Rising Educator Pathway SF Program Coordinator

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Full Time


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San Francisco
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Peer Resources’ Mission

Peer Resources’ goal is to empower youth as agents of change and to transform schools into youth empowerment institutions. Peer Resources creates just change in our schools and communities through the leadership of young people engaging, training, and advocating for each other, through the Educator Pathway Program and the Peer Leaders Program. 

The Educator Pathway Program grows educator leaders of and for San Francisco via high school career education, workforce development, and leadership empowerment programming, alongside job training for alumni as staff, and through our leadership of the San Francisco Educator Pathway Coalition (SFEPC). The SFEPC is a collaborative that holds the big picture of what it takes to go from being a young person served by schools to an adult ally serving youth and the community as an educator; we create and sustain an accessible school-to-liberation pipeline of educator leaders of and for the community, particularly youth of color and those underrepresented in our public education institution.

The Peer Leaders Program runs across 14 San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) middle and high schools, where we activate 750 youth leaders annually, who serve over 14,000 of their peers. Peer Leaders are non-traditional leaders, low-income youth of color, who learn to make individual, interpersonal, and institutional change, and begin to see themselves as role-models and changemakers. Peer Resources is a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives. For more information, visit www.peerresources.org

Rising Educator Pathway SF Program Coordinator Overview

REP SF stands for Rising Educator Pathway San Francisco, and is a project conceived by the SFEPC to address a persistent and immense gap in the current path to becoming a teacher: youth of color achieving their B.A. on the way to a teaching credential and career. REP focuses on supporting and training transitional age youth who are SFUSD alumni and are concurrently staff members in youth development organizations. We believe that youth development staff are among those best suited to be the teachers our next generation needs: culturally competent, of the community, with skills built from the experience of running program. REP SF’s purpose is to provide laser-focused supports and opportunities via a cohort-based professional development series so that REP participants are squarely on their way towards obtaining their B.A. and becoming the best candidates to enter teaching credential programs. 

The REP SF Program Coordinator will refine and facilitate the pilot REP Program. As a service provider, crucially, the REP Program Coordinator will be a mentor and coach to each REP participant for their individual learning and pathway forward, as well as design and facilitate their cohort learning seminars. For program coordination, the REP Program Coordinator will develop the REP curriculum, cultivate a network of teacher and youth development mentors for the pathway to a credential and career, evaluate program impact, connect the program to transferable college credits, and coordinate events for the program. Each year REP SF will recruit at least 25 participants in parallel cohorts.  To learn more about REP SF, visit https://sites.google.com/view/sfepc/about-rep-sf

In addition to the core program responsibilities described above, the Coordinator will work with the Educator Pathway Program team in Peer Resources, deepening links between the high school and post-secondary programming. The Coordinator will also work closely with members of the SFEPC to support strong handoffs for participants between REP SF and multiple programs. This includes taking an active role in an SFEPC workgroup in support of our common goal.

The REP SF Program Coordinator will be supervised by a Director of Peer Resources.

Specific Duties include:

Coaching, Training, and Facilitation (40%)

  • Provide professional coaching to REP participants, including coordinating with REP participants’ site supervisors and supporting cohort participants depending on needs.
  • Co-create Individual Learning Plans with each member of the REP cohorts, and support, mentor, advise, counsel, and advocate for each REP participant in meeting personal goals.
  • Develop, assess, and refine curriculum for REP SF Program, tailoring to targeted audiences, and scaffolding units for a foundational series and a secondary series.
  • Apply youth development principles, SFUSD practices, Child Development practices, and culturally responsive teaching pedagogy to model best practices and integrate multiple fields of knowledge.
  • Develop, execute, and refine recruitment strategy of at least 50 participants in REP cohorts over a two-year timeframe. 
  • Develop, execute, and refine a retention strategy to support those same participants over time, towards their Bachelor’s degree and teaching credentials.
  • Advocate for needs of REP participants at a macro level as needed, whether to the SFEPC, employers, city, funders, or otherwise.

Program Coordination (40%)

  • Coordinate logistics and content of the program, including determining meeting locations, organizing schedules, attracting guest experts and mentors, and supporting buy-in from participants’ site supervisors for their ongoing professional development.
  • Provide specific and immediate feedback to participants and their site- supervisors from observations for ongoing reflection and deeper learning.
  • Develop and implement strategy to ensure REP content is equivalent to transferable college credit(s). This may require being registered as a City College San Francisco (CCSF) instructor with the appropriate Master’s degree.
  • Evaluate the impact of REP, primarily in terms of participant outcomes, and secondarily on program quality, which may include youth outcomes.


Pathway Development (10%)

  • Partner with the Alumni Intern Program (possibly serving as an academic mentor for Interns) and the SFUSD Career Technology Education (CTE) Educator Pathway, both in the Peer Resources Educator Pathway Program, to create smooth on-ramps for college-aged youth into school and careers.
  • Support the Professional Development Workgroup for the SFEPC to connect mutually reinforcing activities across multiple organizations and San Francisco in support of young people and community members’ development into professional educator leaders.
  • Support the Executive Director with maintaining and growing funder relationships.

Administration (10%)

  • Data collection and reporting.
  • Grant reporting as required.
  • Coordinate REP meetings and events.
  • Other tasks as assigned by the Executive Director.

Required Qualifications

  • 2-4 years of experience in program design, implementation, and coordination in youth development or education.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience facilitating interactive group facilitation, and professional development particularly as it pertains to youth leadership and youth development. 
  • Prior experience facilitating adult learning, and convening and activating groups towards common goals.
  • Outstanding experience working with low-income youth of color from diverse communities.
  • Clear understanding, analysis, and practice in social justice education and community work, including equity, institutional oppression, and transformative resistance. 
  • Strong interpersonal, organization, and communication skills; the ability to form strong rapport with transitional age youth.
  • Ability to collaborate with key stakeholders, including but not limited to: SFUSD and school-based administrators and staff; CBO partners, post-secondary institutions; and individual donors and grantors.
  • Reliable, responsible, with the proven ability to work independently and as a part of a team.

Desired Qualifications

  • Strong coach and mentor for transitional age youth at various levels of learning and experience, to support them in developing and practicing love+rigor=transformative change as educators, and in their empowerment of the transformative leadership of male-identified, transgender, or gender-diverse African American, Latinx, and Polynesian youth.
  • Understanding of pathways to teaching, including teaching credential programs and requirements for credentialing.
  • Deep knowledge of citywide resources for transitional-age youth (TAY, ages 16-24) and of community resources at large
  • 3-5 years of experience as a mentor, case manager, career advisor, or counselor.
  • Able to code-switch between youth development and education fields.
  • Bilingual.
  • Bachelor's degree.
  • MA in a related field preferred (i.e. Education, Child Development, Ethnic Studies).

People of color, LGBTQ candidates, SFUSD and Peer Resources alumni are all strongly encouraged to apply.

This is a salaried, exempt position. Benefits are included.


Including health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, holidays, vacation, and retirement options.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply


To apply, please submit a cover letter and a resumé to jobs@peerresources.org, preferably by October 19th. No calls, please. For any inquiries about the job, please email jobs@peerresources.orgwith “Question” in the subject heading.

Peer Resources is a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Community Initiatives is an equal opportunity employer and gives consideration for employment to qualified applicants without regard to age, race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, marital status, disability or protected veteran status, or any other status or characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.