Education Coordinator

Job Type

Full Time


Maximum: $33,000
Details: Salary dependent on experience and time commitment.



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411 Stevens Street
United States


CCWF is a 501c3 Public Charity that works with Schools, Early Childhood & Childcare Centers, Mental Health/Health Providers, Community Organizations, Child Advocacy Centers, Residential / Domestic Violence Facilities, Housing Authorities, Jails/Juvenile Detention Centers and Universities to provide (1) Professional Education/Training and (2) Parenting/Child Development including Weekly ‘Empathy-based Parenting & Family Relationship” Parent Learning Groups/Children’s Programs, Parenting Workshops/Support Groups and Empathy Cafes. 

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES - Reports to Executive Director and Education Director

1) Coordinate “The Best Start for Families” program related educational information (facilitator directory, contracts).

2) Coordinate ICDP educational resources (print and electronic materials) inventory, printing and desk-top publishing production.

3) Assist with Educational & Resource Materials Development: Videos, Photos, Handouts and Publications.

4) Support ICDP Programs, Training, and Educational event implementation with promotion, communications, attendance and logistical preparation, reporting and information dissemination.

5) Coordinate work with Partners on Institution Policies, Procedures, and Agreements.

6) Coordinate ICDP-USA Children’s Program: Children’s Books, Activities, Resources for multi-age levels.

7) Become a trained “ICDP: The Best Start” Parenting Group Facilitator + Childrens Program Facilitator / Coach.

8) Support the Education Director with the internal ICDP-USA Evaluation Function.

  • Maintain Evaluation / Resource Toolkit
  • Maintain English & Spanish Evaluation Instruments & Scripts for Implementation
  • Prepare Evaluation Process for Institutional Partners & Contractors,
  • Coach / Co-Administrate Evaluations to support Facilitators.
  • Collect and manage completed forms in SPSS Database, supervising Data Entry

9) Manage ICDP-USA Accreditation & Certification Processes & Opportunities

  • NASW, CPDU, Early Childhood Certification process (for Facilitator Workshops)
  • Explore additional Certification Opportunities with Accreditation/Certification Bodies.

10) Support research on related Parenting / Child Development / Prevention of Violence / Health & Well-being.

11) Seek out / Manage Speaking and Training Opportunities for CCWF Executive Director / Education Director

12) Work with Executive Director & Education Director on special contracts, such as with DCFS, Head Start, Chicago Public Schools or other potential partners on local, state and national levels.

13) Support Fundraising event education / sponsorship related logistical preparation.

14) Work priorities as delegated, including intern supervision.

Job specifications/ criteria:

  • University graduate (Education, Psychology, Social Work, Health or related areas)
  • At least 2 years of working experience, in an educational institution or nonprofit agency- with experience working with parents/children in diverse communities
  • Excellent communication skills (English skills, Spanish language preferred)
  • Strong command of technology: Mac/PC including Word/Pages, Excel/Numbers, PowerPoint/
  • Keynote, Web Management, Google Docs, Drop Box, SPSS, Adobe In-Design
  • Flexible attitude, respectful, enthusiastic advocate who is eager to learn new things
  • Good teamwork spirit, supportive attitude of others - interested in building positive community
  • High attention to detail and strengths with policies, procedures and detailed documentation
  • Comfortable working with diverse populations - celebrating inclusion and supportive relationship


Part-time applications will be considered (Salary dependent on experience and time commitment.)

Level of Language Proficiency

  • Excellent English skills
  • Spanish language preferred

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please the submit your cover letter, resume, references, and the answers for the questions below to:

1. If you speak Spanish, what is your level of fluency- spoken? written?

2. Are you looking for a part-time or full-time Job?

3. Years of experience

4. What is your availability? Will you be able to start work on September 10th?

5. How does this position fit in with your long-term goals? Would you be able to make at least a 2-year commitment?

6. Are you willing to sometimes work evenings or weekend hours for special events?

7. Are you open to supporting programs in diverse areas — including travel to inner city communities? To work within Juvenile Detention or Jail settings?

8. Are you able to handle stressful situations, such as tight deadlines, or when something goes wrong at a fundraiser?