Grants and Contracts Manager (Post Award)

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Area / Program Focus – Grants and Contracts Review and Management, Financial Oversight, Grants Reporting, and Funder Relations


Position Summary:

The Grants Department function at Catholic Charities includes all funding applied for and received from institutional entities including private foundations, corporate foundations, and local, state, and federal government agencies. The Post Award Grants Manger reports to the Director of Grants and works with the Director of Grants, the Pre-Award Grants Manager, the Finance Department, the Quality Assurance Department, and all of Catholic Charities’ Programs, and is responsible for post-award grants management and monitoring for all federal, state, city, county, school district, and foundation grants and contracts. This includes responsibility for all contract review, analysis, negotiation, compliance, budget monitoring, adherence to grant outcomes and deliverables, and reporting (financial and programmatic). We are looking for an experienced contracts and grants management professional to support the agency in multiple capacities, described below.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:                   

Contracts Review & Management: A key area of responsibility for this position is to review, analyze, negotiate, summarize, track, and manage all grant awards and contracts. Tasks include:

·        Reviewing and analyzing all contracts, grant awards, MOUs, and contract amendments to ensure that the legal terms and conditions, deliverables, payment terms, and other contract components are agreeable to Catholic Charities.

  • Advising agency stakeholders on potential risks as a part of contracts, courses of action to mitigate those risks, and then collaborating on edits to the contract, if necessary, as a part of the contract negotiation.
  • Negotiating terms of the awards/contracts/MOUs after facilitating a discussion and decision-making process with agency leadership regarding the contract terms.
  • Summarizing all contracts in detail, tracking the details of all contracts in a database, and advising relevant parties of the next steps for them after a contract is executed. This includes providing detailed programmatic information to the program implementing the grant, clarifying payment and invoicing information for the Finance Department, providing contract deliverables to the Quality Assurance Department for integration into their data tracking efforts, providing communications considerations to the Communications Department, etc.
  • Managing all contracts and grants ongoing, including tracking deliverables progress, tracking expenditures, acting as the contracts management point of contact for the funder, providing information to the funder as needed, processing renewal paperwork, updating insurance paperwork, etc.
  • Acting as the agency expert on the contracts and grants we hold in order to support relevant departments with the ongoing implementation of and performance on our contracts and grants, especially with respect to special terms and conditions of an award, interpretation of contract language, and regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Preparing sub-award/sub-contract agreements, consultant agreements, MOUs, amendments, supplements, and continuation applications.

Financial Oversight: The Post Award Grants Manager acts as a liaison between Grants, Programs, and Finance to ensure smooth and accurate grant accounting and reporting, and to support the financial function of the management of grants in particular. Tasks include:

  • Preparing and analyzing data for financial reports, budgets, fund reconciliations, forecasting, analysis, risk analysis, and ad-hoc reports for program directors and managers as needed.
  • Performing complex data and financial analysis as required.
  • Reviewing and advising on grant expenditures and ensuring effective coordination between Finance and Programs regarding grant expenditures and budgets.
  • Interacting with directors, managers, staff, and funding agencies to resolve moderately complex problems that cross departmental lines in order to optimize the use of funds.

Reporting: The Post Award Grants Manager acts as a liaison between Grants, Programs, Finance, and the Quality Assurance Department to ensure smooth, accurate, and timely programmatic and financial reporting for all grants and contracts held by the agency. Tasks include:

  • Maintaining the calendar of all reporting (programmatic and financial) due throughout the agency for all contracts and grants, and ensuring that those reports are completed in a high quality and timely manner, in collaboration with program staff.
  • Collaborating with Programs, Finance, and the Quality Assurance Department on the project management component of grant reporting, discussing and determining roles on each report and ensuring that all departments understand their roles, what is needed from them, and the timeline for report compilation.
  • Writing high-quality and comprehensive grant reports to funders to describe the progress made on deliverables in collaboration with Program Directors and Managers.
  • Working with the Quality Assurance Department and Programs teams to collaborate on accurate and complete Salesforce tracking of grant deliverables as well as outcomes review and monitoring.
  • Working with the Finance Department on all financial reporting.

