Site Coordinator

Job Type

Full Time




New York
United States


  • Provide overall management, supervision and administration of after school program; On- site during after-school hours, including but not limited to the cleanliness of the site
  • Prepare, manage and submit all relevant paperwork, staff evaluations and inventories pertaining to After-School developments to State and Director of Youth and Family Programs; including monthly reports on program progress as well as monthly and quarterly reports for NYS
  • Assist in the recruitment and enrollment of students in the after-school program
  • Train and supervise staff and volunteers; Responsible for planning and supervising after-school program activities and assist Group leaders in planning enriching activities
  • Work collaboratively with the school principal, activity leaders, teachers and the Yonkers Public Schools administration on the development and on-going operation of the program
  • Provide leadership and guidance for assigned staff members; work closely with after-school staff to ensure that the goals and objectives of the program are carried out
  • Interpret to after-school staff the SACC rules and regulations of the after-school program; Assist the administration in the enforcement of the after-school program SACC rules and regulations
  • Develop opportunities for the involvement of parents and community volunteers in the program, on a monthly basis, explore resources and linkages in the community that will enhance the program
  • Communicate with the parents of the program participants on an on-going basis with assistance of Parents as Partners
  • Attend all required  trainings
  • Ensure that all procedures and regulations conform to the Board of Education and New York State
  • Facilitate the compiling of information needed for the study component of the program
  • Report on a regular basis to the Director of Youth and Family Programs of CLUSTER, Inc. and work closely under the supervision of the Director of Youth and Family Programs of CLUSTER

  • Bachelor Degree preferred in Education or Child Development
  • At least 3 years’ experience working with children; some supervisory and experience helpful
  • Excellent oral and written communication; excellent organizational skills
  • Good health and emotional maturity, must be able to supervise in a fair and diplomatic manner
  • Ability to work well with people of diverse economic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Prior experience in the area of youth development with an emphasis on planning and implementing after school activities
  • Bilingual English/Spanish a plus
  • Reliable vehicle accessibility necessary

Level of Language Proficiency

Bilingual English/Spanish a plus

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement