Consulting Services & Special Projects Coordinator

Job Type

Part Time




Details: $25.00 per hour




Silver Spring
United States


The Consulting Services & Special Projects Coordinator position splits 50% of its time coordinating ACHA’s consulting services and 50% of its time managing special projects. The position oversees the effective operation and growth of ACHA’s consulting services program. Coordinator will work to proactively market consulting and other business services to universities and the larger vendor community. This position also serves as the lead administrator for the consulting program and is responsible for: managing the scheduling of resources and consultants, managing all client billing and administrative tasks, and editing and formatting final consulting reports. Additionally, this position will oversee the sales of new service offerings that are under development, including a new wellness coaching program.

In addition to the aforementioned responsibilities, this position also serves as the project manager for new initiatives and projects that cut across multiple divisions within ACHA and ACHA’s foundation, ACHF. Coordinator shall work to ensure the timely delivery of these special projects, ensure that deadlines are met, and work hands-on to assemble program content and delivery as needed.


·        Work in concert with the marketing team to develop marketing campaigns

·        Provide administrative support to ACHA’s Consulting Program Manager as needed

·        Manage daily project scheduling and consultant resourcing.

·        Manage complete client billing process weekly and monthly.

·        Work closely with Finance to ensure all revenue is recognized on a monthly basis.

·        Validate and approve consultant expenses and maintain partner expense master file.

·        Ensure that all leads, clients and communications are stored in Salesforce

·        Facilitate services sales process/requests through collaboration with delivery team (Program Manager, consultants, finance, and marketing).

·        Oversee the standardization of consulting service templates.

·        Work in partnership with marketing to format and edit consulting reports.

·        Develop a training program for all consultants

·        Conduct outbound telemarketing and direct email marketing to secure new clients

·        Work to increase boarding school business in conjunction with the boarding school consultant

·        Work with the Project Manager to roll out a yearly webinar series

·        Coordinate the development and launch of the new ACHA wellness coaching program

·        Develop project schedules for special initiatives as they are onboarded. Ensure that project schedules are met

·        Coordinate between contracting agencies, staff, members and consultants as needed in the design and delivery of contracted materials

·        Serves as a front-line contact for coordinating activities with contracting organizations

·        Complete ad hoc projects and support as needed.


·        Ability to analyze and solve problems, perform complex tasks, and prioritize multiple projects.

·        Strong project management skills.

·        Strong, outgoing, interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of individuals in a diverse community.

·        Knowledge of business practices and procedures.

·        Ability to make sound decisions and judgments.

·        Excellent organization and time management skills.

·        Experience working with management and well-versed in the practices and demands of progressive and evolving Services organizations.

·        Proficient in MS Office Suite, especially PowerPoint

Additional skills requested: Knowledge of Salesforce or exp

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

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