SIte Director

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $32,000.00
Maximum: $35,000.00



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United States


The Site Director will believe in the overall mission and goals of FKO, Everett Public Schools (EPS) and the 21st CLCC grant, serve as a leader within the program and school community and be a key collaborator with parents, caregivers, teachers/faculty, and local community groups. The 21st CCLC Site Director will report to the District Director of Programs.

Site Director Responsibilities

The overall responsibility of the 21st CCLC Site Director is to manage and lead the day-to-day administration of the program and supervision of all children enrolled/staff employed, while ensuring program is in compliance with EEC regulations, DESE 21st CCLC requirements, and FKO policies and procedures. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Directly supervise out-of-school time educators, public school teachers, community content specialists, volunteers, youth leaders and others. Make recommendations for salary adjustments, dismissals, and promotions for employees in the program;
  • Oversee the planning of intentional, project-based curriculum, planning and scheduling of staff and children, and the development of in-service training programs for the staff;
  • Ensure all program activities are developmentally appropriate and aligned to selected academic and intermediary outcomes to enhance the social, physical, and intellectual well-being of the children and promote project based learning aligned to Common Core Standards and school improvement goals;
  • Design and implement family and community events, as required by FKO and the 21st CCLC grant, and align family/community events and practices to needs of afterschool participants and families and school/EPS family support goals;
  • Follow all data and evaluation requirements of EEC/QRIS, DESE and FKO, including but not limited to student outcome assessments and program/staff observations;
  • Collaborate with school/EPS leadership on management of and reporting for the 21st CCLC grant;
  • Develop an atmosphere of support for the program within the community and act as a resource for families, school personnel and community members;
  • Attend weekly FKO Site Director meetings, FKO Leadership Team meetings and all state-wide or regional meetings/trainings/workshops as required by DESE and the 21st grant;
  • Participate in professional development opportunities, meetings and workshops, as required by FKO, EEC and DESE 21st CCLC grant;
  • Connect with PTA, PTO, local Chamber, etc. to ensure positive connection with city/town; and
  • Perform all other duties related to advancing the quality of programming that the District Director and Executive Director deem necessary.


  • Bachelor’s Degree required, with degree in Education or related field preferred;
  • Minimum of two years’ experience working with school-age children in a supervisory role;
  • Minimum of 20 years old and must pass Background Check (CORI, DCF, SORI, Fingerprint)
  • Knowledge of children's physical, emotional, and developmental patterns;
  • Strong knowledge of Massachusetts Common Core Standards, general learning theories and curriculum development, EEC school age licensing and DESE 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant;
  • Demonstrate professional skills in the areas of curriculum planning; in-service training; program goal setting; federal, state and city funding sources; and establishing procedures for evaluating the progress of individual children and staff;
  • Ability to travel throughout the City of Salem and state of Massachusetts to meetings/trainings/workshops; and
  • Willing to accept other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

About For Kids Only Afterschool

For Kids Only Afterschool (FKO) strives to support the needs of children and families through academic, recreational and social opportunities that enhance school day learning and build upon individual strengths and interests necessary for life long success. Our programs focus on the individual strengths and needs of each child in our care and aims to provide engaging and enriching activities for children in all areas of development: socio-emotional, cognitive, language and physical.

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None specified

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No requirement

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