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Position Summary


The Director of Youth Services reports directly to the Vice President of Education and Workforce Services and oversees the Children and Youth Services (CYS) Department within the Education and Workforce Services Division at Congreso.  The CYS Department is comprised of: K-8 in-school and afterschool programs, High School in-school and afterschool programs, summer camp and Summer Work Ready programs, and an operations and data team.  The Director of Youth Services is responsible for all of the management, supervision, and strategic development of the services within the CYS Department and works to formulate and achieve its long-range goals in accordance with Congreso’s mission.


The major functions of this role are:


1) Contract Management and Program Oversight

2) Fiscal and Budgetary Management

3) Strategic Development

4) Personnel Management

5) Audit, Compliance and Reporting Oversight

6) Program Quality, Data and Evaluation Oversight



Essential Management Functions


Contract Management and Program Oversight

  1. Responsible for maintaining intimate knowledge of all department contracts and programmatic operations, and collaborate with managers and department staff to provide oversight of all department contracts and programs.
  2. Confer and consult regularly with the Vice President and Chief Program Officer and provide ongoing information on significant issues, developments, progress and highlights as it relates to program operations and contract administration.
  3. Creates and implements policies and procedures with the support of the EWS Division Leadership Team, as they pertain to operational/funder/programmatic standards.
  4. Responsible for developing staff and leadership capacity around contract and program management best-practices.
  5. Ensure that programs are being operated in a client-centered, data-informed and culturally-appreciative manner, in accordance with Congreso’s internal service delivery model, Primary Client Model (PCM).
  6. Works collaboratively on all related initiatives including fundraising, marketing, and staff development in a manner that facilitates employee professional growth.
  7. Oversee planning for yearly Department events, including Lights, Congreso, ActionSummer Camp, among others.
  8. Manage the scope of work, performance, and invoicing for all sub-contractors in the Children and Youth Services Department.


Fiscal and Budgetary Management

  1. Plays an active role in supporting the Vice President with overall financial management of the department including but not limited to:  yearly financial planning, budgets and revisions, and monthly salary/operations review by program.
  2. Work closely with Vice President and Division Manager to prepare program budgets and/or revisions.  This includes but is not limited to securing submission, following up on status of approval, and working closely with the internal fiscal team.
  3. Work closely with Vice President and Operations Coordinator to review, code, sign and submit divisional fiscal spending transactions and paperwork to the Fiscal Department each week, ensuring that all transactions are conducted and documented in accordance with agency fiscal procedures.
  4. Monitors program budgets and controls expenditures in accordance with budget allocations and fee for service structures; also ensures that overspending or under spending in department programs is appropriately monitored and corrected in a timely fashion.


Strategic Development

  1. Work closely with Vice President to set strategic priorities for Children and Youth Services Department, and supervise department operations to achieve those priorities.
  2. Supports collaborative relationships with cooperating agencies, government services providers and funding organizations toward meeting client, community and agency needs; and represent the agency as designated by the Vice President and Chief Program Officer.
  3. Build skill and infrastructural capacity of Children and Youth Services Department to set it up for long-range strategic growth by carefully investing in professional development and access to information for staff.
  4. Supports the Vice President in growth management of the Children and Youth Services Department, including analysis of program and grant opportunities, staffing structure, and the Philadelphia OST (Out of School Time) ecosystem.
  5. Responsible for co-leading programmatic / divisional mapping and systems analysis with the Vice President and Chief Program Officer in order to identify, design, and create service innovations and efficiencies.


Personnel Management

  1. Provides direct supervision to managerial staff in the following areas: K-8 In-School and Afterschool Programs, High School In-School and Afterschool Programs, and Compliance and Operations Manager.
  2. Conduct bi-weekly meetings with appropriate staff to provide supervision and guidance, and proactively facilitate discussions with team members to solve critical functions of program and divisional operations.
  3. Develop and implement comprehensive staff development/supervisory training plans to improve the skills, knowledge and performance of said staff.
  4. Serve as a trainer and capacity builder for all team members, encouraging professional and personal growth and facilitating learning opportunities.
  5. Make recommendations on program enhancements, employee hiring, promotions, transfers or terminations to the Vice President and Chief Program Officer, and designs solutions for department-wide staffing initiatives.
  6. Regularly collaborate with Human Resources team to ensure that recruitment for job vacancies is initiated and conducted expeditiously and in accordance with agency policies.
  7. Oversee careful and holistic resolution for any incidents involving clients or staff, ensuring that timely and accurate reporting and follow up is completed, and report all incidents to Vice President and Chief Operations Officer.
  8. Work with staff to support clients and families with navigation of Congreso systems and access to agency-wide services.


