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HERE to HERE, an intermediary working between educators and employers, seeks the support of an external consultant to advance early analysis, planning, and implementation of the Bronx Private Industry Council Task Force.

Background Information

HERE to HERE is a Bronx-based intermediary that prepares young adults from grade 9 to age 25 to succeed in family sustaining-careers through a network of employer, education and community-based partners. Beginning with 10,000 young people in the Bronx, we are demonstrating the power of coordinated action to equip an entire generation with the knowledge, skills, experience and social capital that lead to lifelong success. Through partnerships, we are amplifying proven best practices to drive systems change that will help all young people access family-sustaining careers and choice-filled lives.

HERE to HERE is uniquely positioned to work across currently disconnected siloes. Most of the current workforce strategies miss the opportunity to engage employers as investors in developing a talent pipeline. HERE to HERE brings employers to the table as part of the solution. HERE to HERE can bring the necessary partners together and provide strategic assistance to move ideas to reality. Through our work, employers will expand partnerships in communities such as the South Bronx to develop future talent and build direct onramps to their businesses.

Beginning in 2018, HERE to HERE will launch the creation of the Bronx Private Industry Council (Bronx PIC) to organize employers to invest in their future talent supply. Studies have shown that young people who had four or more interactions with an employer while at school were five times less likely to be unemployed or not pursuing education or training than those who didn’t have the same employer contact. A Bronx PIC will strengthen the Bronx workforce by connecting Bronx students with meaningful employment opportunities that align with the needs of local employers. We know that family sustaining employment changes lives, supports economic mobility, strengthens the local economy and helps businesses thrive.

By partnering with HERE to HERE and Bronx high schools, the Bronx PIC will expose young people to work sites by offering paid internships that hone student skills while delivering immediate business value and modeling how businesses can actively participate in the cultivation of their future talent.


We are building the Bronx PIC model based on the successful model of the Boston PIC. They have a 40-year history of strengthening Boston communities by connecting youth and adults with education and employment opportunities that align with the needs of area employers.

The first step in establishing a Bronx PIC is convening a Task Force to examine two key issues: 1) how the Bronx PIC could catalyze the business community to co-develop their talent pipelines in partnership with educators, and 2) how the PIC should be structured and funded. The Task Force will also:

  • identify the opportunities, trainings and best practices exist and could be leveraged;
  • determine the talent needs of employers, both in the short and long term; and
  • develop and offer summer internships to prepare and train our young adults for entry level jobs.

The Bronx PIC Task Force will meet on:

  • Wednesday, May 2
  • Thursday, June 28
  • Thursday, September 27
  • Thursday, December 13

All meetings will take place at HERE to HERE's office in the Bronx: 452 East 149th Street, second floor, from 9:30am-11:00am.


By Fall 2018, we will have a detailed recommendation to present to the employer community regarding the future of the Bronx PIC.

HERE to HERE seeks the support of an external consultant to advance early planning, analysis, and implementation of the Bronx PIC Task Force. The consultant will support Richard Rivera and the HERE to HERE Leadership Team to achieve the tasks below as part of developing a 3-month work plan that leverages HERE to HERE knowledge and expertise.

Tasks to be Accomplished

Task 1: Needs Assessment Report of Bronx Employers

  1. Identify technical and essential skills in demand by Bronx employers across sectors (HERE to HERE will advise on specific employers and sectors of interest)
  2. Identify unmet needs of employers compared to current Bronx workforce
  3. Identify skills in demand by current Bronx employers
  4. Ground findings in interviews with current Bronx employers, review of labor and employment data, and other relevant sources. 

Deliverable: Narrative and presentation of employer needs assessment, with analytics – draft due May 7; final report by June 11for Task Force Meeting on June 28, 2018

Task 2: Summary of Employer Interest and anticipated commitment to a PIC, addressing the following areas:

  • Employer willingness to provide paid internships
  • Estimated employer capacity to grow internship opportunities over time
  • Quality and depth of current and past experience among employers with internship and training programs
  • Employer receptivity to a membership or dues paying structure
  • Expectations and receptivity of employers around commitment to PIC membership expectations, including mentoring/supervision, network sharing, and PIC advisory activities

DeliverablesReport of findings including recommendations based on promising program models that meet the stated needs of employers. Survey and investigation questions tool should be included as an appendix. Draft report to be complete by: May 7; Final report by: June 11

Task 3: Frame Task Force Report

  1. Develop key components/outline of Task Force Report and Recommendations so that Task Force meetings and activities are addressing key components.

  1. Working with HERE to HERE leadership and staff, identify examples of HERE to HERE network programs that meet employer skill needs

Deliverables: Table of Contents/outline of Task Force Report (due April 9th). Description of programs that meet employer skill needs that can be used in final report (narrative) and meeting discussions due for June 28 Task Force meeting.

Task 4: Task Force Meeting Support

With HERE to HERE Leadership and Staff, develop meeting materials for Bronx PIC Taskforce, which include:

  • Overview of Task Force timeline, goals, and activities
  • Development of HERE to HERE collateral material including Summary of Bronx PIC Vision and HERE to HERE’s role
  • Agendas for four meetings to be held on Wednesday, May 2nd, Thursday, June 28th, Thursday, September 27th, Thursday, December 13th
  • Discussion Questions for meetings

Deliverables: Meeting materials as described above, in distribution-ready format by April 9th

Task 5: Advise Program and Planning Activities

Advise and support overall planning activities related to the Bronx PIC, participate in meetings with HERE to HERE staff, board, funders and other key stakeholders. Participate in early design of evaluation methods and tools. (estimated at 1-2 hours/week). 

Summary of Deliverables:

  1. Narrative and presentation of employer needs assessment, with analytics (Task 1)
  2. Report of findings, including recommendations based on promising program models that meet the stated needs of employers. Survey and investigation questions tool should be included as an appendix. (Task 2)
  3. Table of Contents for Task Force Report (Task 3)
  4. Description of HERE to HERE programs that meet identified needs of employers (Task 3)
  5. Task Force Meeting Materials (Task 4)

Contract Details

Services are requested to begin by March 15, 2018, and all deliverables accomplished by June 30, 2018. There may be an opportunity to extend the work through the summer and fall.

Desired Qualifications

  • Very strong analytical, writing and research skills. Able to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.
  • Team player and problem solver
  • Track record of making realistic and innovative recommendations. 
  • Strong project management skills; ability to manage multiple and simultaneous priorities, stakeholders, projects and deadlines
  • Ability to effectively present information both orally and written to individuals and groups. Succinct writing skills; compelling presentation skills
  • Knowledge of database, spreadsheet, and word processing software as well as cloud-based programs. Fluency with Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and Google Suite. 
  • Comfortable with working with an ever-changing and growing organization
  • Ability to interact respectfully with people of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures
  • Commitment to service, compassion, social justice; willing to engage with and support colleagues and partners in addressing systemic barriers to youth success; personal commitment to young people growing up in low income communities

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Please submit the following no later than March 9, 2018 to Richard Rivera,

  1. A technical approach, which describes how you will carry out the tasks outlined above.
  2. A summary of your recent and relevant projects.
  3. A sample of a recent and relevant reports.
  4. A firm estimate of the fees to be charged and an estimate of expenses that would be incurred, as well as a rationale for these charges.
  5. Resumes of key parties who would be involved in the project.
  6. Names, phone numbers, and email addresses of individuals at three organizations who have been your clients on related projects during the last eighteen months and whom we can contact as references.

If you have questions, please email them to Consultant will be selected and work will begin by March 15, 2018.