Manager of Domestic Partnerships for Nonprofit

Job Type

Full Time


Details: Depends on experience.




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Santa Monica
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  • Have you been active as a staff member, Board member and/or as a continuing volunteer with nonprofits delivering life-changing programs for challenged populations in the United States?
  • Do you have experience collecting and analyzing information about problems, organizations and alternative strategies?
  • Are you a strong analyst and writer who is skilled at distilling and presenting data and subjective information in an accessible and powerful manner?
  • Are you analytical, process-oriented, persistent and capable of diligence and oversight of relationships with nonprofit partners?
  • Do you want to help us deliver life-changing impacts to tens of thousands of disadvantaged people in the United States and internationally?


Focusing Philanthropy identifies, evaluates, and promotes with individual donors programs that improve the life-trajectory of people living with great unmet needs here and around the world. Through a rigorous diligence process, we identify areas of great human need that we believe are susceptible to effective address by philanthropists acting alone or collectively. We select and partner with nonprofits that consistently deliver demonstrable human impacts. We work closely with each of our implementing nonprofit partners to curate specific opportunities and raise funds from donors to implement them. We then monitor and report to our donors on the results achieved. These services are provided free to both donors and our nonprofit partners in an effort to scale interventions that work. More information at


We are seeking to fill a full-time position as part of a seven-person team.

Primary duties include:

  • Point person with some of our current domestically-focused nonprofit partners. This role involves review of written reports, budgets, impact assessments and other information supplied by our nonprofit partners, augmented by regular field visits to program sites. 
  • Participate in the screening and selection of potential new nonprofit partner relationships, sharing what you learn with the rest of the Focusing Philanthropy team and, at later stages, our Board and donors. Work includes research into targeted areas of human need, identification of and interaction with parties experienced in addressing such needs, cataloguing of potential nonprofit partners, and assessment of the most promising potential partners.
  • Participate in all aspects of Focusing Philanthropy’s activities as a member of a flexible, mutually supportive team, taking on assignments to lead or support others on a range of topics in furtherance of our mission and programs.
  • Prepare and present clear, concise, and (when intended for external audiences) motivating reports on our programs and our nonprofit implementing partners for various constituencies including other team members, our Board, current and prospective donors, and funding allies.
  • Help develop tailored fundraising initiatives in concert with each nonprofit overseen. Such campaign planning entails development of a specific use of funds, budget, reporting plan and fundraising/communications appeal. This activity is iterative, involving other members of the Focusing Philanthropy team and senior representatives of the nonprofit.
  • Travel to and conduct program site visits of current domestic nonprofit partners and organizations that are candidates for addition to our portfolio.
  • Produce accurate, engaging and timely written materials for use with donors and prospects to expose them to giving opportunities and report on the impact of their contributions.
  • Regularly update the reports by which we calculate and present the human impacts of our work.


  • At least five years of relevant professional experience
  • Information gathering expertise that includes not only internet research but direct engagement with expert individuals and organizations, as well as representatives of the people to be assisted
  • Experience writing and presenting findings based on diligence and field visits
  • Professional experience in reviewing the measurement and evaluation work of others
  • Financial and organizational assessment capability and experience
  • Eagerness to engage with nonprofit partners and the communities they serve in order to understand priorities, evaluate and document their performance, and present information to a range of constituencies

Level of Language Proficiency

  • Very strong written and verbal English language skills essential
  • Spanish language skills strongly desired, though not required

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please send your resume and a short covering note to Due to the number of expected submissions, we will be unable to respond to all inquiries. We wish you the best of luck in your search.