Funder Relations: The Post Award Grants Manager acts as a liaison between Catholic Charities and our funders, and is tasked with building and maintaining strong relationships and partnerships with our funders through reporting and ongoing communication. Tasks include:

  • Building and maintaining close working partnerships with our funding agencies, keeping them apprised of developments in our programming and our agency through official reporting channels as well as other updates and communication as appropriate.
  • Working with the Director of Grants to develop and implement a funder relations strategy.

Other Key Responsibilities: The Post Award Grants Manager will have other departmental responsibilities, including:

  • Maintaining the post-award grants and contracts filing system (hard copy, digital, and database filing).
  • Maintaining and coordinating the Post Award project management system (currently housed in Smartsheet) to ensure that all contracting processes and grant reporting processes are properly planned, documented, and communicated for collaboration amongst team members.
  • Collaborating with the Director of Grants on analyzing grant and program funding for risk, and creating strategies to mitigate that risk.
  • Collaborating with the Director of Grants and the Pre-Award Grants Manager to build an integrated database for the department.
  • Ongoing close collaboration with the Pre-Award Grants Manager to share information and inform both grant application strategy and contracts management.
  • Performing general functions related to grants management and other administrative duties as assigned by the Director of Grants.

Completing special projects as assigned.

A Successful Candidate Will Have the Following:


·        Minimum of three years of experience required directly managing post award grants and contracts, including private foundation and government grants and contracts. Experience must include contracts review and management, monitoring deliverables progress, monitoring expenditures, compliance monitoring, compiling narrative reports, compiling financial reports, and managing relationships with funding agencies.

·        Minimum of three years of experience reviewing and analyzing grant agreements and contracts in order to protect agency interests and advise team members on potential risks and subsequent changes needed. Experience with editing and writing contracts and agreements preferred. Experience with contract negotiation preferred.


·        College degree required from a four-year institution.

·        College degree preferred in public or business administration, finance, accounting, or equivalent.

Contracts Skills and Knowledge:

·        Expertise in contracts and grants review and analysis required.

·        Post award contracts and grants management expertise required.

·        Expertise in editing and writing contracts, MOUs, and agreements preferred.

·        Understanding of contract negotiation preferred.

Finance Skills and Knowledge:

·        Understanding of nonprofit accounting and grants and contracts financial management required.

·        High-level understanding of fund accounting and budgeting required.

·        Ability to develop budgets in Excel required.

Software/Technical Skills and Knowledge:

·        Expertise in Microsoft Word and Excel required.

·        Microsoft Access expertise strongly preferred.

·        Knowledge of Salesforce preferred.

·        Knowledge of SmartSheet preferred.

Other Key Skills & Knowledge:

·        Passion and enthusiasm for the mission of Catholic Charities required.

·        Valid driver’s license and proof of insurance required.

Core Competencies:

·        Exhibits highly effective leadership demonstrating a fundamental respect for the dignity of others.

·        Committed to diversity and inclusion, valuing a diversity of perspectives and encouraging contributions by all team members.

·        Able to thrive in a flexible, fast-paced, accredited, and growth-oriented environment while maintaining a positive solution-oriented approach.

·        Adaptable and reliable in the face of conflict, crisis, or changing priorities.

·        Cooperative, friendly, and helpful attitude with clients, co-workers, partners, and funders, working closely with other employees to ensure a positive, constructive environment within the department and throughout the agency.

  • Able to see all points of view, effectively mediate miscommunications, and broker productive relationships to ensure the completion of cross-departmental projects and projects with external partners on a regular basis.

·        Understands and values quality improvement and applies managerial and technical skills to measure and improve efficiency and effectiveness and ensure compliance with all regulatory and contractual obligations.

·        Business “literate,” understands financial reports, applies data to assess business effectiveness and efficiency, and acts in a fiscally responsible manner.

  • Works well independently and in a team setting.
  • Exercises excellent judgment in confidential matters.

·        Prioritizes responsibilities well and expertly handles multiple competing tasks relating to concurrent projects.

·        Excellent organizational skills.

  • Excellent attention to detail in all matters.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

·        Excellent project management skills, including timeline generation, roles assignment, and tracking of benchmarks.

·        Excellent analytical skills leading to excellent problem solving.



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