Audit, Compliance and Reporting Oversight

  1. Ensure contract compliance pertaining to contracted services across the department and utilize internal data systems as a resource to obtain information.
  2. Work closely with Managers and Coordinators to ensure ongoing compliance, reporting and audit-readiness measures are in place throughout the department.
  3. Responsible for completing improvement plans as identified in funder site visits and communicating plans of corrective actions to funders/auditors as required.
  4. Responsible for preparing all reports, invoices, and compliance elements as necessary, with the support of the Compliance and Operations manager and Data Team.


Program Quality and Data and Evaluation

  1. Oversee all curriculum design and programmatic development for Youth Services Department.
  2. Responsible for setting client-centered culture of practice, with a special focus on best practices in the Youth Development field.
  3. Confers and consults regularly with the Vice President and provides ongoing information on significant issues, developments, progress and highlights.
  4. Implement Congreso’s Primary Client Model (PCM) approach to service delivery with staff and clients, and participate in formulation of Congreso’s short and long-term goals for development of the PCM Model.
  5. Support the agency Data and Evaluation Department with reviewing and analyzing all program data and reports, and oversee quality assurance implementation for the department.
  6. Responsible for building department leadership’s capacity around data and evaluation and program management best-practices.
  7. Responsible for familiarity with department-wide databases, including Congreso’s UNIDAD data system.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (Career Pathway: Leadership/Management)


All Staff Competencies


  • Basic understanding of Congreso’s mission, vision, values, programs and services and business plan.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the targeted community needs and demographics.
  • Understanding of legal criteria for issues such as confidentiality, domestic abuse, child abuse, and mandated reporter requirements.
  • Ability to provide nonviolent intervention with a high level of ethical standards of conduct, cultural sensitivity and within appropriate boundaries and limits.
  • Adheres to all Congreso and departmental policies and procedures.
  • Attends all Congreso in-services as required.


Experience, Education, and Licensure


Minimum Education

Bachelor degree from an accredited college or university in education, social work, psychology, public health or related field.  A Master’s degree is preferred


Minimum Experience and Attributes


  1. At least 3 years administrative and supervisory experience.
  2. Demonstrated experience in supervision, program development, proposal writing, budget development, systems development and staff development.
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  4. Advanced Excel and Microsoft Office Suite skills.
  5. Ability to multi-task and supervise multiple teams with a variety of programs and content, and understand complex and detailed information.
  6. Ability to delegate tasks and projects clearly and effectively, and support staff capacity building.
  7. Ability to be diplomatic and professional with all internal and external stakeholders.
  8. Perform highly analytical duties around a variety of focus areas, including strategic development, fiscal management, and personnel management.
  9. Ability to network internally and externally and attend partner and stakeholder events on behalf of the agency.



  1. Bilingual capacity (English/Spanish) preferred.
  2. Knowledgeable about the Philadelphia Latino community and its resources.
  3. Knowledgeable about government programs and funding sources in the Philadelphia region, specifically Philadelphia Youth Network, Philadelphia Works, PHMC and DHS.
  4. Knowledgeable about state and federal funding for Out of School Time, Workforce, and Education programs.
  5. Ability to maintain flexible hours and schedule.




Congreso is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Congreso is strongly committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all employees and all applicants for employment. All employment decisions at Congreso are made without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, disability or military/veteran status, or any other protected class as set forth under applicable State, Local and Federal Civil Rights Laws.


About Congreso

Congreso is a multi-service nonprofit organization whose mission enables individuals and families in predominantly Latino neighborhoods to achieve economic self-sufficiency and wellbeing. Founded in Philadelphia in 1977, Congreso has grown into a national thought leader on nonprofit performance management with an expert focus on the Latino community. Congreso is anchored by its innovative Primary Client Model (PCM™), and provides direct services to residents of the Philadelphia region while providing consult to other nonprofits and government systems nationally.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

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