Strategic Product Adviser/Manager

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Full Time Contract



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United States


Our Vision

Feedback Labs is a global network of over 400 organizations asking “What do regular people want to make their lives better? Are we helping them get it? If not, what should we do differently?” Our ultimate goal is to create new norms whereby organizations spanning aid, philanthropy, civil society, government and impact investing regularly seek and act on feedback from the people they seek to serve.

Feedback Labs members believe that feedback is the Right thing to do, morally and ethically, the Smart thing to do in terms of leading to better outcomes, and the Feasible thing to do at scale. Feedback Labs’ objective is to create a ‘tipping point’ so that good feedback practice becomes the Expected thing to do as well.

We succeed by harnessing and unleashing a wide variety of viewpoints, perspectives, insights, experience, and expertise from many different networks. We believe that new norms that cement good feedback practice will help contribute to a more equitable world.

Your Role

Over the last four years, Feedback Labs has worked with its network to develop a number of products, listed below. Your job will be to help Feedback Labs identify the product or set of products (existing and/or new) on which we should sharply focus our development and marketing efforts. You will take a key role in ensuring that Feedback Labs products propel us toward the tipping point at which feedback becomes the Expected thing to do.

Our existing products include:

  • Feedback Quiz
  • Feedback Toolkit
  • Sprint-Relay Process
  • Adaptive Management Protocol
  • Feedback 101 Intro Course
  • 1-day Crash Course for Practitioners
  • LabStorms
  • DataStorms
  • Summits
  • GovCombinator
  • Collaborative Research

In this role, you will work closely with the team to:

  • Review the existing product portfolio
  • Manage the development and prototyping of one or two new products (such as certification)
  • Determine which product or set of products:
  • Has the most potential for impact
  • Is operational feasible for Feedback Labs
  • Is scalable
  • Is financially viable (i.e., business model)
  • Leverages the power of the network and does not compete counter-productively with network members.
  • Manage the full deployment, including design parameters, product versioning, quality control, product delivery, pricing, and marketing – with careful attention to feedback from the intended users.

Existing, successful and sustainable products - including Summits and LabStorms - are managed separately, reserving the Product Manager’s focus for refining other products and developing new ones. Nonetheless, the team is deeply collaborative and success of any product will rely on the Product Manager’s to help ensure coherence, complementarity, and maximum impact of the portfolio as a whole.


All Feedback Labs team members are:

  • Infinitely adaptable
  • Driven and hungry to succeed
  • Able to create your own direction and roll with the punches
  • Collected and proactive under pressure
  • The perfect balance of thoughtful and action oriented
  • 100% at all times committed to excellence
  • Committed to changing the world. 

In addition, the ideal candidate for this role will:

  • Understand and be highly motivated by the fundamental value of feedback loops in aid, development, and governance
  • Have field and/or headquarters experience in one or more organizations in the relevant sectors
  • Have a minimum of 3 years’ experience developing and managing specific products and services, including managing costs and revenues, and releasing new features and versions in response to feedback.
  • Have stellar team-working abilities.
  • Be able to represent Feedback Labs in external meetings.
  • Possess at minimum a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field

This position could be a fixed term contractor position or a regular employee dependent on candidate and resources available.

Feedback Labs seeks to build a diverse team that reflects and amplifies the diversity of voices that need to be heard within societies from around the world. FBL encourages applications from people of all races, genders, orientations, ethnicities, backgrounds, and identifications. 


Feedback Labs provides excellent employee benefits and a fun, flexible, and healthy work environment. We ensure all staff receive in-house training and opportunities to develop new skills through challenging on-the-job assignments. We provide resources for external workshops and conferences to help team members meet their personal missions and grow in their careers.

FBL offers flexibility to accommodate employees’ individual schedules and support their efforts to maintain a healthy balance between serving our shared mission and pursuing personal passions. All FBLers have unlimited access to the building’s well-equipped gym and twice-weekly yoga classes.

Full-time salaried employees enjoy a robust benefit package including medical, dental, vision, 401(k) and PTO.

This position will be based out of the OpenGov Hub, located in the heart of Washington DC, a short walk from key global institutions. This creative space allows for collaboration and innovation among different groups; it also offers networking opportunities, brown-bag lunches, happy hours and other activities.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To apply, please email your response to the prompt below to with the subject line Product Manager Application – Your Name. This is an example of the work you would do if you join the Feedback Labs team. There is no ‘right’ answer - we are looking for clear recommendations with thoughtful rationale.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Feedback Labs believes that the Feedback Quiz, Feedback 101 and Feedback Crash Course could be combined into a powerful suite of products that could take clients in aid, philanthropy and government on a ‘journey’ toward making feedback the new normal within their organizations. We are looking to you to advise us on how we should tie those products together, how we should market the set, and to whom.


1. Review the Quiz, Feedback 101 and Crash Course (all found on our website) as well as our current funders and network members.

2. Consider these questions (which are just to catalyze your thinking):

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these products, as individuals and as a set?
  2. Do they require improvements in order to catalyze feedback as the new normal?
  3. Who among our network do you think would be interested in this set of products? Are there more fertile markets outside our network?
  4. How do these products compare to other offerings already on the market?
  5. How could you make this set of products financially sustainable?

3. Write a concise memo that explains:

  1. How you would tie the products together
  2. Whether you would make any adjustments or improvements to any of the 3 products
  3. To whom you would market the set of products
  4. How you would market the set of products
  5. What price point you would set
  6. What feedback you would solicit or indicators you would look for to help you iterate on your plan.