travel to and from the USA to other countries, and the ability to transport your own luggage, walk over uneven ground, undertake short hikes which may involve hills, and withstand travel that may expose you to rustic living conditions, rugged transportation, as well as heat, cold, or inclement weather
  • Benefits are provided
  • Applications review will begin May 2021. Position will remain open until filled
  • Salary to be determined based on experience and qualifications

For additional information on the IFR, visit our website

Please send questions and your application, which includes a cover letter and resume/CV as a Word File or PDF, to

The IFR Executive Director manages and grows this non-profit organization strategically including its personnel, finances, and engagement with all stakeholders. 

What is the Institute for Field Research?

The Institute for Field…

Details at a Glance

  • Time Commitment
    Full Time Schedule
  • Start Date
    April 30, 2021
  • Application Deadline
    April 30, 2021
  • Professional Level


Benefits are provided.

Benefits are provided.

Level of Language Proficiency

Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English required.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English required.


Work may be performed anywhere in United States
Associated Location
2999 Overland Ave. #103, Los Angeles, CA 90064

How to Apply

Please send questions and your application, which includes a cover letter and resume/CV as a Word File or PDF, to

Please send questions and your application, which includes a cover letter and resume/CV as a Word File or PDF, to

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