Assistant Principal of Culture

Job Type

Full Time




908 Wahler Place, SE
Washington, DC
District of Columbia
United States


What You Will Do

The Assistant Principal of Culture (APC) will be committed to the work of creating and maintaining a supportive, productive, and joyous school culture and climate that is essential for scholars’ academic and socio-emotional success. This position requires an organized and consistent educator with a concrete vision for excellence, the ability to build outstanding relationships with stakeholders, and a talent for inspiring children and adults to high expectations. Working very closely with the Principal and Assistant Principal of Instruction, s/he will play an instrumental role in setting, monitoring, and achieving goals that result in positive outcomes for scholars. 


Reporting to the Principal and directly managing the Dean of Scholars and School Counselor:


Cultural Leadership

  • Ensure school-wide culture rituals and routines are implemented with fidelity
  • Provide leadership to all staff and scholars in establishing a positive, structured, and achievement-oriented school culture 
  • Set and enforce standards for school culture, including behavior, performance, and attendance
  • Serve as a point of contact managing school-wide systems for incentives and consequences
  • Ensure that the physical environment of the school reinforces school culture and facilitates scholar achievement
  • Use data to determine trends and support scholars, staff and families around the same
  • Ensure the school maintains systems to reward scholars who are meeting and exceeding expectations and Intervene and support scholars who struggle behaviorally
  • Be highly present and visible, proactively circulating throughout classrooms and public spaces during the day to gain valuable context on scholar behavior and relentlessly ensuring a positive school environment Work hand-in-hand with the Assistant Principal of Instruction (API) and other instructional staff in establishing positive classroom climates, high scholar achievement and strong school culture
  • Set data-driven cultural and socio-emotional goals and outcomes for school, leaders and teachers, and monitor progress and adjust as necessary towards to same
  • Track/monitor staff responsiveness to feedback as evidenced by implementation of strategies, action plans and weekly goals 
  • Maintain a culture centered on our ethos and core values of Determination, Respect,Enthusiasm, Accountability, and Mastery
  • Conduct home visits, as needed


Instructional Leadership

  • Ensure that teachers set extremely high expectations and manage their classes in accordance with the Achievement Prep Way
  • Coach team, leaders and teachers to continually improve their instructional practice, especially as it relates to issues of classroom management and school culture 
  • Maintain a culture centered on our ethos and core values of Determination, Respect,Enthusiasm, Accountability, and Mastery
  • Collaborate with other members of the school’s leadership team to create and sustain programs for scholars and families that recognize and celebrate achievement and continuous growth 
  • Oversee the Scholar Support Team (SST) process with the grade level leads, intervention specialist and other members of the instructional staff 


Support and Intervention Leadership

  • Coach, develop, and manage the Dean of Scholars and School Counselor
  • Plan and deliver professional development sessions to staff at Wednesday PD, during Data Days, during Summer Institute, etc.
  • Support leaders and staff in the implementation (with fidelity) of culture systems, rituals, and norms
  • Support instructional leaders and teachers in developing and implementing targeted interventions 
  • Use coaching tools effectively (classroom observation tools, data sheets, scholar action plans, etc.) 
  • Oversee proper & aligned implementation of supports and responses: behavior plans, detention, suspensions, and expulsions, etc.
  • Collaborate with an independently licensed mental health clinician regarding the supervision of School Counselor (if applicable)
  • Receive continuous feedback from peers and leaders on your practice and be expected to give the same

Member of Campus-Based Leadership Team

  • Exhibit an unwavering commitment to high academic achievement and character development in our scholars
  • Meet as needed with leadership team members and share in the duties of running the campus effectively and to plan, problem solve, and support one another on an ongoing basis 
  • Work as a key member of the leadership team, collaborating and reflecting daily to ensure a strong school
  • Conduct weekly conversations with the campus-based leadership team focused on scholar achievement data to ensure clear next steps and strategies to drive scholar outcomes
  • Participate in grade level meetings and ensure fidelity to grade level lead protocols 

