Sustainable Tourism Program Coordinator

Job Type

Full Time Contract




Calle del Horno 618


Awamaki is looking for an individual to manage and develop Awamaki’s Sustainable Tourism Program. This position is full-time, based in our office in Ollantaytambo, Peru, in the heart of the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru. This an exciting opportunity for a creative, energetic, culturally adept and experienced professional to maintain and further develop an integral program within a non-profit organization working in rural Peru. We will expect the successful candidate to be able to take initiative, collaborate well with his/her colleagues, and have excellent problem-solving skills. The candidate must also be passionate about creating and guiding high quality tourism experiences, while establishing genuine relationships with the local indigenous communities and putting forward ways to continue improving social, cultural and economic well-being. This position requires some overnight guiding for multi-day stays in Quechua communities, along with frequently guiding tourists on community visits. Volunteers often run these tours but the tourism coordinator is responsible for training these volunteers.

This position requires good health and the ability to walk, hike and work at very high altitudes (over 12,000 feet). It also requires an outgoing personality that thrives on guiding and teaching, and the energy to travel to rural communities for the day as often as five times per week during peak season.

What is Awamaki?

Awamaki is an innovative non-profit organization located in Ollantaytambo, Peru, that works to economically empower rural Quechua women’s cooperatives and create awareness about the Andean textile traditions. Through the market access and business development training, the organization aims to provide women's cooperatives with the skills and opportunity to operate successful local artisanal businesses.

Awamaki runs two programs: artisan products and rural community tourism. Through these programs, women get access to the education and opportunity they need to earn additional income and support their families, while preserving their way of life and allowing visitors to experience Quechua culture in a sustainable and meaningful exchange. Awamaki’s mission is to collaborate with the greater Ollantaytambo community to create economic opportunities and improve social well-being. 

About the Sustainable Tourism Program

Awamaki’s Sustainable Tourism Program aims to connect women, families and rural Ollantaytambo with the economic opportunities that tourism offers. The program partners with local artisans, cooks and indigenous weaving cooperatives to provide meaningful experiences to visitors and create awareness about local culture, natural landscapes, textiles traditions and Andean way of life. By promoting educational and responsible tourism to those passing through Ollantaytambo, Awamaki’s Sustainable Tourism Program offers travelers a unique insight into Quechua culture that transcends typical tourist/host dynamics. The approach is to use sustainable tourism as a tool to support local culture, empower communities and provide families with additional income to increase their economic well-being. Sustainability, respect and mutual benefit are at the heart of this program.


Tourism Program Coordination (50%)

  • Conduct tours to artisan villages, and train volunteers to do so. Create high-quality, enjoyable and educational experience for visitors and a sustainable and mutually respectful experience for the artisans. During the high season, the coordinator may be in the communities nearly every day for day trips or overnight stays.
  • Manage reservations in-store and online through Rezdy booking platform and email inquiries.
  • Coordinate and operate logistics of tours with tourism cooperatives, drivers, cooks and tourists.
  • Collect feedback from each tour with the programs forms and sheets.
  • Produce monthly reports to pay the tourism cooperatives.

Tourism Program Administration (15%)

  • Work on Strategic Planning for the longer term of the program
  • Move cooperatives towards tourism independence with skills training and market connections
  • Establish a solid relationship and communication with our partner indigenous tourism cooperatives and local artisans.
  • Maintain the tourism programs finances with quarterly financial assessments and data analysis.

Volunteer and Intern Management (25%)

  • Review application, interview, and accept qualified tourism interns and volunteers.
  • Conduct program orientation and assign volunteer projects.
  • Oversee volunteers' work and supervise the completion of their projects for the program.
  • Train and supervise all incoming volunteers to conduct tours and support in the program's administration and coordination.

Tourism Program Marketing Support (10%)

  • Support the Marketing and Communications Coordinator with:
  • Promoting growth of the overall Awamaki’s Sustainable Tourism Program locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Building relationships with local tourism community: liaising with local tour agencies, hotels and other businesses to promote the Awamaki fair trade store and sustainable tours.
  • Developing and maintain Awamaki’s online presence with regards to travel websites, booking platforms, forums and networks.
  • Maintaining current client database by developing targeted communications to people who follow and have participated in Awamaki Tours.

Experience and Skills

  • Advanced Proficiency or Fluency in Spanish and English (essential).
  • Experience working first hand with tourism and customer service.
  • Understanding of business basics: profit/loss, price setting, client management, etc.
  • Well-presented, charismatic, confident and articulate.
  • Enthusiasm, networking skills, cultural competence and the ability to think on one’s feet.
  • Ability to work from own initiative in an often challenging environment.
  • Must be in good physical condition for hiking and walking at high-altitude.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel (essential), and Power Point.
  • Experience working or traveling in a developing country.
  • Experience with marketing, public relations or advertising is a plus, but not essential.
  • Preference will go to those who also have background in business administration, tourism management or international development.


Awamaki requires a minimum of 18 months commitment. Coordinators receive a reasonable salary according to local standards, paid on a monthly basis with the possibility of increased pay and further benefits. Awamaki will fully assist the Coordinator in getting settled in Ollantaytambo and finding affordable accommodations. Coordinators receive a $1000 USD flight bonus after completing 12 months of work.

Level of Language Proficiency

Advanced Proficiency or Fluency in Spanish and English (essential).

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

To apply, please email Kennedy Leavens at and Juan Camilo Saavedra at, with the subject header LASTNAME – Sustainable Tourism – Place where you found this listing. Please include a resume and a cover letter in PDF format explaining your relevant experience and career goals; why you are interested in moving to Peru; and why this position interests you. Please note your available start dates in your application. Your adherence to these instructions is much appreciated.

Additionally, please note that the start date is between the beginning of June and the middle of August.