2018 Elections Fundraising Copywriter and Strategist Contractor, MoveOn (REMOTE)

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Part Time






New York
New York
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*** MoveOn.org Political Action ***



As MoveOn prepares for what may be the largest midterm elections season in its 20-year history, we are looking for an email fundraising copywriter and strategy consultant.

If selected, you will join and contribute to our weekly brainstorming calls, have full access to bounce ideas off of our three-person Email Fundraising Team, and write compelling, well-documented fundraising emails that will motivate MoveOn members to donate to MoveOn’s campaigns.

You must be able to write fundraising drafts in a variety of styles, ranging from short, but substantive and compelling rapid-response drafts to long, documented, bulleted campaign summaries with donation asks.

MoveOn tests 7-10 fundraising emails most weeks, and more during election season. You will be selected based on the quality of your writing, professional history, and availability.


You will be expected to produce 1-3 fundraising drafts per week for MoveOn. You will ultimately be evaluated based on how your drafts perform (if your draft is approved by us, we will test it with our list, determine how strong your draft is, share that performance with you, so that you can improve, and send it if it’s above our high performance threshold.)


We are seeking a skilled consultant or consultants to begin working with us immediately to help us write compelling fundraisers in the MoveOn style.

You will write compelling, well-documented fundraising emails that will motivate our amazing and dedicated members to donate to MoveOn’s campaigns. You will consult and collaborate with the Email Fundraising Team to write fundraising drafts that engage and empower members—and inspire them to give.

Writing for MoveOn’s email list is different from writing for other organizations. You must be familiar with our emails—or a quick study.


We are seeking a person (or people) for this role who:

  • Has a proven record of writing winning fundraisers and/or advocacy emails for progressive organizations and/or political campaigns. We are looking for experienced candidates who are able to write winning fundraisers starting immediately.

  • Has strong instincts for when to fundraise and what will work. Ideal candidates understand how the the news cycle and the progressive zeitgeist interact. Timing is everything, and a good chunk of our fundraising is based on the news environment. Successful candidates will have a good “spidey sense” for what campaigns will be successful in the current news environment.

  • Has the ability to keep to tight deadlines and do rapid-response work. We have a schedule for testing and sending emails each week, and you will need to deliver drafts to us on time. At the same time, we also have frequent rapid-response opportunities come up. You don’t have to write a draft every single time, and we understand that you may have other clients, but you should be available for both scheduled and rapid-response writing.


MoveOn is moving on a tight timeline and will review proposals as they are received. We will begin reviewing proposals on Monday, May 28, and aim to have a decision within one week after that.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply



Please email your resume and a writing sample (up to three of your best fundraising or advocacy emails) by May 28 to proposals@moveon.org and tell us BRIEFLY (under one page; less is fine) why you’re interested in this consultant position and what makes you a great fit.

Please also share your availability (hours per week and how flexible your schedule is) and your compensation requirements. And feel free to email us with any questions that might help you decide whether this project would be a good fit for you.

We will evaluate candidates on the basis of the criteria laid out in the experience/requirements section, as well as cost and availability.