Administrative Leadership

  • Review and analyze scholar data and develop action plans with the API, Dean of Scholars, and teachers
  • Monitor progress of self, school, and staff on dashboards and Individual Development Plans as it relates to school culture
  • Oversee all disciplinary decisions, in conjunction with the Principal
  • Supervise arrival, lunch, recess, assemblies, dismissal, and other transition times – making sure scholars are always where they are supposed to be and ensuring a professional school culture at these times
  • Coordinate the process of creating and distributing all scholar “paychecks” and other behavior reports to scholars and families
  • Keep current with successful discipline methodologies and practices
  • Plan and coordinate family and community events (including monthly evening events)
  • Ensure staff is actively communicating with families regarding scholar progress
  • Keep accurate scholar discipline records, documenting all progress toward intervention goals, parent conferences, suspensions, and phone calls for behavior
  • Manage time, tasks, deadlines and responsibilities in a fast-paced environment; support and hold others accountable for the same
  • Liaise with Network Office staff to carry out organizational goals, as necessary 

Other duties as required to fulfill our mission in the lives of our scholars



You Must Have

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 5+ years of experience working with children in an urban setting from historically underserved communities
  • 2+ years of experience as a dean of students (or equivalent) or mental health clinician in a public school setting
  • Experience managing and developing full-time staff
  • Ability to regularly be one of the first to arrive and last to leave the building daily (staff hours: 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM)


It Would Be Nice for You to Have

  • Master’s degree in social work, counseling, education or educational leadership


Who You Are

You know and understand the power of education and have seen, first hand, that power manifested either in your life or in the lives of others. You are committed to serving historically underserved communities knowing that your work is part of a larger ecosystem committed to change. You believe in a quality public education for all and are determined to serve every child that comes your way. You are unapologetically mission driven and will do whatever it takes to advance the work and ensure scholar achievement. You are excited about not just the work, but doing the work at Achievement Prep. You are familiar with our community and are not afraid of or by all the beauty and challenges that come with living in impoverished communities. You value and respect everyone and demonstrate that respect in words and actions.


You know while there are no excuses in this work, the scholars we serve require a leader who will differentiate for all yet keep excellence the bar that is maintained at all times. You know you are the driver of culture and climate and your support and leadership is critical to supporting scholar achievement. You know culture and instruction are inextricably linked, with the establishment of a strong culture taking precedence in order to promote an environment that is 100% conducive to learning. You know that deficits (present in adults and/or scholars) are representative of skill gaps until clear evidence proves otherwise, and therefore individuals deserve to be developed to meet their potential. You are open to feedback, eager to grow, and bring your best to everything you do. You know the work isn’t easy and don’t expect for it to be. The grind of our mission ignites you. You are not only capable of performing but thrive in circumstances involving ambiguity and nuance. You look for or create the joy in your day-to-day and want to work with others who do, too. 



What We Value

  • 100% Scholars: You prioritize what’s best for scholars in the decisions you make.
  • Results Without Excuses: You set, track and achieve ambitious goals for yourself and your team; you own the mistakes.
  • Sweat the Small Stuff: You pay attention to the smallest details to ensure smooth, predictable, and effective outcomes.
  • Community Matters – Mightily: You show care and respect for others – even when the work is taxing.
  • Unapologetically Mission-Driven: You have a “whatever it takes” mentality in achieving the mission.
  • Many Minds, One Mission: You value and partner with parents and the community for the good of scholars.


What You Get

  • Development
  • Ongoing coaching and development from principal (formally: weekly; informally: daily)
  • Opportunities to participate in external professional development that increases effectiveness in the role
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Achievement Prep offers highly competitive compensation and benefits
  • Medical, vision, dental benefits
  • Flexible spending accounts for transit, dependent care, and medical expenses
  • 401k with automatic immediate employer matching up to 4%
  • It Pays to Stay
  • Upon completion of 2 full school years of service, employees become eligible for annual loyalty incentives
  • Gifts and Achievement Prep swag
  • Bonuses

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply