Dean of Students (2018-2019)

Job Type

Full Time




3002 Fort Hamilton Pkwy
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About the Position

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School is seeking a flexible, collaborative and mission-driven Dean of Students to join the Youth Development Team at Brooklyn Prospect High School for the 2018-2019 school year. 

This is an ideal position for someone who is excited about the charter movement and has a working background in educational settings.

Our Mission

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School is a K-12 college preparatory community where excellent teachers prepare a diverse student body to have a positive impact on society and a lifelong passion for learning.

Our Core Values

  • Curiosity: Develop sound judgment and intellect by asking questions confidently and thinking critically
  • Respect: Value others by taking a local and global perspective and appreciating differences
  • Persistence: Grow and learn by solving problems with determination, creativity and tenacity
  • Passion: Succeed by approaching challenges with excitement, enthusiasm and self-assurance

Prospects '23 Vision

Our Vision is that by 2023, 100% of our students will be on track to be IBDP-ready by the end of 10th grade and college-ready upon graduation.

Primary Job Functions for the Dean of Students Role

  • Working with the Head of Youth Development to support teachers in classroom management
  • Serving as a point person for student behavior and crisis-intervention that extends beyond the classroom
  • Develop supportive relationships with various stakeholders, including students, teachers, and families
  • Supporting the Response to Intervention (RtI) processes by creating intervention plans and individual behavioral contracts with students, monitoring student progress with those plans, working with faculty, and updating families on student progress.
  • Facilitating faculty and staff professional development related to school culture, consistent enforcement of student discipline code, and social-emotional support for students
  • Creating a strong culture outside of the classroom
  • Designing, attending and participating in events outside of normal school hours, and performing such other duties as the school may reasonably assign from time to time.
  • Ensuring a calm and productive cafeteria environment
  • Managing student transitions and coordinating faculty presence at key locations in the hallway
  • Creating community by supporting or presenting in whole school assemblies and annual celebrations
  • Coordinating honor roll and other accolades as needed
  • Liaising with families
  • Educating students, staff, and families regarding the handbook guidelines, and holding all constituents accountable for adhering to the handbook
  • Leading school-wide efforts to ensure that student attendance is above 95% for each month and student tardiness remains below 8%
  • Acting as an active member of the school's leadership team, holding in person meetings or phone calls outside of school hours, including some nights and weekends, as is reasonably requested by the Principal or manager
  • Maintaining systems for collecting and tracking accurate school culture and safety data, including documentation of student discipline records, student conferences and communication with families
  • Pulling and analyzing data to better inform decisions to be made in regards to individual students and the school’s culture as a whole
  • Creating and presenting formal reports on school culture and safety, as requested.

Primary Job Functions for the Athletic Coordinator Role:

Scheduling & Supervision

  • Communicate with all affiliated athletic leagues and the school staff to coordinate the season and game schedule
  • Develop a schedule for sports practices that allows coaches to attend required meetings and students to meet academic requirements (office hours conflicts)
  • Ensure proper procedures are in place for all home games, including:
  • Security procedures
  • Procuring space for home and away teams
  • Visiting games periodically
  • Attend many of the home games and serve as an admin
  • Ensure there is enough supervision at each of the home games through creation of a sign-up sheet and outreach to admin/faculty/staff.
  • Propose changes as needed to internal protocols during games.

Communication & Operations

  • Sign up teams at the start of the season and handle payment with the league
  • Coordinate insurance/compliance issues
  • Write and collect student permission slips at the start of each term
  • File incident reports for all sports injuries and incidents at games
  • Develop list of BPCS and league required documents and trainings
  • Develop a tracking tool to monitor the return of required documentation
  • Work with the HS office to book sports travel as needed
  • Maintain an organized system to store afterschool sports equipment
  • Coordinate the ordering, distribution and collection of sports uniforms; request student bills as needed
  • Order supplies, based on need and order student incentives, such as awards
  • Share coaching opportunities with BPCS staff and recruit faculty to lead teams
  • Help maintain HR files including contracts, fingerprinting, training, etc for coaches and approval for compensation.
  • Track the payment of consultant invoices and send reminders to coaches as needed
  • Develop an annual budget including payments for coaches, special events, league fees and equipment


  • Frame the vision and values for our athletics program
  • Provide coaches with training to help students demonstrate good sportsmanship
  • Hold coaches meetings to ensure all standards are consistent
  • Serve as the lead to meet with PTSO athletics committee
  • Develop and uphold policy on eligibility based on grades
  • Monitor student eligibility before each game
  • Monitor practice attendance and collect documentation for students who are using sports in place of gym
  • Plan events:
  • Athletic Banquet
  • Student-Teacher games

**The critical features of this role are described above but not all encompassing. 



  • Full medical benefits, 401(k)
  • Full time, year-round position with paid vacation time

Level of Language Proficiency


  • BA/BS degree required;
  • Demonstrated success working with children for at least 3 years in a teaching and/or counseling capacity;
  • Experience in academic environment, and charter schools in particular, preferred;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of classroom management and conflict de-escalation techniques;
  • Experience in implementing school-wide positive behavioral interventions (such as the Response to Intervention model) and supports, in- school suspension and/or Restorative Justice practices;
  • Ability to balance the need to uphold school rules and deliver consequences while maintaining positive relationships and working to change behavior and restore students into the community;
  • Passion for education, confidence to lead in a challenging situation, and belief that all children can learn;
  • Strong cultural competence and an understanding of the nuances of urban school environments;
  • Strong organization skills, including attention to detail, record-keeping, program monitoring, presentation and facilitation skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including ability to effectively analyze and solve problems, communicate with a range of stakeholders in oral and written form, manage conflict and respond flexibly to changing dynamics.
  • Command respect by example in appearance, manners, behavior and language

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

To Join our Team

Please submit your resume and cover letter, including how you learned about the position, and the position for which you are applying.

Applications are reviewed as they are received. Please note that due to the high volume of applicants, we will only notify those who meet our selection criteria.

Brooklyn Prospect is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates of diverse backgrounds.